Tuesday, 9 September 2008

New mix

I've just done a new mix, the first one for a long time (call it laziness or just call it not-enough-time-when-you've-got-two-little-kids...)

Anyhow, the good folks over at the Love Unlimited are hosting it.

The mix is here.

Big licks.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Now That‘s What I Call Balearic

Ooh, forgot. Our old mucker and fellow Low Life resident Jolyon Green has recently sacked his long-running (and excellent) Myspace blog in favour of a new location.

Go check it out here. Mind the poodle hair.

It’s a Mystery...

As that venerable thinker Toyah once sang....

Don't know if you're familiar with the DJHistory Mystery Mix series, but they've been running now for well over four years. Each month a different DJ selects a load of tuneage and the members of the forum, that bearded band of renegades, have try and guess the tracks. Anyhow, there were so many it was getting unwieldy so we decided to start again.

Someone (thanks John!) kindly stepped in to offer his services to musical appreciation with a dedicated site for all the old mixes: Mystery Mix.

Download to your heart's content.