Friday, 16 September 2011

DJ History Podcast #132

We’re back in the groove fo’ sho’. This week’s show comes live and direct from my office, overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s quite a trek getting there in the morning, what with the flights and riding on a goat for a week, but it’s worth it for the view. Dig in, it’s tasty.

MIDNIGHT MAGIC – Drop Me A Line (Permanent Vacation)
MAYA JANE COLES  Nobody Else (Hypercolour)
TOM DE NEEF FT. ROBERT OWENS - I Care (Tiger Stripes Remix)
LOCUSSOLUS - Tan Sedan (Dr Dunks Buick Regal Dub) (IFEEL)
MISS MISTY – Right Size (DJ Red Greg Edit) (Zedd)
THE BARKING GRIZZLE – Detroit Berlin (Jerome Sydenham & Norman Methner Remix)
MARK DE CLIVE-LOWE FT. OMAR & SHEILA E – Get Started (Tru Thoughts)
FANTASTIC MAN – Don't Worry It's Just Me (Wolf Music)

Friday, 9 September 2011

DJ History #131: Nick Ashford Special

ASHFORD & SIMPSON - One More Try (Warner Bros)
MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL - California Soul (Tamla Motown)
RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN - Keep It Comin' (Warner Bros)
ASHFORD & SIMPSON - Don't Cost You Nothing (Warner Bros)
JOE COCKER - Let's Go Get Stoned
ASHFORD & SIMPSON - Street Corner (Warner Bros)
KIKI DEE - I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel (Tamla Motown)
COLLINS & COLLINS - Top Of The Stairs (A&M)
ROBERTA FLACK - Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Steve Silk Hurley Mix) (Atlantic)

DJ History #130

COLE MEDINA – Stay With Cole (Licorice Delight)
ODDISEE FT YU - Still Doing It (Mello Music Group)
MARTYN – Distortions (Brainfeeder)
ZED BIAS FT JENNA G – Fairplay (Tru Thoughts)
JAZZANOVA – I Can See (Moscatello Remix) (Wurst)
PLANNINGTOROCK –The Breaks (Fall On Your Sword Remix) (DFA)
TANNER ROSS – bSide (No 19 Music)
ELKIE BROOKS - Spiritland (A&M)
ASHFORD & SIMPSON – It Seems To Hang On (Warner Bros)

DJ History Podcast #129

Yeah, okay, I said I was behind on the tracklistings but then did nothing to rectify it. Truth is, I lost this tracklisting. Don't know what happened to it. Maybe the dog ate it. Anyhow, I had to listen to the show again to work out what the tracks. Frankly, this is the sort of thing you, the listener, could easily do yourselves, but are probably way too busy reading this week's Grazia or watching Celebrity Mud Wrestling or whatever it is your culture-less poltroons devote your time.

Here you go. Dedicattion (is what you need).

THE PROJECT CLUB - Field Of Dreams (Lexx Remix)
DEEP SPACE ORCHESTRA - Chrome Hand (Boogie Originals)
GRACE JONES - Hurricane Dub (WOS)
DRRTYHAZE - Get Down To Your Body (Tirk)
JAMES JOHNSTONE - Sunshine Stars (Boogie Originals)
MARSHALL JEFFERSON - Move Your Body (Leo Elstob and Terry Farley Remix) (Harmless)
SEPHIROT - Space For My Dreams (Itchy Pig)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DJ History Podcast #128

Hi there. Bit behind with the old tracklistings. It's summer, I've got two ankle-biters mithering me from 7am to 7pm, so I've fallen behind with my musical housekeeping. Forgive me. It's been compensated by the honing of my sandcastle-making skills and being a monster in the park between 10am and midday most days (come down and check it out, it's pretty impressive).

