Friday, 30 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #38

Busy, busy this week. Half term, Low Life, playing in Dublin tonight, it's all go on Planet DJH.

New Friday, new podcast. Tracklist here. Over and, indeed, out.

1. JOY MACHINE - Novak (CD-R)
2. VIRGIL HOWE - Someday (3 Bar Fire)
3. GICHY DAN - On A Day Like This (Hey Theo edit by Todd Terje) (Strut)
4. ELEMENTAL - DeepChord (Runtime)
5. ROBBIE WILLIAMS - Bodies (Aeroplane Mix) (EMI)
6. ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ - About This Love (Crazy P Remix - Vocal)
7. KASABIAN - Underdog (Sasha Mix) (Columbia)
8. SyMptoMs - Pissing In Sinks (Mordant Music)
9. MAGNUS INTERNATIONAL - Goober (Marius Circus Remix) (Full Pupp)
10. WOLFMOTHER - New Moon Rising (Fontan Mix) (Modular)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Boy's Own launch party: LIVE recordings

Well, the Boy's Own book is now out on the streets and busily menacing small children for their pocket money at the school gates. You can buy it here >>

To celebrate the book publication we had yet another party in one of our fave record stores Pure Groove with a great line-up of DJs: Milo, Terry Farley, Pete Heller, Plug, Stripey and Rocky. Milo kindly recorded it and he;s also hosting it on his own excellent blog, but we thought we'd edit it down to three parts and make it available here.

Part One >>
Part Two >>
Part Three >>

Friday, 23 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #37

Here's the tracklisting for this week's show.

AKABU - Sax My Bitch Up (Joey Negro Club Mix) (Zedd)
CLASS ACTION - Weekend (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (BBE)
BEAT PHARMACY - Ghostship (Deadbeat Mix) (Wave)
SHACKLETON - (No More) Negative Thoughts (Perlon)
RADIOHEAD - Reckoner (Jonny Miller Remix)
LIL TONY - Employee Only (Running Back)
ULYSSES - Latin Combo (Wurst)
SPACE - Prison (D-Pulse Remix) (Nang Records)

Monday, 19 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #36

Another week, another show. Check out these puppies. 

HAWKE - These Combinations Have Not Been Heard Before (Eighth Dimension)
COLOURING IN - Intergalactic Romance (Radio Edit) (PITS)
WALTER JONES - I Am Loved (Permanent Vacation)
MAGIC DRUM ORCHESTRA - Ragga Samba (Lion Head)
DENNIS FERRER - Hey Hey! (Objectivity)
SHACKLETON - Mountains Of Ashes (Perlon)
ABE DUQUE FT BLAKE BAXTER - What Happened? (Abe's Original Mix) (Process)
JAY SHEPHEARD - Year To The Day (TJ Kong And Nuno Dos Santos Remix)
GRIPPER - Zombie (Crowhead Mix) (Atic)
20TH CENTURY STEEL BAND - We've Got To Work Together (Mr Bongo)

Monday, 12 October 2009

DJH presents.... The Original Mods

DJHistory presents... The Original Mods
Horse & Groom, 26 Curtain Road, London, EC2
Thursday November 12th, 8.30pm
Entry FREE
They were the original working class rebels, post-war Britain's first dandies. The mods (derived from 'modernists') had their roots in the 1950s and, arguably, grew out of the coffee bar beatnik scene driven by a significant Jewish cadre. The mods of public infamy came later, and were more associated with ska, soul, parkas, scooters and scrapping in Brighton. We'll be discussing their origins, the fashions, the music and where it all went wrong (and right).

To help us discover more about the mods, we've drafted in a stellar cast of dandies to help us sift through the crap to get to the truth and hopefully get a few tips on how many buttons our suit should possess on the way.

Paul Gorman, author of the brilliant book, The Look, will be hosting the panel (he also runs the fantastic Rock Pop Fashion blog).

Jeff Dexter was a south-London mod before most, was banned from the Lyceum for doing the Twist and became one of Lonndon's most celebrated DJs at Tiles and, later, Middle Earth. He's the nattiest dresser we know.

Lloyd Johnson worked in the rag trade for decades at places like Cecil Gee before opening his own shops, Johnsons, in Kensington Market and Kings Road. There are few who know more about street fashion than Lloyd.

Mickey Modern was reputed to be the first mod in south London and is still more stylish than the rest of Southwark put together.

There will be a discussion, followed by questions from the audience, followed by vigorous dancing to the finest the 60s had to offer. Alcoholic refreshments will be on hand to aid the evening's entertainments.

