Friday, 11 December 2009

DJ History Podcast #44: FURTIVE 50 Rundown

Rule number one: never do a podcast the night after a Christmas party. Ouchy.

Twas the Low Life/DJH Xmas party last night at the Horse & Groom and we had our inaugural Pop-Up Record Fair which went pretty well. I did promise myself that I would not buy any records since it's near Christmas and it might mean the kids don't eat or have presents if I do, but frankly it's like leaving an alcoholic in charge of pub and I ended up buying a few bits of Danny from Psychemagick and Chris Galloway. Oh. Dear.

Anyhow, today's show is the firast of two parts dedicated to the Furtive 50 chart countdown.

These are the tracks we played and below that is a full rundown from 50-11.
MEANDERTHALS - Kunst Or Ars (Smalltown Supersound)
SOCIAL DISCO CLUB & MAIA - The Way You Move (Bear Funk)
NACHO PATROL -Futuristic Abbis Abeba (Kindred Spirits)
HUNEE - Rare Silk (W.T.)
FLOATING POINTS - Vacuum Boogie (Eglo)
 JOKER - Digidesign (Hyperdub)
AMADOU & MARIAM - Ce N'est Pas Bon (Bullion remix)
ZARRYLADE - Eyes Above Your Head PART II (Leo Zero Mix) (Zarry)
DEN HAAN - Release The Beast (Optimo)
EMPIRE OF THE SUN - We Are The People (Virgin)

Furtive 50 Rundown >>
11.    Pepe Bradock – The Path of Most Resistance (Atavisme)
12.    Azari & III – (Reckless) With Your Love (Permanent Vacation)
13.    Rocha – Hands of Love (International Feel)
14.    The Invisible – London Girl (Accidental)
15.    House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (HOH)
16.    Precious System – The Voice From Planet Love (Running Back)
17.    Soft Rocks – Leave Your Earth Behind (Redux)
18.    Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie (Eglo)
19.    They Came From The Stars I Saw Them – Moon Song (This Is Not An Exit)
20.    Hunee – Rare Silk (WT)
21.    Marcellus Pittman – If The Earth Could Talk (Unirhythm)
22.    Naum Gabo – Volgograd (Eskimo)
23.    Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Virgin)
24.    Den Haan – Release The Beast (Optimo)
25.     Bottin – No Static (Italians Do It Better)
26.    Zarrylade – Eyes Above Your Head (Zarry)
27.    Levon Vincent – Six Figures (Novel Sound)
28.    Joker – Digidesign (Hyperdub)
29.    Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Mix) (Bpitch Control)
30.    LeoZero – Bon Bon (Glory’s)
31.    Nacho Patrol – Futuristic Addis Abeba (Kindred Spirits)
32.    Jonathan Jeremiah – Happiness (Island)
33.    Parallel Dance Ensemble – Turtle Pizza Cadillacs (Ism)
34.    Rogue Cat – Magic Journey (Todd Terje Mix) (Tiny Sticks)
35.    Peter Kruder – Law of Return (Macro)
36.    Discosession – TV Scene (Crue-L)
37.    Amadou & Miriam – Ce N’Est Pas Bon (Bullion Mix) (Because)
38.    Mudd & Ahmed Fakroun – Drago (Claremont 56)
39.    Leif – Designed With That In Mind (Fear Of Flying)
40.    Social Disco Club & Maia – The Way You Move (Bear Funk)
41.    Don Froth – Foam (Froth’n)
42.    Animal Collective – My Girls (Domino)
43.    Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill (Arista)
44.    Omar S – Still Serious Nic (FXHE)
45.    Meanderthals – Kunst Or Ars (Smalltown Supersound)
46.    Tapesh – Brighter Day (Rebirth)
47.    Destroyer – Bay of Pigs (Merge)
48.    Altair Nouveau – Space Fortress (Solardisco)
49.    Woolfy vs Projections – Neeve (Permanent Vacation)
50.    Mudd – 54b (Claremont 56)


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this pod isnt casting.

Andrew Jefferson said...

it is now

LOW LIFE said...
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LOW LIFE said...

Yeah sorry about that, for some reason the first version didn't work and then I was out of the country over the weekend and couldn't re-up before last night.

Oliver said...

Heeeey, where is the tracklist for #45 :(