 T.E.E. – Connaissance
 JAMIE BLANCO – Moving Down (Cynic)
DOUG WILLIS – Activated (Dougyoulator Mix) (Zedd)
RONNIE JONES – Me And Myself (Soul Mekanik Edit)
PHREEK PLUS ONE – Sottocosto (Compost black Label)
KON AND THE GANG – Sunlight (dub) (Hands of Time)
BARBARA MASON – Come Back Home (PPF Dub Edit) (PPF)
STARKEY – Craters (Civil Music)


Thursday, 11 August 2011

DJ History Podcast #127

Tracklisting for show #127:

THE RAPTURE – How Deep Is Your Love (Emperor Machine Remix) (DFA)
LITTLE DRAGON – Ritual Union (Maya Jane Coles Remix) (Peacefrog)
TODDLA T WITH ROOTS MANUVA - Watch Me Dance (Ninja Tunes)
THE CLASH – The Magnificent Dub (Leo Zero Edit)
TUCCILLO – Without U (2020)
BETA HECTOR – Payback (Sunbeam Version) (Tru Thoughts)
VAHAGN – Relapse (Original Mix) (Buzzin Fly)
SSO ORCHESTRA – Faded Lady (Leftside-Wobble Edit)

DJ History Podcast #126

Tracklisting for show #126:

AZARI & III – Manic (Loose Lips)
MARK E – Call Me (Dixon Edit) (Merc)
KELPE – Beat Imperial (CD-R)
BETA HECTOR –  Super Bionic (Tru Thoughts)
LUCAS SANTIANA – Super Violao Mashup (Mais Um Discos)
SOUL CLAP – Fried Chicken (No 19 Music)
MUNGOLIAN JETSET – 2010 - A Space Woodysey (Smalltown Supersound)
AMY WINEHOUSE - Tears Dry On Their Own (NYPC Mix) (BB Edit)
SUZANNE KRAFT – Turning (Running Back)

DJ History Podcast #125

Tracklisting for show #125:

MEMBER OF THE CLAP – Trickski & Soul Clap (Permanent Vacation)
RAFFERTIE – Mimetic (Ninja Tune)
HOT PEPPER – Cancion Ritual (BBE)
SATURN NEVER SLEEPS – Lotus (Saturn Never Sleeps)
DUCKBEATS – I Really Do Believe (CD-R)
JON DASILVA FT. DONALD WAUGH – Love Is All We Need (Rush Hour)
QUANTIC Y CONJUNTO – Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight) (Tru Thoughts)

Friday, 29 July 2011

DJ History Podcast #124

The final show presented by Neville Watson. Big up the Nevster!

Ford Inc. - Delirium (Throne of Blood)
Willie Burns - Key Horizon (L.I.E.S.)
Simoncino - All Night (Quintessentials)
Gerd & Elbee Bad - H.O.U.S.E. (Gerd’s 2011 Ruff Dub) (4Lux)
Virgo 4 - It’s a Crime (KiNK & Neville Watson Dub) (Rush Hour)
T.Trax - Splice (Clone Jack For Daze)
Myriadd - A Hazy Memory (Creme Jak)
LHAS Inc. - Dusk Til Dawn (Cynic)
Runaway - Chapter II (Two Dogs in a House Remix) (On The Prowl)
Tyson Ballard - Little Too Much (Voyeurhythm)

DJ History Podcast ##123

Here's the tracklisting for the show presented by Neville Watson.

Chicago Damn - Let’s Submerge (Chicago Damn)
Deep Space Orchestra - Mass Illusion (Tracky Bottoms)
Legowelt - Backwoods Fantasies - (L.I.E.S.)
Massimiliano Pagliara - A Wrong Chance (Tuff City Kids Remix) (Live At Robert Johnson)
Harkin & Rainey - Workin’ And Steamin’ (Throne of Blood)
Apiento - The Orange Place (World Unknown)
Semtek - Pizza (DJ 3000 Remix) (Don’t Be Afraid)
Nicholas - Holdin’ On (Quintessentials)
7 Citizens - Quietus (Praterei)
BFC - Galaxy (Fragile)

Monday, 4 July 2011

DJ History Podcast #122

The last one from me before I clear off on holidays and festival duty. My place will be taken by the ever capable Neville Watson. Have fun. See you in a few weeks.

