Friday, 11 December 2009

DJ History Podcast #44: FURTIVE 50 Rundown

Rule number one: never do a podcast the night after a Christmas party. Ouchy.

Twas the Low Life/DJH Xmas party last night at the Horse & Groom and we had our inaugural Pop-Up Record Fair which went pretty well. I did promise myself that I would not buy any records since it's near Christmas and it might mean the kids don't eat or have presents if I do, but frankly it's like leaving an alcoholic in charge of pub and I ended up buying a few bits of Danny from Psychemagick and Chris Galloway. Oh. Dear.

Anyhow, today's show is the firast of two parts dedicated to the Furtive 50 chart countdown.

These are the tracks we played and below that is a full rundown from 50-11.
MEANDERTHALS - Kunst Or Ars (Smalltown Supersound)
SOCIAL DISCO CLUB & MAIA - The Way You Move (Bear Funk)
NACHO PATROL -Futuristic Abbis Abeba (Kindred Spirits)
HUNEE - Rare Silk (W.T.)
FLOATING POINTS - Vacuum Boogie (Eglo)
 JOKER - Digidesign (Hyperdub)
AMADOU & MARIAM - Ce N'est Pas Bon (Bullion remix)
ZARRYLADE - Eyes Above Your Head PART II (Leo Zero Mix) (Zarry)
DEN HAAN - Release The Beast (Optimo)
EMPIRE OF THE SUN - We Are The People (Virgin)

Furtive 50 Rundown >>
11.    Pepe Bradock – The Path of Most Resistance (Atavisme)
12.    Azari & III – (Reckless) With Your Love (Permanent Vacation)
13.    Rocha – Hands of Love (International Feel)
14.    The Invisible – London Girl (Accidental)
15.    House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (HOH)
16.    Precious System – The Voice From Planet Love (Running Back)
17.    Soft Rocks – Leave Your Earth Behind (Redux)
18.    Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie (Eglo)
19.    They Came From The Stars I Saw Them – Moon Song (This Is Not An Exit)
20.    Hunee – Rare Silk (WT)
21.    Marcellus Pittman – If The Earth Could Talk (Unirhythm)
22.    Naum Gabo – Volgograd (Eskimo)
23.    Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Virgin)
24.    Den Haan – Release The Beast (Optimo)
25.     Bottin – No Static (Italians Do It Better)
26.    Zarrylade – Eyes Above Your Head (Zarry)
27.    Levon Vincent – Six Figures (Novel Sound)
28.    Joker – Digidesign (Hyperdub)
29.    Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Mix) (Bpitch Control)
30.    LeoZero – Bon Bon (Glory’s)
31.    Nacho Patrol – Futuristic Addis Abeba (Kindred Spirits)
32.    Jonathan Jeremiah – Happiness (Island)
33.    Parallel Dance Ensemble – Turtle Pizza Cadillacs (Ism)
34.    Rogue Cat – Magic Journey (Todd Terje Mix) (Tiny Sticks)
35.    Peter Kruder – Law of Return (Macro)
36.    Discosession – TV Scene (Crue-L)
37.    Amadou & Miriam – Ce N’Est Pas Bon (Bullion Mix) (Because)
38.    Mudd & Ahmed Fakroun – Drago (Claremont 56)
39.    Leif – Designed With That In Mind (Fear Of Flying)
40.    Social Disco Club & Maia – The Way You Move (Bear Funk)
41.    Don Froth – Foam (Froth’n)
42.    Animal Collective – My Girls (Domino)
43.    Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill (Arista)
44.    Omar S – Still Serious Nic (FXHE)
45.    Meanderthals – Kunst Or Ars (Smalltown Supersound)
46.    Tapesh – Brighter Day (Rebirth)
47.    Destroyer – Bay of Pigs (Merge)
48.    Altair Nouveau – Space Fortress (Solardisco)
49.    Woolfy vs Projections – Neeve (Permanent Vacation)
50.    Mudd – 54b (Claremont 56)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

DJ History Podcast #43

OK, I'm a bit late this, week but here's the tracklist from last Friday's show.

Don't forget, starting this Friday we'll be doing the annual rundown of the best tracks of the year (better known as the FURTIVE 50 round these parts). This will run over two shows, starting with 50 down to 11 on the first show and the nwe'll be playing all 10 ten tracks in the Top 10 the following week. It's going to be a must-hear show thanks to a great selection of tracks all selected by you and all the leading dance music tastemakers whose opinions we value and respect.

1. HARDRIVE - Deep Inside (Harry Choo Choo Romero's Dirty Piano Remix) (Strictly Rhythm)
2. AL KENT - Disco Dex (BBE)
3. EMILIE NANA - Missed The Boat Original (Compost Black Label)
4. SOCIAL DISCO CLUB - Downtown (Version 1)
5. KEY - Ketchup (Permanent Vacation)
6. DR RUBBERFUNK - Rising Steps (Featuring Philippo) (Jalapeno)
7. SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO - Cruel Intentions (Maurice Fulton Mix) (Wichita)
8. DAVE ALLISON - Y'All See (Sean Thomas Drumsong Dub) (Warmth)
9. CAGE AND AVIARY - Beat-N-Path (Brennan Green's Anxious Acid Version) (Tiny Sticks)
10. EDDIE C - One With The Stars (SBR01)

Friday, 27 November 2009

DJ History Podcast #42

Blimey, it's well parky today, innit? Proper winter vibes in the Brewster household. I'm going to put another pair of socks on in a minute and maybe even walk round house with a hot water bottle strapped to my tummy and pretend it's a bulletproof vest and I'm in the Viet Cong. Or maybe I'll just have a hot cup of tea and a biscuit.

Anyway, here's the tracklisting for today's podcast:
LOGG - (You Got) That Something  (JM After-Session M&M Mix)
LINDSTROM & CHRISTABELLE - Lovesick (Feedelity)
NAUM GABO - Pictur (Joakim Remix) (TINAE)
LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES - Plastic Woman (Recloose & Frank Booker Remix) (Love Monk)
FOUR TET - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Mix) (Domino)
SKUNK ANANSIE - Weak (Paul Woolford Dub) (OLI)
DRRTY HAZE - New York City Jacks (PPF remix) (Redux)
CRAZY P - Lady T (GW Edit) (Tirk)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

DJ History Podcast #41

This week's tracklist:
ROB MELLO -The Things Ya Doin' (Vocal) (Disco 45)
SUGAR DADDY - Love Honey (GW Edit) (Tirk)
DOOM - Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke Mix) (Lex)
DIABOLIC MAN - Diabolic Man Instrumental (Light Sounds Dark)
ANDRE LODEMANN - Still Dreaming (Freerange)
JACOB KORN - I Like The Sun (But Not On LCDs) (Running Back)
RAINER TRUEBY - Hirtenruf feat. Jesus Del Campo (Compost Black Label)
SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO - Cruel Intentions (Maurice Fulton Mix) (Wichita)

Friday, 13 November 2009

DJ History Podcast #40

I'm still reeling from last night's excellent mod shindig, The Original Mods at the Horse & Groom. When I say reeling, I actually mean hungover, which fermented nicely on the train back home so by the time I had arrived it had risen and baked perfectly into a cracking headache. Ow. This was topped off nicely by losing half my daughter's school uniform (how do you lose half a school uniform, for God's sakes!?).

Anyhow, great turnout from the MODS of London and roundabouts, with speakers Jeff Dexter, Dena Sprigens and Lloyd Johnson and host Paul Gorman. We even had some ace old faces inthe audience, including Guy Stevens' widow Diane. Thanks a lot to Jeff and Hugh for providing 60s sounds afterwards and to Jonny 5 and Benoit & Namedrop for their ever dependable contributions.

Next month is the Low Life Xmas party and Mini Record Fair. Entry is FREE. More details to follow.

This week's podcast is a Boy's Own special, to celebrate the publication of Boy's Own: The Complete Fanzines.