Downstairs we have our residents to help us through the night:
Jonny 5
Benoit and Namedrop

Friday, 9 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #35

This week's podcast tracklisting is brought you with a nice sleep-deprived hangover after last night's inaugural DJHistory quiz, which was won by Dissident, who just pipped Future Flash to the post. Apparently the questions were really bloody hard (who knew?). Next time we'll make it a bit more gettable.

Anyhow, here's the tracklist for this week's show.
1. DJ YELLOW - Mindz Theme (Freerange)
2. RIVER OCEAN FT INDIA - Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun) (Junior Boys Own Super Dub)
3. SOFT ROCKS - Leave Your Earth Behind
4. LUCKY ELEPHANT - Reverend Tilsley & His Magic Lantern (Sunday Best)
5. KIDDA - Doo Whot (Parker Mix)
6. DAN GHENACIA & DJEBALI - Eightball Deluxe (Freak N Chic)
7. SIMPLE MINDS - League Of Nations (Balearic Biscuits 3)
8. RAYKO - Transfer (endless melody edit)
9. GENE CHANDLER - I'll Make The Living (If You'll Make The Loving)
10. THE EELS - That Look You Give That Guy

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

DJ Flicks: Brighton, Fri Oct 23rd

DJ FLICKS is a simple idea: watch great dance music documentaries, then dance the night away as legendary DJs recreate the era you’ve just seen on screen. After a series at London’s Curzon Soho we have a one-off in Brighton on Oct 23rd.

The theme is acid house so we’re screening two powerful films about the rave movement, followed by a night of unforgettable Balearic music from Rocky of X-Press 2, one of the original DJs on the scene, and Neville Watson who makes great acid-influenced music as Midnight Steppers, and who has just co-produced an amazing book of photography by his brother Gavin.

We’re screening Summer of Rave, one of the best documentaries made about the crazy rave year of 1989, followed by High On Hope, a great film by Piers Sanderson detailing the excitement of the Blackburn raves, infamous parties which drew thousands of people from all over the north, and which met with far more brutal opposition from the police than anything down south. We are also privileged to have a sneak preview of clips from Gordon Mason’s forthcoming house history, They Call It Acid.


Right after the films, Rocky (X-Press 2) will recreate the wonderfully eclectic Balearic vibes of the early years of acid house, followed by Midnight Steppers’ Neville Watson, currently making the best acid-influenced music around.

On the walls will be some fantastic images from Gavin Watson’s forthcoming book, Raving ’89. If you were at any of the acid parties they’ll give you goose-bumps; if you missed them they’re the closest you’ll get.

To kick off the night Neville & Gavin Watson and Rocky will talk to Bill Brewster about the heady days of 1989 and after.

FRIDAY OCT 23, 6.30pm-2am (doors open 6.30; films start 7.30)
£12/£10 NUS
Over 18s only

The Old Market, Upper Market St, Hove (off Western Rd)
The Old Market >>
Ticketweb >>

To win free tickets and become a fan of original nightlife go to:
Facebook >>
For more information, images and witty conversation, talk to Frank on 07958 595128
or email

Friday, 2 October 2009

Disco Discharge

Ok, so we've been playing tracks from Disco Discharge compilation series over the past month or so and the label have given us permission to blog one of the tracks. you can download it below. There are four CDs in the series and we've also just run a competition to win all four (a deluge of entries arrived in our metaphorical postbag). We'll be announcing the winner shortly.


DJ History Podcast #34

Blimey what a busy week that was and, in fact, still is. Trying to finish sleevenotes for an excellent new Strut compilation called Zevolution (I'll be playing tracks from it over the next few weeks or so), while getting two parties ready for next week, our Disco Files launch in NYC (see below) and the DJhistory night at the Horse & Groom next Thursday. Still trying to get a things finished so I can clear off to Bristol tonight to DJ at Freejive at Dojo tonight. Anyhow, here's the tracklisting for this week's show. That Zwicker is TOTALLY AMAZING. A must-buy.

1. ROLAND APPEL - SchooldayZ (Compost Black)
2. HUMAN EGG - Onomatopaeia (B-Music)
3. BE. - All The Thrills (Wolf)
4. ZWICKER -Oddity (Pilooski Remix)
5. MIDTOWN COMMITTEE - I Cant Believe It's True (CD-R)
6. DUCKBEATS - Repeat Prescription (PPF)
7. ICHISAN & NAKOVA - Pionir (Nang Records)
8. CELESTIAL - Shake Up
9. HERMAN'S ROCKET - Space Woman (B-Music)
10. THE REVENGE  - Curtis (Wolf)