QUANTIC & HIS COMBO – The Dreaming Mind (Part 1) (Tru Thoughts)
STARKEY – Craters (Civil Music)
DOUG WILLIS – Activated (Dougyoulator Mix) (Zedd)
BEN SUN - Salty Tears (Voyeurhythm)
MARCEL KING – Reach For Love (Strut)
DENIZ KURTEL – Best Of (Dixon Remix) (Crosstown Rebels)
TUCCILLO – Rainbow (2020)
KEVIN MCKAY & PHIL KELSEY - Witness The Deepness (Glasgow Underground)
GENE CHANDLER - I'll Make The Living If You Make The Loving (Strut)

Thursday, 30 June 2011

DJ History Podcast #121

Hello hello I'm back again. Loads of oldies on the show today primarily because I got sent a pair of really nice compilations: Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love (a Mo West comp) and True Soul: Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax. I've played a few of my personal favourites, but there were also some others that I didn't know prior to getting sent the albums, including a really good Frankie Valli song. He really is a mine of hidden gems. 

I'm sure you will also have been taking note of how nicely the Grimsby Town squad is shaping up so far pre-season, too. I bet you're as excited as I am over the signings of Liam Hearn, Shaun Pearson and Anthony Church. Rooney who?

CHIP WICKHAM - Apache (Lovemonk)
TRY TO FIND ME - Needs Ending (Golf Channel)
FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS – You're A Song That I Can't Sing (Mo West/Light In The Attic)
THE RIGHT TRACK – Gotta Move With The Groove (Stax)
BLACKBEARD - Friends In Lo Places (KAT)
SUZEE IKEDA – I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel (Mo West/Light In The Attic)
LEADERS – It's A Rat Race (Stax)
BLOOD ORANGE - Toshito (In Flagranti Remix) (Domino)
ODYSSEY – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love (Mo West/Light In The Attic)

Friday, 24 June 2011

DJ History Podcast #120

Well last week was a sad one with the news that Kenny Hawkes, an old friend, had died. We knew he'd been ill for sometime, but it's still always a shock when it happens, especially to someone so young (he was 43).  So this show was dedicated to him and we played a song he'd remixed with David Parr ages ago but never came out. I've been told by reliable sources that it will be released shortly, to coincide with Kenny's birthday in July. If you don't know it, listen to the show, it's properly amazing.

I was lucky enough to play with Kenny at both Space and Fridays R Firin', the two nights that made his name in London and the the thing I remember most (apart from his impeccable taste in music) is how fucking funny he was and just how bloody loud he had the monitors on when he was DJing. You'll be missed, mate.

DJ PHONO – La Rencontre (Dynamic)
MOUNT KIMBIE – Carbonated (Hotflush)
SOUTH WEST SEVEN – What We Do (Autodeep Mix) (Seven Music)
TEELOO – Sooo oooH (No 19 Music)
THE UNITS – Bug Boy (The Sneekers Mix) (Opilec Music)
LITTLE DRAGON – Brush The Heat (Peacefrog)
OMAR –  Gimme Sum (Rap Version) (Tru Thoughts) 
KENNY HAWKES DAVID PARR - Green Grass (Vocal Mix)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

DJ History Podcast #119

There are some proper corkers on this show. I don't know if it's just me living in my own little fantasy-land out here in the burbsville, but this year has been really good for albums. There's scarcely a week passes without an album arriving that's genuinely dead good. It might only be a compilation, but more often than not, it's an original album. In the past few weeks I've had the Junior Boys album (track included on this show) and the Omar album (ditto). I do love Omar, I think he's the most seriously underrated songwriter in the UK and I'm perplexed that he's not more venerated, though very happy to see he's landed on a label that will be sympathetic and supportive of his music.

Also on this show is Edward's 'Naxa'. Now I don't normally single out things for praise too mich because it makes the rest of the music on the show sound like makeweights which is indubitably not the case. However, 'Naxa' is absolutely ace. And it uses the drum loop from Shriekback's 'My Spine Is The Bassline'. Win, win, innit?