And now here are this week's football results:
SESSOMATTO - Moody (Joey Negro Club Mix) (JBO)
EXTORTION - How Do You See Me Now? (Boy's Own)
NATIVE SOUL - A New Day (Black Science Orchestra Mix) (Jus' Trax)
HAPPY MONDAYS - Stinkin Thinkin (Farley & Heller Mix) (Elektra)
SWAG - Version 5 (JBO)
FIRE ISLAND - In Your Bones (JBO)
ROACH MOTEL - Afro Sleeze (JBO)
THE AVERAGE WHITE BAND & BEN E. KING - Get It Up For Love (Ashley Beedle's Heavy Disco Edit) (Atlantic)

Friday, 6 November 2009

DJ History Podcast #39

Hello there, happy campers. Friday morning, must be the DJ History Podcast, merrily uploading into the Clouds of Love as we speak. BTW, we've got another blog page now for our stellar parties, Low Life, and obviously you should check it out especially if you live in London and Fun is your middle name (actually even if your middle name is Mildred you should still check it out). Low Life >>

Here's the tracklisting for this week's show:
JAMIE LLOYD - The Wolf's Sun (Future Classic)
BENT - Swollen (Ben Watt Remix)
DETACHMENTS - Circles (Weatherall Disco Dub) (TINAE)
HARDTON - Music (CD-R)
LOGG - (You Got) That Something  (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (BBE)
PLASTIQUE BERTRAND & NATHALIE - Stop Ou Encore (Claremont 56)
KABUTO & KOJI - Yes Kidder I See You (Supernature)
XDB - Gate (Wave Music)
C-SOUL - That's The Way We Do It Now (Bounce House)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Furtive 50

Yes, it's arrived again, the DJH Annual poll to find the favourite tunes of the past year. And because it's also the end of the decade we're canvassing your opinion on the best tune of the decade, too.

What do you have to do? Easy. We need you to nominate your favourite three tunes of the year, in order, and your album of the year.

And, if you've got time - and let's face it anyone who's got time to scan this blog or faff about on Facebook, clearly has plenty of it - give us your fave tune of the decade.

Go and VOTE HERE >>

Or else ;)

Monday, 2 November 2009

Bill Brewster on Heads Down blog

Christopher Tubbs from Heads Down came to interview Bill about DJhistory, Low Life and various other stuff a few weeks ago. The first two parts of the interview are now live.

You can check them out here >>

Incidentally, Mr. Tubbs is one of the chaps behind the Low Life classic, We Are by Atlantic Conveyor >>

Friday, 30 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #38

Busy, busy this week. Half term, Low Life, playing in Dublin tonight, it's all go on Planet DJH.

New Friday, new podcast. Tracklist here. Over and, indeed, out.

1. JOY MACHINE - Novak (CD-R)
2. VIRGIL HOWE - Someday (3 Bar Fire)
3. GICHY DAN - On A Day Like This (Hey Theo edit by Todd Terje) (Strut)
4. ELEMENTAL - DeepChord (Runtime)
5. ROBBIE WILLIAMS - Bodies (Aeroplane Mix) (EMI)
6. ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ - About This Love (Crazy P Remix - Vocal)
7. KASABIAN - Underdog (Sasha Mix) (Columbia)
8. SyMptoMs - Pissing In Sinks (Mordant Music)
9. MAGNUS INTERNATIONAL - Goober (Marius Circus Remix) (Full Pupp)
10. WOLFMOTHER - New Moon Rising (Fontan Mix) (Modular)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Boy's Own launch party: LIVE recordings

Well, the Boy's Own book is now out on the streets and busily menacing small children for their pocket money at the school gates. You can buy it here >>

To celebrate the book publication we had yet another party in one of our fave record stores Pure Groove with a great line-up of DJs: Milo, Terry Farley, Pete Heller, Plug, Stripey and Rocky. Milo kindly recorded it and he;s also hosting it on his own excellent blog, but we thought we'd edit it down to three parts and make it available here.

Part One >>
Part Two >>
Part Three >>

Friday, 23 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #37

Here's the tracklisting for this week's show.

AKABU - Sax My Bitch Up (Joey Negro Club Mix) (Zedd)
CLASS ACTION - Weekend (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (BBE)
BEAT PHARMACY - Ghostship (Deadbeat Mix) (Wave)
SHACKLETON - (No More) Negative Thoughts (Perlon)
RADIOHEAD - Reckoner (Jonny Miller Remix)
LIL TONY - Employee Only (Running Back)
ULYSSES - Latin Combo (Wurst)
SPACE - Prison (D-Pulse Remix) (Nang Records)

Monday, 19 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #36

Another week, another show. Check out these puppies. 

HAWKE - These Combinations Have Not Been Heard Before (Eighth Dimension)
COLOURING IN - Intergalactic Romance (Radio Edit) (PITS)
WALTER JONES - I Am Loved (Permanent Vacation)
MAGIC DRUM ORCHESTRA - Ragga Samba (Lion Head)
DENNIS FERRER - Hey Hey! (Objectivity)
SHACKLETON - Mountains Of Ashes (Perlon)
ABE DUQUE FT BLAKE BAXTER - What Happened? (Abe's Original Mix) (Process)
JAY SHEPHEARD - Year To The Day (TJ Kong And Nuno Dos Santos Remix)
GRIPPER - Zombie (Crowhead Mix) (Atic)
20TH CENTURY STEEL BAND - We've Got To Work Together (Mr Bongo)

Monday, 12 October 2009

DJH presents.... The Original Mods

DJHistory presents... The Original Mods
Horse & Groom, 26 Curtain Road, London, EC2
Thursday November 12th, 8.30pm
Entry FREE
They were the original working class rebels, post-war Britain's first dandies. The mods (derived from 'modernists') had their roots in the 1950s and, arguably, grew out of the coffee bar beatnik scene driven by a significant Jewish cadre. The mods of public infamy came later, and were more associated with ska, soul, parkas, scooters and scrapping in Brighton. We'll be discussing their origins, the fashions, the music and where it all went wrong (and right).

To help us discover more about the mods, we've drafted in a stellar cast of dandies to help us sift through the crap to get to the truth and hopefully get a few tips on how many buttons our suit should possess on the way.

Paul Gorman, author of the brilliant book, The Look, will be hosting the panel (he also runs the fantastic Rock Pop Fashion blog).

Jeff Dexter was a south-London mod before most, was banned from the Lyceum for doing the Twist and became one of Lonndon's most celebrated DJs at Tiles and, later, Middle Earth. He's the nattiest dresser we know.

Lloyd Johnson worked in the rag trade for decades at places like Cecil Gee before opening his own shops, Johnsons, in Kensington Market and Kings Road. There are few who know more about street fashion than Lloyd.

Mickey Modern was reputed to be the first mod in south London and is still more stylish than the rest of Southwark put together.

There will be a discussion, followed by questions from the audience, followed by vigorous dancing to the finest the 60s had to offer. Alcoholic refreshments will be on hand to aid the evening's entertainments.

Downstairs we have our residents to help us through the night:
Jonny 5
Benoit and Namedrop

Friday, 9 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #35

This week's podcast tracklisting is brought you with a nice sleep-deprived hangover after last night's inaugural DJHistory quiz, which was won by Dissident, who just pipped Future Flash to the post. Apparently the questions were really bloody hard (who knew?). Next time we'll make it a bit more gettable.

Anyhow, here's the tracklist for this week's show.
1. DJ YELLOW - Mindz Theme (Freerange)
2. RIVER OCEAN FT INDIA - Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun) (Junior Boys Own Super Dub)
3. SOFT ROCKS - Leave Your Earth Behind
4. LUCKY ELEPHANT - Reverend Tilsley & His Magic Lantern (Sunday Best)
5. KIDDA - Doo Whot (Parker Mix)
6. DAN GHENACIA & DJEBALI - Eightball Deluxe (Freak N Chic)
7. SIMPLE MINDS - League Of Nations (Balearic Biscuits 3)
8. RAYKO - Transfer (endless melody edit)
9. GENE CHANDLER - I'll Make The Living (If You'll Make The Loving)
10. THE EELS - That Look You Give That Guy

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

DJ Flicks: Brighton, Fri Oct 23rd

DJ FLICKS is a simple idea: watch great dance music documentaries, then dance the night away as legendary DJs recreate the era you’ve just seen on screen. After a series at London’s Curzon Soho we have a one-off in Brighton on Oct 23rd.

The theme is acid house so we’re screening two powerful films about the rave movement, followed by a night of unforgettable Balearic music from Rocky of X-Press 2, one of the original DJs on the scene, and Neville Watson who makes great acid-influenced music as Midnight Steppers, and who has just co-produced an amazing book of photography by his brother Gavin.

