Friday, 28 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #66

Last week it was shorts and barbeques, this week it's back to the dufflecoats and umbrellas. I love the British weather.

Anyhow, we've got some proper scorchers in the show this week, including new singles from Aeroplane (a bit cod reggae, can't make my mind up about it) and Andy Bell of Erasure (surprisingly ace).

HOTEL MOTEL - Donna Nook (CD-R)
ALLEZ-ALLEZ - Hideous Racket (Rvng Intl)
CHRISTOPHE - Make A Mark (Lukas Family Affair Mix) (Redux)
AZARI & III - Reckless With Your Love (Neville Watson Mix)
LOPEZ - Zapping (Keep Up)
ANDY BELL - Call On Me (Vince Clarke Mix) (Mute)
TJ KONG & NUNO DOS SANTOS FT. ROBERT OWENS - Where Were You (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) (Compost)
AEROPLANE - We Can't Fly (Extended Drums Mix) (PIAS)
EDDIE KENDRICKS - He's A Friend (Dimitri from Paris Super Disco Blend) (BBE)

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Friday, 21 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #65

Hello campers. Well, in between furiously putting the latest podcast together, I've been sneakily looking on eBay for a barbeque grill to make the most of what will probably turn out to be the only good weekend of the summer (such is life in the UK). I've fired up the paddling pool (I"m on a promise to my daughter) and in between that I've been pumping out some brilliant stuff I've been sent and bought recently.

Here's the chart:

HOTEL MOTEL - Chocolate City (CD-R)
MUSHROOMS PROJECT - Tropikal Mushrooms (Phoreski Mix) (Under The Shade)
BANDA LOS HIJOS DE NINA LUZ - Dejala Corre (Soundway)
JOY DIVISION - Disorder (Factory)
EVERYTHING EVERYTHING -Schoolin' (Leo Zero Wigwam Mix)
HOLY GHOST - Static On The Wire (DFA)
GERALDO PINO - African Hustle (Academy)
X-PRESS 2 - Down the Whole (Shorter Club Version) (Skint)
ROCHA - Feel the Love (International Feel)

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TONIGHT! Secret Weapons hottery

Leo Zero

Bill Brewster
John Morales
James Priestley
Jonny 5
Namedrop & Benoit
Dave Rose
Itchysoul DJs

Come and dance to hot remixer du jour Leo Zero and John Morales, one of the true disco legends of New York, alongside a plethora of ace residents and James Priestley of Secretsundaze infamy.

FREE before 11pm. £4 after.

Harrods-style events for Lidl prices!

Horse & Groom, Curtain Road, East End, That London.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

BOOK Sale, Baby!

We're clearing out the warehouse to make way for more paper matter, in the form of Frank and Bill's ace new book, The Record Players (out in August, but available on in July). All stock reduced (and cheaper than Amazon!).

We've also got a slew of new books forthcoming, including Catch The Beat, The Best of Soul Underground 1987-91; Rewind! An Oral History of Reggae; Disco Downtown, another brilliant disco book from the producers of The Disco Files and several other titles imminent.

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #64

Oi oi. Me again. Loads of new stuff this week, as always. Check it out here.

FAZE ACTION - Tattoo Man (Special Disco Mix) (FAR)
∂60 - Love Theme
ART BLEEK - The Real Thing (Sharivari Records)
DATABOY 78 - Tuesday (Lexx Remix)
MOCK & TOOF - Lovehearts (CD-R)
HOT LUNCH - Every Woman (PPF)
KING DJ - Clothes & Counters (Bear Funk )
RUNAWAY - Broken Man (On The Prowl)
SHE - Domina (Killer Whale Vocal) (Out Hear)
LEFTSIDE WOBBLE & GUY WILLIAMS - Pocket Angel (Autodiscotheque)

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Friday, 7 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #63

Diamond Dave's nearly got his grubby mitts on the steering wheel, George Osborne smug face is going to be all over the place. It's all gone horribly Pete Tong, innit?

Here's some music to soothe the soul. Or at least make you forget which country we live in (if you are, indeed, in the UK) for a few minutes.

DOLPHIN BOY - Don't Stop (Rebirth)
MICKEY MOONLIGHT - Pelu Tolo (Ed Banger/Because)
WGANDA KENYA - El Lobo (Soundway)
SKWERL - Liron (International Deejay Gigolo)
BOOGALOO ZOO - Found It (Lovemonk)
OST & KJEX - Cajun Lunch (Dynamic)
M A N I K - Fable (Four Twenty)
MOCK & TOOF - Move Along (CD-R)
LA TROMBA - Calaba Calabao (Soundway)
BRIAN FERRY - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Island)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #62

Yes I know this is several days late, but we've been slaving over a hot book while you lot have been sunning yourselves in the sub-Saharan conditions Great Britain has been enjoying over the bank holiday weekend. Working all over the weekend, putting the finishing touches to a book Frank and I have been putting together (a collection of our interviews, more news to follow).

Anyhow, this is the tracklist for the last podcast.

DISKJOKKE - 1987 (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (Full Pupp)
MOCK & TOOF - From Kashima (CD-R)
LAUER -  Delta NRG (Mock & Toof remix) (Permanent Vacation)
SALVADOR SANTANA - Don't Do It (DarkStarr Remix) (CD-R)
COYOTE - Moving (Still Going Remix) (International Feel)
TUPPY CLARKE - Night Till Day (Mitch Davis Remix) (Electric Sheep)
MOCK & TOOF - Shoeshine Boogie (CD-R)
PRINS THOMAS - Kukkelure (Full Pupp)
FINISHING TOUCH - Don't Put Me Down (Harmless)