Friday, 13 February 2009

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Done under heavy manners. Last night we did our monthly Secret Weapons shindig in The Horse & Groom in Shoreditch with Prins Thomas (over for Low Life on Saturday), Jonny 5, me and a bunch of others. Chivas Regal and Old Speckled Hen ensued. Chatting with loads of fellow DJs who came down to hang out (including Rhythm Dr among the hordes who stopped by on the way back from mastering his old Mama catalogue for a swift pint). Anyhow, after that I got home at 2.45am and was greeted with my son in our bed having woken up an hour before screaming. He then spent the rest of the night keeping both us awake, the little mite. Argh. Sleep deprivation is being held at bay by large doses of disco and strong tea. Proper drugs may be required later in the day...

Tracklisting for show:
London Heavy Disco Revue - Remember
Little Walter Collective - A Conversation We Had A Long time Ago
Patrick Di Stefano - Just For Play (Mazi Dub)
Hakan Lidbo - The Ghetto Blaster
Boxsaga - Zen & The Art of Deadlines
Street Corner Symphony - Memories of Aphrodite (Chicken Lips Mix)
Fug - Ready For Us
Telemusic - Life & Fun (Foolish Felix Mix)
Soiree - Zim Zim Zar Zar

Over and out.

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