We’re screening Summer of Rave, one of the best documentaries made about the crazy rave year of 1989, followed by High On Hope, a great film by Piers Sanderson detailing the excitement of the Blackburn raves, infamous parties which drew thousands of people from all over the north, and which met with far more brutal opposition from the police than anything down south. We are also privileged to have a sneak preview of clips from Gordon Mason’s forthcoming house history, They Call It Acid.


Right after the films, Rocky (X-Press 2) will recreate the wonderfully eclectic Balearic vibes of the early years of acid house, followed by Midnight Steppers’ Neville Watson, currently making the best acid-influenced music around.

On the walls will be some fantastic images from Gavin Watson’s forthcoming book, Raving ’89. If you were at any of the acid parties they’ll give you goose-bumps; if you missed them they’re the closest you’ll get.

To kick off the night Neville & Gavin Watson and Rocky will talk to Bill Brewster about the heady days of 1989 and after.

FRIDAY OCT 23, 6.30pm-2am (doors open 6.30; films start 7.30)
£12/£10 NUS
Over 18s only

The Old Market, Upper Market St, Hove (off Western Rd)
The Old Market >>
Ticketweb >>

To win free tickets and become a fan of original nightlife go to:
Facebook >>
For more information, images and witty conversation, talk to Frank on 07958 595128
or email

Friday, 2 October 2009

Disco Discharge

Ok, so we've been playing tracks from Disco Discharge compilation series over the past month or so and the label have given us permission to blog one of the tracks. you can download it below. There are four CDs in the series and we've also just run a competition to win all four (a deluge of entries arrived in our metaphorical postbag). We'll be announcing the winner shortly.


DJ History Podcast #34

Blimey what a busy week that was and, in fact, still is. Trying to finish sleevenotes for an excellent new Strut compilation called Zevolution (I'll be playing tracks from it over the next few weeks or so), while getting two parties ready for next week, our Disco Files launch in NYC (see below) and the DJhistory night at the Horse & Groom next Thursday. Still trying to get a things finished so I can clear off to Bristol tonight to DJ at Freejive at Dojo tonight. Anyhow, here's the tracklisting for this week's show. That Zwicker is TOTALLY AMAZING. A must-buy.

1. ROLAND APPEL - SchooldayZ (Compost Black)
2. HUMAN EGG - Onomatopaeia (B-Music)
3. BE. - All The Thrills (Wolf)
4. ZWICKER -Oddity (Pilooski Remix)
5. MIDTOWN COMMITTEE - I Cant Believe It's True (CD-R)
6. DUCKBEATS - Repeat Prescription (PPF)
7. ICHISAN & NAKOVA - Pionir (Nang Records)
8. CELESTIAL - Shake Up
9. HERMAN'S ROCKET - Space Woman (B-Music)
10. THE REVENGE  - Curtis (Wolf)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Disco Files New York launch party

Join the disco underground for a night you'll never forget as we pay tribute to scene's founding diarist, Vince Aletti, at the launch of his stunning new book The Disco Files.

Music by:
Danny Krivit
Tony Smith and friends

Santos Party House, 90 Lafayette Street, New York
9pm onwards
$5 in advance/$10 on door

Friday, 25 September 2009

Raving '89 video now on Youtube

This week Skegness, next stop Cannes.


DJ History Podcast #33

I finally found an hour or so to go through the interview I did with Alan Jones the other week, so I've included some bits from it in the latest podcast, which means less music, but more stories about how many cans of ale you could get up your arse at the Anvil in New York (I think it's worth losing a bit of music for such salaciousness).

For those of you who don't know who Alan Jones is, check this out >>

And this >>

He's also the author of the liner notes for the Disco Discharge compilation series we've been featuring in the show lately.

1. Vincent Velocette - EZ 2 Luv
2. Harlow - Take Off (Disco Discharge)
3. Companion - Living Up To Love (Disco Discharge)
4. Propaganda - P-Machinery (Polish) (Disco Discharge)
5. Mascara - Golden Years (Homophono)
6. Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield - Unicorn In The Garden (Aniligital Music)
7. Black Crowes - I Ain't Hidin' (Mavis Edit)

Friday, 18 September 2009

DJ History Podcast #32

JONATHAN JEREMIAH - Happiness (Quiet Village Mix)
ROLAND APPEL - SchooldayZ (Compost Black)
JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS - Almost Black (Richard Sen edit)
THE KINDNESS - Gee Up (Moshi Moshi)
MARIUS - Jet Set (Ray Mang Bonus Beats) (Maxi Discs)
ORLANDO B - Melancholy (Mr G's Mix) (Eastbound)
KANO - It's a War (Harmless) (Taken from Disco Discharge: Gay Disco & Hi-NRG)
MAIK LOEWEN - Melina (Niveous)
ZWICKER - Who You Are (Compost)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Gerrie van Noord - White Room (BB Edit)

I did this track over a year ago and gave it to Connie from the Idjut Boys and apparently he's been playing it ever since. It's still not really finished, but I thought I'd let it sneak out a bit since I'm nowhere near getting round to completing it properly and it's sitting on my hard-drive looking miserably and lonely.

Gerrie van Noord - White Room (BB Edit)  by  billbrewster

Friday, 11 September 2009

DJ History Podcast #31

Good to be back in the seat again, after a few weeks' rest. Thanks again to Neville Watson and his magic pants for sitting in for me. Some great stuff on the show this week. Obviously I'd say that cos it's my show, but it's true, guv, honest.

1. SHOVELL & THE LATIN HOOLIGANS - Soul Makossa (Drums De Makossa)
2. BEATBROKER - Pacific Break (Reverso 68 Mix)
3. TIGA -Beep Beep Beep (Its A Fine Line remix)
4. SU KRAMER- Dance Magic
5. BOCCA JUNIORS - Raise (63 Steps To Heaven)
6. ABYSS - Keep On Tripping (Christian Prommer Remix)
7. BEULAH HEIGHTS - Butterfly (Elec+909 Mix 1)
8. ACID PAULI - Marvin
9. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - 45/33 (Trus'me Remix)
10. JANIS IAN - Fly Too High

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Boy’s Own - The Complete Fanzines 1986-92


The third book of the year and we've got yet another corker in store. If you are too young to have been around in the late '80s, the Boy's Own lot were instrumental in helping kick start acid house in the south-east. As well as the fanzine, they ran parties, mouthed off, went to footie, wore some natty threads and occasionally daft trainers. They were the first to document in print the existence of acid house and, once the euphoria had died down, could also be its fiercest critics.

They were having so much fun that in six years they only managed to loose off 12 issues. But these 440 pages depict acid house culture – the slang, the parties, the tunes, the humour – better than anything, as captured in the words of Farley, Mayes, Weatherall, Oakenfold and many more key players. As well as every page of every fanzine there’s a great interview with all the Boys.

If you pre-order now, through DJHistory, you'll get a FREE 7-inch single featuring Bocca Juniors' Raise.



DJ History Podcast #30

Here's the last of the two shows that Neville Watson did for me while I was away in Croatia (nice pants, Nev). And very good it is, too. I do like that Hardton fella he's been raving about on ths show (and to me on the phone). We're going to try and bring him over to perform at Low Life.

1. Kenneth Bager - Fragment One (The Revenge Instrumental)
2. Ichisan - Space Patrol
3. Hardton- Losers
4. Gina X - Nice Mover
5. Reggie Dokes - Walk in Deepnes
6. Tom Trago - Passion (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
7. Still Going - Spaghetti Circus
8. Twintub - Cortina
9. Nacho Patrol - Africaspaceprogram
10. Kenny Glasgow - Dance 2

DJ History Podcast #29

OK, so I've been away in Croatia for the Electric Elephant festival. But in my absence, the extremely capable (and not even slightly clammy) hands of Neville Watson have been manning the tillers and decks. And a mighty fine job he's done, too. He even played Prince's The Future on this one, which I'd just - spookily - pulled out and started playing again myself. As Sting would say, synchronicity!

Anyhow, here's the tracklisting for the first of Neville's DJ History podcasts. Big up yourself, Nev.

1. Ichisan - Antanamamo
2. Rhythm Based Lovers - Control
3. Tyrell Corporation - Together Alone
4. Hardton - Time to Jack
5. 40 Thieves - Don't Turn it Off (Brennan Green mix)
6. Ichisan - Robots From Above
7. Azaris & III - Hungry for the Power
8. Matthias Meyer - Tout Va Bien (Kink mix)
9. Andrew Weatherall - Liar With Wings (Ian Weatherall & Mat Carter mix)
10. Prince - The Future

Thursday, 20 August 2009

When Paul Morley Met Vince Aletti

As part of the Paul Morley series Showing Off... in the Guardian this month the subject is DISCO.

