Monday, 28 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #104

No gigs last weekend, so an enjoyable few days hanging out with the kids at the Natural History Museum ("will the dinosaur bite me?") and getting pissed on trying to walk in the country. Thanks rain. This week's show has the usual food groups one might expect, including another track from the Space Invadas album on BBE. It's a mixed bag, really, this album: the funk tribute stuff appealing to me much less than the future soul side of things. Also a must is the new Ewan Pearson mix on Footprintz which is really great.

TJ KONG & NUNO DOS SANTOS - Once Upon A Rhyme ft Jemeni (jozif Remix) (Compost Black Label)
NOZE - Cera Una Volta (Get Physical)
ROYKSOPP - Forsaken Cowboy (WOS)
SNUFF CREW - Winter In June (Dance Disorder Remix)
FOOTPRINTZ - Utopia (Ewan Pearson's The Legend of Bolo Brown Re-Trip) (Visionquest)
LOU COURTNEY - What Do You Want Me To Do (Harmless) (taken from Mellow Mellow)
DACO - Drip Dry (Yam Who? Mix) (Paper)
DJ T FT. JAMES TEEJ - Sense (Get Physical)
GALA DROP - Drop (MOS)(taken from Underground Disco)

Friday, 25 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #102

Yeah ok, I'm officially a nerk. I lost this one somewhere and just managed to find it here. Anyhow, it's a good one. I know I always say that but it really is, it's some ace stuff from compilations, some new singles and even an old tune I'd just burnt to my laptop that morning (it was still smoking when I played it).

FLASHMAN - The Quisling (Impotent Fury)
GALA DROP - Drop (MOS) (Taken from Underground Disco)
DIRTBOMBS - Sharevari (Original Dirtbombs Version) (Scion Audio)
FIRST CHOICE - The Player (John Morales Mix) (BBE) (Taken from M&M Mixes Vol II)
KEVIN IRVING - Children Of The Night (Disco Bloodbath Re-Edit) (Harmless/DJhistory)
HOLY GHOST! - Some Children (DFA)
SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER - Transatlantic Landing Bay (MOS) (Taken from Underground Disco)
HAUSCHKA - Ping (Fatcat)
KCC FT. EMILE - Groove Thing (Pucci Mix) (Azuli)

DJ History Podcast #103

Er, we seem to have missed a show somehow. Not sure how that happened, but I've got a spaniel on the job sniffing out clues.

Here's the tracklist for show #103:
DJ T FT. NICK MAURER - Burning (Get Physical)
FRED EVERYTHING & 20FOR7 - Friday (Crazy P Mix) (Lazy Days)
AARON NEVILLE - Hercules (Harmless)
SPACE INVADAS - Give Me The Love (BBE)
HOLLAND & DOZIER - Why Can't We Be Lovers (Harmless)
JAMES CURD - Open Up Your Mind (Permanent Vacation)
EBO TAYLOR - Heaven (Strut)
VAUGHAN MASON - Jammin' Big Guitar (Harmless)
HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR - It's Alright (Moshi Moshi)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #101

Tracklist for this week's show:

COMBO - Country Girl (Solardisco)
JOSE CARRETAS - Guerrero (Restless Soul)
BLEEP DISTRICT - Secret Disciples (Ornate)
REVERSO 68 - Earthy Powers
MADDSLINKY - Further Away (Funk Butcher Remix) (Tru Thoughts)
SON OF SAM - Nature Makes A Mistake (Âme Remix) (Running Back)
GATTO FRITTO - Solar Flares Burn For You (IFEEL)
MUNK - Keep My Secret (Gomma)
FREAKS & 012 - Conscious Of My Conscience (Rebirth)
JOHN BARRY - Teasing The Korean

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #100

Woo. We're 100 podcasts old. We were fully expecting a telegram from the Queen, but came there nothing. Honestly, the least we could've expected was a phone call from Big Phil moaning about all them foreigners we play on the show.

Anyhow, we thought we'd play some of our favourite tracks from the past two years, including some stuff from compilations we liked that have been released since January 2009. Here they are.

SOFT ROCKS - Leave Your Earth Behind
D. EDWARDSON, S. SELL - Cutting The Funk
JOHN DALY - This Is A Lonely Beat
NAUM GABO -Volgograd
TELE MUSIC - Baby's Band (LeoZero Edit)
ZWICKER -Oddity (Pilooski Remix)
THE XX - VCR (Matthew Dear Mix) (XL)
MOCK & TOOF - Lovehearts (Tiny Sticks)
IFEEL STUDIO - The Coptic Sun
HOLY GHOST! - Static On The Wire (DFA)