Monday, 12 October 2009

DJH presents.... The Original Mods

DJHistory presents... The Original Mods
Horse & Groom, 26 Curtain Road, London, EC2
Thursday November 12th, 8.30pm
Entry FREE
They were the original working class rebels, post-war Britain's first dandies. The mods (derived from 'modernists') had their roots in the 1950s and, arguably, grew out of the coffee bar beatnik scene driven by a significant Jewish cadre. The mods of public infamy came later, and were more associated with ska, soul, parkas, scooters and scrapping in Brighton. We'll be discussing their origins, the fashions, the music and where it all went wrong (and right).

To help us discover more about the mods, we've drafted in a stellar cast of dandies to help us sift through the crap to get to the truth and hopefully get a few tips on how many buttons our suit should possess on the way.

Paul Gorman, author of the brilliant book, The Look, will be hosting the panel (he also runs the fantastic Rock Pop Fashion blog).

Jeff Dexter was a south-London mod before most, was banned from the Lyceum for doing the Twist and became one of Lonndon's most celebrated DJs at Tiles and, later, Middle Earth. He's the nattiest dresser we know.

Lloyd Johnson worked in the rag trade for decades at places like Cecil Gee before opening his own shops, Johnsons, in Kensington Market and Kings Road. There are few who know more about street fashion than Lloyd.

Mickey Modern was reputed to be the first mod in south London and is still more stylish than the rest of Southwark put together.

There will be a discussion, followed by questions from the audience, followed by vigorous dancing to the finest the 60s had to offer. Alcoholic refreshments will be on hand to aid the evening's entertainments.

Downstairs we have our residents to help us through the night:
Jonny 5
Benoit and Namedrop

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