As part of this, they asked Vince Aletti in to talk about his experiences documenting disco in its early years. Oh and our Bill is on it, too, as well as the lovely Luke Howard from Horse Meat Disco. It's jam-packed with juicy goodness.

Check the interview here >>

Vince's book, the Disco Files, is still on sale on our main website (we're down to the last few hundred though, so don't hang about one they're gone, they're gone forever) >>

DJ History Podcast #28

Tracklisting for this week's show is now here. Come and get it. Next week, the show will be presented by Neville Watson while I go and sun myself in Croatia at the Electric Elephant festival.

1. BRUNO GAUTHIER - It's Love (No Ears Dub)
2. OST & KJEX FT. MUNG - Dirty Minds (Lunar Flicks)
3. DETACHMENTS - The Flowers That Fell (Max Moreau Mix)
4. VERONIKA FISCHER & BAND - Kirschblüte
5. PETER KRUDER -After The Dawn
6. CRISPIN J. GLOVER FT. KAY YOUNG - DJ Saved My Life (Radio Edit)
7. RIVER OCEAN FT. INDIA - Love & Happiness (Yemaya & Ochun) (Michel Cleis 'Floreo' Remix)
8. DOUBLE DISCOVERY - Thanks For Loving Me
9. RALPH UND BEEDLE - Made of Stars (Voyager Mix) (Out Hear)
10. PETER ACCIDENT - LIiving For The City

Gavin & Neville Watson on Robert Elms Show, 19th Aug, 2009

Gavin & Neville were on Robert's show yesterday talking about the Slough raves and their new book Raving '89.

You can check it out here >>

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Raving '89 publication imminent

An amazing collection of photos from 1989, the year acid house exploded into a nationwide phenomenon. Gavin Watson captures the revolutionary moment like no-one else, with intimate portraits of mates and strangers alike having the time of their lives. It's all here: the crowds, the lasers, the villains, the crimes against fashion. With hilarious recollections from Gavin and his brother Neville.

Download a FREE PDF here >>

Pre-order book here >>

Monday, 17 August 2009

Diesel Music Radio

We did a show for Diesel Music recently, but I have a strong suspicion no one heard it or indeed even knew it existed so I thought I'd stick it up here so you can download it. It's worth it just for the interview we did with Jeff Dexter which lasted for a good part of the two hour show.

Anyhow, you can download it here >>

DJ History Podcast #27

New week, new podcast. A bit late, cos it was my birthday last week and I got carried away with celebrations (I was here on Friday.... WOW)

1. NAUM GABO -Blacklab
2. GROOVE COMMITTEE - I Want You To Know
3. NIGHT PLANE - Chinese Shadows
4. SPECTRAL EMPIRE - Innerfearence (Chateau Flight Remix)
6. ROCHA - Hands of Love (Reverso 68 Mix)
7. STILL GOING - Spaghetti Circus
8. GENTLE - Bionic Lover (Harrison Fraud edit)
9. JAY SINISTER & LOUIE VEGA FT JULIE McKNIGHT - Bittersweet (Jay's Barrio Groove)
10. RED RACK'EM - Place For Me

Monday, 10 August 2009

Raving '89 launch party

Flight Lieutenant Weatherall

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Raving 89 launch party last Friday, it was a great night. Special thanks to Andrew Weatherall, Trevor Fung and Neville Watson for playing such great music and thanks to Pure Groove for hosting the evening.

We even had a visit from the Boys in Blue attempting to shut the party down, thus giving it a real '89 flavour.

Book is now on sale >>

Broughton, Brewster and Brewster

Thursday, 6 August 2009

DJ History Podcast #26

This week's podcast tracklistng. Tasty!

1. NAUM GABO -Volgograd (Eskimo)
2. LEYTON - Let's Talk About Brass (Dirty Crew Mix)
3. COPYRIGHT FT. SHOVELL - Warrior Dance (Yema Ya) (Shaka Zulu Mix) (Defected)
4. JESSE RAE - Rusha (Columbia)
5. CRAZY P - Caught Up (Still Going vox mix) (2020)
6. STREET CORNER SYMPHONY - Memories Of Aphrodite (Chicken Lips Remix) (
7.MARBEYA - Blind cause (CD-R)
8. MARK BROOM - People (2020)
9. MIDNIGHT STEPPERS - The Plan (Dissident)
10. OBLONG - Playing On My Mind (Maelstrom Mix) (Exceptional)

DJ History Podcast #25: Raving 89 Special

Not as much music in this weel's podcast, mainly because I spent a large part of it chatting to Neville Watson about his life participating in the Slough and Berkshire raves that are documented in the Raving '89 book we are about to publish.

Anyhow, below are a selection of Neville's favourite tracks from the era. Incidentally, if you read this before Friday 7th August, please come down to the launch of Raving '89 at Pure Groove in West Smithfield, London EC1. You don't need an invite, it starts at 6pm and goes on till late and features Andrew Weatherall, Trevor Fung and Neville.

1. ROBERTA FLACK - Uh Uh Oh Oh Look Out (Steve Silk Hurley Mix) (Atlantic)
2. CRY CISCO! - Afro Dizzy Act (Escape)
3. REESE & SANTONIO - The Sound (The Motor City Remix) (KMS)
4. DESKEE - Dance Dance (Big One)
5. 808 STATE - Pacific State (ZTT)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Street Corner Symphony

We've finally got the Street Corner Symhpony compilation live on the site.

You can check it out here >>

We've also got a supersized version here >>

As a taster we're giving away the brilliant debut single Street Corner Symhpony FREE.
Download here >>

We also did an interview with the fella behind the records, Glen Gunner, legendary deep house producer from the less-than-legendary Hillingdon.
Read here >>

Diesel Mystery Mix

My 0ld mucker Diesel, one third of X-Press 2, one fifth of Ballistic Brothers all Diesel, has just done a mix for us on DJH.

Check it out here >>

You can discuss the whys, wherefores and tracklistings here >>

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #24

Late posting mainly cos I was away on a mission in Scotland last weekend, doing a party with the Optimo boys and Melting Pot. Great night, it was too, though my head didn't agree on Saturday morning.

Check out the Naum Gabo on this show, it's proper italo-incredibleness done by Johnny from Optimo.

1. HOT TODDY FT. RON BASEJAM - I Need Love (Eskimo)
2,. THE JUAN MACLEAN - Happy House (Chateau Flight Mix) (DFA)
3. AFRIAMERICAN COALITION - No More Weeping (African_Mix) (Big Big Trax)
4. AIR - Love (Virgin)
5. JULIEN LOVE - Baby Come On (CD-R)
6. NAUM GABO - Volgograd (Eskimo)
7. ANNE HAIGIS - Fingernails
8. STREET CORNER SYMPHONY - Symphony For The Devil (Original Mix) (SCS)
9. ATAVISTIC EMPIRE- Love It Or Leave It (CD-R)
10. AIR - Heaven's Light (Virgin)

Friday, 17 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #23

New tracklisting for all you pop pickers.

1. THE DOVES - Compulsion (Padded Cell Remix) (CD-R)
2. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - 45.33 (Padded Cell Mix) (DFA)
3. FERNANDO - Blade Drummer (Redux)
4. FLOATING POINTS - Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub) (R2)
5. CURSES! - The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub) (Institubes)
6. CREATIVE FORCE - It's So Good (Bassline)
7. ANDREW PHELAN & ORIGAMI - Let's Do It (Prismatic Tracks)
8. THE TWANG - Barney rubble (Afterlife Mix) (Polydor)

Monday, 13 July 2009

This Saturday, 18th July, Hercules & Love Affair

I've got two nice gigs on Saturday, firstly, I'll be playing (alongside my DJH/Low Life cohort Frank Broughton at the Lovebox festival in Victoria Park. We're doing 3.30-5.30pm in the Rizla area. If you're about come and say hello, or even better, dance.

That's followed by the launch of Sidetracked, a new compilation series, the first of which is mixed and selected by Andrew Butler from Hercules & Love Affair, who will I'll be DJing alongside, with Christian Smith and Marcus James. It's at the Driver in Kings Cross and tickets are £15. It's on 10-
6. Should be good.