BENOIT & SERGIO – Around The World Cover (Double Standard)
OMAR – Kiss It Right (Tru Thoughts)
EDWARD – Naxa (Merc)
IFEEL STUDIO - Morgengruss III (IFeel)
JUNIOR BOYS – The Reservoir (Domino)
CHICAGO DAMN – Let's Submerge (Merc)
LUCKY PAUL FT. MILOSH – Thought We Were Alone (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold Mix) (Wolf + Lamb)
RUDY'S MIDNIGHT MACHINE – Ecstatic Love Glow (Retrofit)
LITTLE DRAGON – Crystalfilm (Peacefrog)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

DJ History Podcast #118: Gil Scott Heron

We left normal transmission for a special show dedicated to the music of Gil Scott Heron last week.

I first discovered his music on a Jive Wire NME cassette (you had to save vouchers and send away for it). In fact, I discovered a lot of incredible artists on those first few NME tapes: Robert Wyatt, James Blood Ulmer, David Gamson, Ornette Coleman, King Sunny Ade, Liaisons Dangereuses... The list goes on. I bet you don't get music like that covered in the NME now. In fact, I know you don't get music like that covered in the NME now. I weep for you teenagers, with your bereft lives of instant access to all the music in the world at your fingertips in a second.

Anyhow, I digress. Gil Scott Heron. Blew me away when I heard B-Movie. I was just discovering serious black music and also training to be a Trotskyist revolutionary and Gil's music hit me right between the lugholes fair and square. He was funny, satirical, biting and - ye Gods - funky. (The Redskins did their best, God bless, but in comparison they sounded like the Black Dyke Mills Band trying to make James Brown records.)

So I went out and bought the album that contained B-Movie, Reflections, and then worked my way back through the catalogue. Amazingly, a lot of his records were available as cutouts, which presumably meant they did not sell terribly well. He was probably bigger in the UK than his home country. Bought half his catalogue at knockdown prices from Selectadisc's cutout shop.

I also went to see him play three times, the first time in Nottingham in about 1982 (promoting Moving Target). I think it was at the Marcus Garvey Centre, but it could equally have been in Rock City. Anyone remember? Anyhow. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Like a funky Michael Moore (it takes a lot of squinting to imagine that). Great band, amazing songs, switching from the ballads to the funk and never forgetting the talking in between the songs, which was almost as entertaining as the music itself. I saw him twice more subsequently, the last time at the Jazz Cafe in about 1994 and the gigs got progressively worse. The last one was a bit of shocker, although mildly amusing for the presence of Jay Kay from Jamiroquai prancing up and down like a pixie with a pencil stuck up its arse. Gil was terrible. He hadn't made a good record - or ANY record - for a long time and he was a bit of a state.

I was made up when he made his comeback last year. Personally, I thought the album was a bit overhyped and overrated, but I was so pleased he was at least making music and being creative again. So it's such a damn shame that he's gone, thought that's what happens when you get involved in all that shit, innit, Gil?

You were great and we loved you. And your demons showed you were human. And your dad played for Kidderminster Harriers. How fucking cool is that?


GIL SCOTT-HERON – Home Is Where The Hatred Is
GIL SCOTT-HERON – Lady Day & John Coltrane
GIL SCOTT-HERON – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
GIL SCOTT-HERON – Your Daddy Loves You
GIL SCOTT-HERON – Johannesburg

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

DJ History Podcast #117

Fantastic weekend, just gone. Not just because of the bank holiday (though obviously that helps), but we went to our friend Sam & Rui's wedding which was on a campsite just on the edge of the New Forest. Everyone should get married on a campsite. It's so much more fun than a church (but then, frankly, what isn't?) Hog roasts, kids running wild in a Lord of the Rings style (one of them ended up with a broken wrist, falling out of a tree). Adventures, adventures. It was great.

As is this week's show. I know I always say that but it's darn well true.