Friday, 10 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #22

Lordy, feeling as rough as a badger's chuff today after Secret Weapons at the Horse & Groom last night. Got to bed at 3.45am and was awoken by my daughter hovering over the bed at 8am telling me how hungry she was. Bad dad.

Here's the tracklisting for the latest show:
THE STALLIONS & FINDLAY BROWN - Stallions Suite (Jockey Friendly Edit) (CD-R)
GURU - Divine Rule (Altered Ego)
NUBIAN MINDZ - Samba 909 (Head To Toe)
MARK E - Formed (CD-R)
GEORGE PRINGLE - One Night In Koko (George Pringle)
NY's FINEST - Do You Feel Me (Bassline)
MUNGOLIAN JETSET - Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks (CD-R)

An old mix

I found this old mix we gave out at a Low Life party at Fortress Studios (RIP) in 2003 0r 2004. It's done by Fat Camp (me and Paul Noble). Thought I'd upload it for your pleasure.

Download it here >>

Monday, 6 July 2009

Raving '89 launch party!

We've got a bit of a zinger coming up in August for the launch of Neville & Gavin Watson's book Raving '89.

We're doing a launch party on Friday, August 7th from 6pm onwards in the lovely Pure Groove in the heart of groovy Smithfields Market (opposite Fabric basically). Pure Groove is a record store, but it also has a licensed bar and a great set-up for either DJs or bands to perform.

Entry is free and the DJs on the evening are:
Andrew Weatherall
Neville Watson
Trevor Fung

It's gonna be ace. You can walk away with a copy of the book in your mitts (provided you pay for it first).

Sunday, 5 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #21

Tracklisting is a bit late, but, you know, weather was hot, barbecues were beckoning...

A. PERRY/L. DELACOUR - New Life (Permanent Vacation)
SANDRA NKAKE - La Mauvaise Reputation (Blackjoy Vocal Mix)
GLIMPSE & JAY SHEPHEARD - Lazer Bather (Glimpse)
CLAP RULES - Old Sequencer (Bostro Pesopeo remix) (Tiny Sticks)
ALTAIR NOUVEAU - Space Fortress (DFA)
SOULUTION - Feels So Right (VJS)
TAPESH - Brighter Day (Rebirth)
MR FINGERS - Washing Machine (Swag's Ariston Edit)
LAURENT GARNIER - Pay TV (Emperor Machine Mix) (PIAS)

Friday, 26 June 2009

DJ History Podcast #20

This week's tracklist is now go.

1. MUSHROOMS PROJECT - Space Mushrooms (Toby Tobias Porcini Remix)
3. MAYER HAWTHORNE - A Strange Arrangement (Stones Throw)
4. DOVES - Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
5. CHICKEN LIPS Present ZEEFUNGK - Robot Eyes
6. PARALLEL DANCE ENSEMBLE - Weight Watchers (Yam Who? Rework)
7. D. EDWARDSON/S. SELL - Cutting The Funk
8. DISCODEINE - Invert_Parceque (Edges comp)
9. TEVO HOWARD - Crazy Love
10. JACKSON 5 - Mirrors Of My Mind (FC Edit)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Resident Advisor podcast (redux)

Yeah so I did a Resident Advisor podcast oooh ages ago. Anyway, lots of people (two or three) have emailed me asking where they can get it. So, y'know, you can get it here now forever and ever (or till our Sendspace account runs out) >

RAVING '89: Pre-orders being taken now!

Our next little book (by Neville and Gavin Watson) is Raving '89 and we're taking pre-orders for it from today (pre-orders feature an exclusive rave-era mix fashioned by Neville Watson).

Gavin Watson is the Nikon-clutching genius who published a book called Skins & Punks last year. He rocked up to the office with his brother Neville and a suitcase of photos. There were so many pictures at first we got brainfreeze sifting through them. But as we picked out the best and started laying them out we realised here was a really great document of the time. Basically, in all our years we'd never seen pictures quite like them.

Download a FREE sampler here >


Rave on.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Electric Elephant 2008

Since this year's party is looming, I thought I'd post some pics from last year's festival Fairly typically, because I'm a bloody idiot, I managed to forget my camera when it was our boat party, so I don't have any from that, though you can check the video clip here (it makes me happy every time I watch this) >

Anyhow here are some pics, label underneath for guidance.

This is a sunset at the beach bar on the festival site. Can't remember who's in the picture.

This is Ferdy (my little boy) and Honey (Frank's little girl) hanging out at the beach bar.

This Ferdy again. I have an uncontrollable urge to stick things to his forehead.

My daughter Lola dancing to some Cosmic Truth.

Me and Lola at sunset at the beach bar. Ace.

Steph, Frank and Imogen at the Garden Bar in Zadar.

This was the party boat heading out into the Adriatic for the Electric Chair party. They were playing Love Is In The Air, fact fans.

DJ History Podcast #19

My bloody voice is still not back to normal. I sound like either my bollocks are in the process of dropping or I'm about to burst into tears. It's well annoying. The doctor said I've torn the cartilage in my throat (bet that never happened to Linda Blair) and it should heal in 7-14 days. In the meantime, I'm suffering man-style.

This week's tracklist:
1. Mozez - Signs of Happiness (Sound Captive Mix) (CD-R)
2. De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Jay Dilla Mix) (Rapster)
3. Northend - You Can't A Price On Love (CD-R)
4. Coyote - Drop Out (Is It Balearic?)
5. Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of Huge (Chicken Lips Mix)
6. Wolf People - Tiny Circles (Battered Ornaments)
7. VV Brown - Shark In The Water (Crazy P Mix) (Island)
8. Fink - Sort of Revolution (Cinematic Orchestra Mix) (Ninja Tunes)
9. Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) (Mock & Toof Mix) (Atlantic)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Low Life at Electric Elephant, CROATIA

We got invited to do this really cool little festival in Petrcane (near Zadar) last year by the boys from Electric Chair in Manchester. It's a really kitsch site, a 1970s Communist constructed hotel-resort complex with a concrete nightclub called Barbarella's and some nice touches that have been subsequently added (like a beach bar and live stage). Each day there was a boat party on an old tub out in the Adriatic.

We were asked to do oneo f the boat parties. Here's a clip from last year's party (it was AMAZING) >

Anyhow, we've been asked back. We loved it so much last year we're staying for a week's holiday (then we're jetting off to Sarajevo to celebrate the lanuch of our book in Serbo-Croat!).

Here are the details.
Tickets are £69.99 and you can get them here >

Boat Party Tickets
There will be 2 Boat Parties each day Friday/Saturday/Sunday.Tickets will be £6 each. Full details of the Boat Parties how and when to obtain Boat Party tickets, will be announced soon (we're doing one of them).

Andrew Weatherall, Jesse Rose, Joakim, Daniele Baldelli, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Soul Jazz Soundsystem, Bullion, Idjut Boys, Disco Bloodbath, Andy Votel/Dom Thomas, Hose Meat Disco, Aficionado, Basement Boogaloo, To The Bone, Four Tet,

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Raving '89

After the amazing reaction to our first book, we've got another corker in store for you.

It's by Gavin Watson the photographer who made his name with his brilliant Skins and Skins & Punks books (the latter came out through Vice Publications earlier this year).

Raving '89 is a superb collection of his photographs. With 200 photos taken in the revolutionary year of 1989, this is the real deal. Hardly anyone took a camera to the raves, and the few people who did, got so bleary they left it under a speaker.

Gavin Watson not only remembered his Nikon, he's also a truly world-class photographer. Gavin's rave pictures capture the experience like no others. Grubby warehouses, hands through sheets of lasers, the haircuts, the smiles, the friends, the crimes against fashion. It's a beautiful book, all wrapped up with hilarious recollections from Gavin and his brother Neville. We'll be taking pre-orders shortly, but you can have a sneak peek right now >

Friday, 12 June 2009

DJ History Podcast #18

After a freak sneezing incident in Shoreditch last night my voice has been split asunder and now talk as if a plank of wood has lodged itself across my larynx. Most painful.

Anyhow, tracklisting is here:
1. Shit Robot - Simple Things (Todd Terje Mix)(DFA)
2. Drrty Haze - New york City Jacks (PPF Mix) (Redux)
3. Swayzak - Stronger Love (Claremont 56)
4. Gramme - Like U (Output)
5. Mugwump - Tellakian Circles (Endless Circle)
6. Social Disco Club & Maia - The way You Move (Bear funk)
7. Tuppy Clarke - Chicago (Electric Sheep)
8. Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Crazy P Mix) (Virgin)
9. Giom - Bring Down The Walls (Ornate)
10. Esther Phillips - Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Kudu)

Monday, 8 June 2009

DJ History Podcast #17

This week's tracklisting:
1. Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal (Glimmers Mix) (CD-R)
2. Crimea X - 10PM (Hell Yeah)
3. Wild Rumpus - Kazan (Bitches Brew)
4. Mudd - 54b (Ray Mang's Acid Reflux) (Claremont 56)
5. Stars'N'Bars - Stars"N'Bars (Claremont 56)
6. Namito - The Curse (Kling Klong) (Album: Eleven)
7. Brennan Green - Do It Your Way (Wurst)
8. Blakkat & Wink - Tweak & Roll (Mirus Remix) (CD-R)
9. Roy Davis Jr ft. Terry Dexter - Horizon (Smooth Agent)
10. Who Made Who - Keep Me In My Plane (Gomma)

Friday, 29 May 2009

Resonance FM now on podcast

I did Wrongtom and Mr Trick's Resonance FM show on Wednesday, while outside large volumes of Manchester United in statically-charged replica shirts sulked in pubs (stifles small chuckle). They asked me some questions and I hopefully answered them reasonably well. I then played some records that have some resonance (geddit?) to me. Anyhow, the show is now on podcast if you want to download it or rub against your trousers and while thinking of Blundell Park (The San Siro of the North).

Go here for the podcast (Jeez, I really must do something about some press shots that one's not doing me any favours) >

This is thetracklist for the show:
1. The Utmost - Whole Lotta Loving
2. David Essex - Rock On
3. Kevin Hewick - Haystack
4. Jamiroquai - Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
5. Donovan - Well Known Has-Been
6. The Feelies - The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness
7. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Fifteen To Twenty
8. Magazine 60 - Don Quixote
9. Etta James - You Give Me What I Want

DJ History Podcast #16

This week's tracklist is now up.

1. Stevie Kotey & Max Essa - 1986 (Electric Minds)
2. TV On The Radio - Crying (4AD)
3. Julien Jabre - Radio Angels (Defected)
4. Vincent Velocette - Life Is A Cycle CD-R
5. Mexican Institute of Sound - Yo Diga Baila (Ralph Myerz Mix) (Cooking Vinyl)
6. Automagic - Baby Put My Mind At Ease (Tedd Paterson Dub) (Captivating)
7. Roots Manuva - Do Nah Badda Mi (Roots Manuva v Wrongtom) (Big Dada)
8. James Teej - Spending life (Rebirth)
9. Steve Bug ft Paris The Black Fu - Swallowed Too Much Bass (Poker Flat)
10. Jamies Yuill - Lighter Shade Of Red (Moshi Moshi)

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Resonance FM tonight

I'm appearing on Resonance FM (104.4 if you live in London // OR here if you don't).

I'm on the lovely Wrongtom and Mr Trick's show playing some records and chatting.

Tune in, turn on, drop off.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

DJ History Podcast #15

1. Sleazy McQueen ft Anne Montone - Anna Due (Cole Medina Mix) (Moodmusic)
2. Peter Kruder - The Law Of Return (Macro)
3. Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool (Wild Geese Mix) (XL)
4. Osmar Milto - Morre O Burro
5. DJ Kaos - Love The Night Away (Rong/DFA)
6. Ronnie & Renzo - Me, Myself, Good (King Kung Foo)
7. Mark E - Fault 2a (Merc)
8. Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20 (Tummy Touch/Pure Groove)
9.Tele Music - Life & Fun (Flx Mix) (
10. Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin - The Riot (Purple Brain Edit) (Rvng Intl)

Monday, 18 May 2009

DJ History Podcast #14

Hello. We're back to transmitting new music and we've got some corkers on this show, including an excellent unreleased Reverso 68 mix and some brilliant stuff forthcoming from DFA and PPF.

1. Walter Jones - Living Without Your Love (DFA)
2. Beat Broker - Pacific Break (Reverso 68 Mix) (Adult Contemporary)
3. Rufdug - Dirty (Popular People's Front Mix)(PPF)
4. The Blow Monkeys - Save Me (Gweilo Disco Edit) (CD-R)
5. TBD - What Is This? (PPF)
6. Booby Rush - I Wanna Do The Do (CD-R)
7. Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Ron Basejam Mix)(2020)
8. Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Rework) (Wolfmusic)
9. Bill Withers - Railroad Man (Ashley Beedle's Dark Star Edit) (CD-R)

Friday, 8 May 2009

DJ History Podcast #13

The latest tracklist for the podcast is here. The final one in the two parter celebrating the publication of Vince Aletti's The Disco Files >. Lots of disco. Next week we're back to mainly new music. But we're planning an Island 50th Anniversary show in the near distance. Stay tuned for that.

1. Broadway - X-15
2. Gladys Knight & The Pips - It's A Better Than Good Time (Walter Gibbons Mix)
3. Kenny Lupper - Passion Flower
4. Sylvester - Over & Over
5. Salsoul Orchestra - Getaway
6. Independent Movement - Slippin' Away
7. The Tymes - To The Max(imum)
8. Linda Hopkins - It's In Your Blood
9. Thelma Houston - I'm Here Again

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

DJ History Podcast #12

YES! It's finally out. The Disco Files by Vince Aletti is available in all good stores (and a few crap ones too). To celebrate I thought I'd do a few episodes of the podcast using the tracklistings from the book. So here we go. Here's the first oe, which mainly concentrates on album tracks and 7-inch singles. Next week I'll dig into the 12-inches.

1. Gentle Persuasion - A Little Bit Of Love
2. The Sylvers - I Don't Need To Prove Myself
3. Rockin' Horse - Love do Me Right
4. The Facts of Life - Uphill Peace of Mind
5. The Supremes - Come Into My Life
6. Marsha Hunt's 22 - Oh No (Not The Beast Day)
7. Free Spirit - Just As Long As I Can
8. The Originals - Mr Troublemaker
9. MD-20-20 - Listen To The Rhythm Band
10. Dionne Warwick - Then Came You
11. Buddy Miles - Pull Yourself Together

Friday, 24 April 2009

Resident Advisor podcast

I've just done a Resident Advisor podcast. You can download it here (with brief interview).

Skylite – Boogie Butt – Rampart Records
Woolfy – The Warehouse – Rong Music
Ali Love – Late Night Sessions – I Love Records
Jamie Lloyd – Movin’ In (Brennan Green Mix) – Future Classic
Mandrake Som – Berimbau (Bongo Re-Edit) – Mr Bongo
Late Of The Pier – The Bears Are Coming (Emperor Machine Mix/Edited) – Zarcorp
Frank & Roby – Level With Me – R.S. Records
Departure Lounge – Departure Lounge – Rhetoric
Soul Center – Walk With Me – W.v.B. Enterprises
The Fabulous Jennie Gardenia – Baby I Want Your Love
Sparky – Tribal Rites
Merry Clayton – Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow – Ode Records
Soft Rocks – Leave Your Earth Behind
John Martyn – Black Man At The Shoulder (Edit) – Universal Island Records
Curtis Mayfield – Right On Through The Darkness – Curtom

Thursday, 23 April 2009

DJ History Podcast #11

We've not done a podcast for the past few weeks mainly because I've been moving and everything's been in a box somewhere. I've finally managed to dig out everything and resume production, albeit with the microphone placed on boxes and my kneeling on the floor. Radio 4 this ain't.

Tracklisting for this week's show:
1. Junior Boys - Work
2. Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Mix)
3. Al Usher - Lullaby For Robert (Gatto Fritto Mix)
4. Man Friday - Love Honey, Love Heartache
5. The Glimmers present Disko Drunkards - Let's Get Physical
6. Frank Booker - Universal
7. Stephen Michael Schwartz - Get It Up For Love
8. Juju & Jordash - Deep Blue Meanies
9. Joshua Iz - Juice

Friday, 10 April 2009

DJ History Podcast #10

Yeah, I know I promised to post more on here but I'm moving house and my life is currently packed away in a brown cardboard box somewhere. Anyhow, last week's podcast tracklist is here...

1. Ivan Iacobucci - Cookin' Jazz
2. Mock & Toof - Smit Smot
3. Matt Oiling - Oiling Boiling
4. Snax - Get In Trouble (Crazy P Mix)
5. Manuel Tur ft Alexander East - Will Be Mine
6. Luke Vibert - I Love Acid
7. Tensnake - Holding Back Your Love
8. Patrick Di Stefano - LILA (Mazi Dub)
9. Emperor Machine - Space Age Pop
10. Margaret Reynolds & KC - Take Me To The Moon

Friday, 27 March 2009

DJ History Podcast #9

Phew what a busy week. The first book we're publishing, the Disco Files, is currently winging its way to a warehouse in Gatwick as I write. We've already seen a sample copy and it looks ACE. It's a trainspotters toilet-reading dream book.

Anyhow, I've been busily beavering away working on a podcast for Resident Advisor, which is coming out in April sometime (more news to follow) as well as trying to organise my records so I can move house....

This week's podcast tracklist:
1. Pollyester - You Are Amen (taken from Milky Disco 2) (Lo)
2. Marc Evans - The Way You U Love Me (Tom Moulton Mix) (Defected)
3. Snax - Get In Trouble (Crazy P Mix) (defDrive)
4. LeoZero - Message of Love (CD-R)
5. Sauveur Mallia - Bass Power (Tele Music)
6. Soul Mekanik - Smelly2 (CD-R)
7. The Chi-Lites - You Don't Have To Go (Brunswick)
8. Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind (Taken from Milky Disco 2) (Lo)
9. Jackie 60 - The Jackie Hustle (Arista)
10. Tina Britt - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Minit)

Friday, 20 March 2009

DJ History Podcast #8

Well, another week, another podcast. And it's SUNNY! Still a bit cold, though (can't have everything).

Here's the tracklist for the show:
1. Stars N Bars - Stars N Bars (taken from Mark Seven Originals) (Claremont 56)
2. Expanding Head Band - Sound of Breaking Glass (taken from Milky Disco 2) (Lo)
3. Jamie Starr - Get Your Lovin' Ready (CD-R)
4. Junior Boys - Work (Domino)
5. Casinoboy - Jobsagoodun (Jisco)
6. Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - Sho Got A Thing (Claridge)
7. Faze Action - Venus & Mars (taken from Stratus Energy) (FAR)
8. Rhythm Dr. - Stick Up Big Man (Umblu)
9. Diana Brown - Love In Return (Eric Kupper's Return To Prelude Mix) (Minimal)
10. Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind (taken from Milky Disco 2) (Lo)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

DJ History Podcast #7

And here's the one that went live last Friday (March 13th). I hope you realise I'm doing this on a SUNDAY of all days when I could be more usefully watching Heartbeat.

1. Soul Mekanik - Go Upstairs (Maurice Fulton Mix)
2. Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up (Island)
3. Damian Lazarus - Neverending (Get Physical)
4. Emperor Machine - You Clap (DC)
5. Malcolm's Locks - Get Up Stand Up (Happy Bird)
6. Traks - Wild Safari (Savoir Faire)
7. Trentmøller - Le Champagne (Naked)
8. Anne Haigis - Fingernails
9. Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield - Swungfunk (Redux)
10. Jack Penate - Tonight's Today (Leo Zero Re-Edit)

DJ History Podcast #6

OK, so I've been a bit AWOL over the past weeks. Apologies. We've been dead busy, honest. And I'm trying to move house. It's well stressful. Anyhow, here's the tracklisting for the DJ History Podcast #6.

1. Yam Who? - Wax The Van (Electric Minds)
2. Roy Davis Jr - I Have A Vision
3. Joker - African (taken from Originals Volume 2)
4. Soulboy - Harmonica Track (Minimal)
5. Don Cavalli - Going Down To The River
6. Gaffa - Attitude Dancing
7. Li'l Tony - Treehouse (Electric Minds)
8. Faze Action - Good Lovin' (FAR)
9. PBR Streetgang - James' Bonce (CD-R)
10. Jenny's Daughters - Dirty Feet(Paramount)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

DJH Podcast #5 tracklisting

Hello there. I meant to add this on Friday when the new podcast went out, but life intervened and then I was DJing at Mulletover last night and then obviously had a bit of a lie-in. Anyhow, I'm back on the block now and catching up on any errant jobs that had slipped under the radar. Thence to writing about remixes for Observer Music Monthly and listening to (hopefully) Manyoo losing in the Cup final. Fat chance of that happening, I know...

Street Corner Symphony - Slow Blow
Royksopp - Happy Up Here (Datasette Mix)
George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave (Luke Solomon Light Mix)
DJ Hell - The Angst (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
Crown Heights Affair- Music Is The World
Boxsaga - Drillhead
Telemusic - Meteor One
Soirée - It's Disco

Subscribe via iTunes here >
Listen/download here >

Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Disco Files.... music

We've just been completing the final work on the Disco Files before packing its bags and sending it off on a holiday to a printers somewhere near Nottingham. One of the final jobs I've had to do (in truth Frank's done nearly all the work!) is proofreading all 500 pages of it. It's been highly enjoyable not least because I've been making copious notes of all the records I don't already own or know about and furiously searching on the internet for the good ones before the book comes out. It's an insider's privilege, innit?

Anyhow, there are so many killer records mentioned, many of which have slunk off into the mists of disco history, so over the coming weeks and months and I'm going to start posting MP3 files of some of the greatest (and lesser known) ones so you can decide for yourself whether they are indeed as good as I think they are.

The first one I'm posting is Brown Sugar's Don't Tie Me Down. Brown Sugar was originally a group fronted by Clydie King, the veteran R&B singer. An early incanration of Brown Sugar also included a young Phyllis Nelson, although no-one seems to know for sure who sang on this release. They cut two 45s for Capitol, the other being I'm Going Through Changes Now, which was produced by Vince Montana. Both got plays on the disco scene.

Download Brown Sugar here >

I'm also planning to do two Disco Files special podcasts on the DJhistory podcast series to celebrate the launch, so look out for those in April.

Friday, 20 February 2009

DJ History Podcast #4

Hello there. Just done the latest DJH podcast, so I thought I'd post the tracklisting for those of you that can't understand my gritty Northern accent (actually I've lived down south so long one of my mates from back home described my accent as "Oxbridge Grimsby". The bastard). Anyhow, here's the tracklist and links to the blog and iTunes below that.

1. Afroground - Matata
2. Coyote - Mongolia (Is It Balearic?)
3. John Daly - This Is A Lonely Beat (Drumpoet)
4. Clap Rules - Old Sequencer (Tiny Sticks)
5. Rhythm Doctor - Bones (Umblu)
6. Tensnake - In The End (Running Back)
7. Arthur Baker - Breakers Revenge (Cevin Fisher's Percussion Mix)
8. Boxsaga - Computer Love (Nonstop)
9. 3rd Face - Canto Della Liberta (Prins Thomas Miks) (Classic)
10. Green Sisters - Win, Place Or Show (Setting Son)

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Listen/download here >

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Low Life set ready for download

I don't play exclusively house sets much any more so I had a lot of fun digging through a few old classics and pulling out my favourite new tunes for last Saturday. I had some really beautiful old songs to play but I got carried away with some deep house and some techy gear, but I did manage to punctuate it with some ace vocal tracks. It actually sounds better now listening to it at home than I thought it did when I was playing it. I was a bit disappointed with myself when I finished but listening back it wasn't quite as rubbish as I thought. (Hey, listen, you've got to have some critical awareness about these things in order to survive in the bearpit.)

Download the set here >

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: I'd give him one. Handsome, eh? (Taken last Saturday. Glitter and gaudy shirt model's own.)

LOW LIFE.... Phew

Well, that was pretty bonkers... from the mental ticket sales, the pleading for spares, for guest list places, for sneaky squeezes etc. But when you're there, on the night, in the middle of a happy smiling floor full of gorgeous girls and smiling boys, you know it's worth it. And it was.

Guest for this one were Prins Thomas, Emma McGuigan (Chibuku Shake Shake) and The Revenge.

(Note how Prins Thomas joined in the themed dress fun for To Hell With Poverty by dressing as.... Jerry Sadowitz!)

Emma McGuigan, having partied hard at many previous Low Lifes, makes her debut behind the decks.

Cute, huh? Check out the rest of the pics here >

Anyhow, we recorded the sets as well and as soon as we've cut them up and uploaded them I'll post them up here so you can have a listen to what a Low Life sounds like.

Next party is on April 11th on a boat on the Thames. Tickets from Ticketweb, PayPal (, Phonica Records or from me and Frank. Tickets are £20 each.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Latest podcast is now up

Download it here >

New 'un ready to download. If you subscribe through iTunes it will be live later today, hopefully. If you can't wait use the link above.

If you haven't subscribed through iTunes yet but you want to, go here >

Done under heavy manners. Last night we did our monthly Secret Weapons shindig in The Horse & Groom in Shoreditch with Prins Thomas (over for Low Life on Saturday), Jonny 5, me and a bunch of others. Chivas Regal and Old Speckled Hen ensued. Chatting with loads of fellow DJs who came down to hang out (including Rhythm Dr among the hordes who stopped by on the way back from mastering his old Mama catalogue for a swift pint). Anyhow, after that I got home at 2.45am and was greeted with my son in our bed having woken up an hour before screaming. He then spent the rest of the night keeping both us awake, the little mite. Argh. Sleep deprivation is being held at bay by large doses of disco and strong tea. Proper drugs may be required later in the day...

Tracklisting for show:
London Heavy Disco Revue - Remember
Little Walter Collective - A Conversation We Had A Long time Ago
Patrick Di Stefano - Just For Play (Mazi Dub)
Hakan Lidbo - The Ghetto Blaster
Boxsaga - Zen & The Art of Deadlines
Street Corner Symphony - Memories of Aphrodite (Chicken Lips Mix)
Fug - Ready For Us
Telemusic - Life & Fun (Foolish Felix Mix)
Soiree - Zim Zim Zar Zar

Over and out.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Vince Aletti - The Disco Files PRE-ORDER NOW

Firstly, thanks for the great response to the Vince Aletti download we posted a few days ago. We've had hundreds of downloads for it already. If you still haven't checked it out, feel free to download it here >

The Disco Files is the definitive chronicle of disco. It's the collected writing of Vince Aletti, who partied his way through seventies New York, but somehow managed to sober up each week and write about it all. The book collects Vince's magazine articles for Rolling Stone, Village Voice and After Dark, as well as more than 200 of his weekly columns for Record World. In these he dishes the dirt on the scene, discussing the clubs, the DJs and the emerging disco industry. Not only that but he includes four club charts - from DJs including Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan, Nicky Siano and Richie Rivera - and a disco top 20 every week, as well as reviewing every disco record worth knowing about. That makes nearly 900 charts and 2,000 record reviews, gadzooks!

We're nearing completion of The Disco Files book and we're now taking advance orders for it. If you pre-order from our site, you get a £20 discount on the cover price as well as receiving an exclusive, limited-edition, disco mix from Matthew & Jolyon. The mix is their modern take on an album, Steppin' Out, that Vince Aletti put together with Richie Rivera in the late 1970s.


Friday, 6 February 2009

The Furtive 50

At the end of every year for the past few years's had a vote to find the best dance tracks of the year. This has mainly been voted for by members of the DJH forum, but this year I thought I'd widen it out and canvas the opinions of lots of DJs, writers and collectors who we like and respect. Anyhow, we've tallied it all up and it's been broadcast over two parts on our new DJH Podcast, but here's the full rundown. There were several tracks in there that I hadn't heard so it's always nice to be able to go back and grab some of the tunes you missed (and hasten imminent bankruptcy into the bargain). Full credit list of those who contributed is below the chart.

1. Bullock & Ruscha – The Rose (Whatever We Want)
2. Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Knuckles Mix) (DFA)
3. Mugwump – Boutade (Misericord)
4. Grace Jones – Williams’ Blood (Yam Who? Mixes) (Jones)
5. Simon Baker – Plastik (Todd Terje Mix) (Playhouse)
6. Ghost Note – Holy Jungle (Golf Channel)
7. Dølle Jølle – Balearic Incarnations (Permanent Vacation)
8. Syclops – Where’s Jason’s K? (DFA)
9. Try To Find Me – Make Dance (Golf Channel)
10. Rondenion – The Beautiful Memory (Aesthetic Audio)
11. Larry Heard – 25 Years From Alpha (Alleviated)
12. Omar S – Psychotic Photosynthesis (FXHE)
13. Soundstream – Live Goes On/Dance With Me (Sound Stream)
14. Toby Tobias – The Feeling (Rekids)
15. Reggie Dokes – Black Children of the Ghetto (Philpot)
16. Invisible Conga People – Cable Dazed (Italians Do It Better)
17. Afefe Iku – Mirror Dance (Yoruba Soul)
18. Neville Watson & Kink – Inside Out (Rush Ho ur)
19. Mujava – Township Funk (This Is Music)
20. MGMT – Time To Pretend (Cantora)
21. Icasol – Ongou (Claremont 56)
22. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #3 (MCDE)
23. Ane Brun – Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Mix) (Objektivity)
24. Mock & Toof – Big Hands For A Lady (Tiny Sticks)
25. Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam (DFA)
26. Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Green Mix) (Crosstown Rebels)
27. Primal Scream – Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Mix) (Columbia)
28. Plastique de Reve – Lost In The City (DFA)
29. Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetery Music (Ed Banger)
30. Mari Boine vs Mungolian Jetset – It Ain’t Necessarily Evil (Lunaflicks)
31. Nick Chacona/Anthony Mansfield – Oh Snap! (Greg Wilson Mix) (Hector Works)
32. Faze Action – Hypnotic (Faze Action)
33. Jose Gonzalez – Killing For Love (Todd Terje Mix) (Peacefrog)
34. It’s a Fine Line - Woman A Makhnovshchina Reposession (History Clock)
35. The Revenge – Night Flight (Jisco)
36. Hedford Vachal – Toys (Tirk)
37. UMD – Fox In The Box (Luke Solomon Mix) (Rebirth)
38. Josh Wink – Stay Out All Night (Ovum)
39. Deetron – Let’s Get Over It (Music Man)
40. Buset – Stay (Sei A Mix) (Fine Art)
41. Lee Jones – Mdmazing (Aus)
42. Mark E – Ray Gun (Jisco)
43. Panthers – Goblin City (Permanent Vacation)
44. Jacques Renault – Bad Skinned (RVNG of the NRDS)
45. Theo Parrish – Love Triumphant (Sound Signature)
46. Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Columbia)
47. Juan McLean – Happy House (DFA)
48. Gatto Fritto – Beachy Head (Fritto Morto)
49. Linkwood – RIP (Prime Numbers)
50. Lovelock – Don’t Turn Away From My Love (Eskimo)

Thanks to Mark Moore, Kelvin Brown, Gareth Sommerville, Joe Muggs, DJ Strangefruit, Roual Galloway, Terry Farley, Gavin Herlihy, Gerd Jansen, Stuart Patterson, Paulette Constable, Leo Greenslade, Jon Da Silva, Peter Visti, Matt Johnson, Pete Herbert, Jim Angell, Dan Foat, Simon 'Faze Action' Lee, Luke Solomon, Todd Terje, DJ Pippi, Andre Bumrocks, Bonar Bradberry, Ben Pistor, Daniel Donnachie, Andrea Trout, Alexis Le Tan, Bruce Tantum, Fred Deakin, Dubious, Simon Grigg, Alex K, Miss Bailey, Asar Rivzi, Cosmo, Geert Sermon, Jolyon Green, Salvatore Principato, Rocky, Nikki Lucas, Murray Richardson, Rhythm Dr, Tim Sweeney, DJ Lexx, James Swayzak Taylor, Chris Todd and last, and more importantly, the DJhistory forum.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Disco Files by Vince Aletti

Well, after a lot of faffing about over the past year, we're (we being DJHistory, natch) on the finishing straits for our first book, Vince Aletti's The Disco Files. It's a collection of writing, interviews and discussions and also contains all his record reviews for Record World from 1974-1978. It's a 500 page blockbuster and we're pretty pleased with it.

We've made a nifty PDF that you can download here and check out the book. We'll be taking pre-orders for it shortly. More details to follow.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

DJHistory Podcast

Yeah, I know what I said and I'm as embarrassed as you probably are. I always solemnly swear to update this regularly and then life intervenes. Anyhow, in place of my regular show on the Ministry of Sound, we've started transmitting good vibes from DJHistory Towers. You can subscribe to our weekly podcast here. Or there: djhistorycoms Podcast

Best, Bill