PATTI JO - Ain't No Love Lost (Leftside Wobble Edit)
OMEGAMAN – Skankin Riddim (AGFA Remix) (Super Hi Fi)
WILD BEASTS - Reach A Bit Further (Domino)
CRYSTAL FIGHTERS – Plage (Compuphonic Remix) (WOS)
PENGUIN PRISON – Mulit Millionaire (Neville Watson Remix) (WOS)
BRIAN ENO – Imagine New Times (Warp)
DEGO FT. OBENEWA – Love & Hate You (2000 Black)
TENSNAKE – Something About You (Mirau)

Friday, 27 May 2011

DJ History Podcast #116

Psst: tracklist for last week's show. It's dead good. Tell your mum.

STEVE MASON & DENNIS BOVELL – Lost In Dub (Double Six)
SPACE RANGER - Plastic Romance (MCDE Mix) (Lovemonk)
GALACTICA - Out Of City (Emperor Machine Mix) (Lipservice)
ABYSS - Birdsong (Flowers & Sea Creatures Remix) (Buzzin Fly)
GECKO TURNER – You Can't Own Me (Mudd's 56 Remix) (Lovemonk)
JAZZY EYEWEAR - The Renaissance (Toomy Disco Mix) (Umalu)
KEN LOCKIE - Ultraman (Nang)
TEDD PATTERSON - Grooveline (Get Up)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

DJ History Podcast #115

Blimey, it's all go.

Maybe it's necessary, I don't know, but I'm really properly hating the "This is a promotional copy" robot voice that seems to blight every CD I get sent these days, especially albums. Firstly, it really destroys the listening experience. (Can you imagine, say, The Beatles' Revolver being sent out to eager reviewers only for "this is a promotional copy" to be plonked on the top of 'Tomorrow Never Knows'?) Frankly, it puts me off my stroke. And, also, as a minor cog in the world of music broadcasting, it renders all of these said CDs absolutely useless to me, since I can't play any of the tracks I've been sent due to said robot. Also, most of these tracks are already floating about on the ether long before any hacks or DJs ever get their hands on the files.

LOVEBIRDS FT STEE DOWNES - Want You In My Soul (Hot Toddy remix) (Winding Road)
CHARLES WEBSTER FT DIVINITI - Learning To Love Me (P's Deep Rebooted Dub) (Miso)
MIRROR PEOPLE – Reaction! (Hands Of Time)
SOCIAL DISCO CLUB & RED D FT. METROBOX - We Made This Jack (We Play House)
HOTEL MOTEL – Donna Nook (John Daly Remix) (UTS)
OWINY SIGOMA BAND - Wires (Lexx Edit)
MR SCRUFF – Wobble Control (Ninja Tunes)
GIL SCOTT HERON V JAMIE XX - I'll Take Care Of You (Nirobi Edit) (XL)
MITZI - All I Heard (Bonar Bradberry Remix)

DJ History Podcast #114

Tracklist for podcast broadcast on May 6th is here.

JUREK PRZEZDZIECKI – My Left Side Is Yours (Definition)
YSE FT FRANK CARTER III - Guessing Games (Rhythm Plate Loose Dub) (LMD)
PROVIANT AUDIO – Slutten Pa Alt (Ralph Myerz Mix) (Paper)
JAMIE BLANCO - 11.06 (Russell Club)
SIMON BAKER - No Pressure (Art Department Remix) (2020)
THE OFF KEY HAT - Super Sound Single (Ism)
THE FLOWERPOT MEN - Jo's So Mean To Josephine (YearZero)
OHIO PLAYERS – Pride and Vanity (Johnny Miller Re-Edit)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Moody Remix Competition

No, silly, not moody as in miserable. We mean Moody as in the ace Sessomatto cover version of the ESG classic. We've got the parts down below (ooh-err). All you need to do is download them, and get cracking. The winner will see his or her mix appearing on a future Zedd Records release (as well as being on sale in the DJhistory Download store) and will also receive a personal lapdance* from label boss Dave Lee.

Closing date for the competition is Thursday, June 30th.

Download parts here >

Please send all entries to our Dropbox here:
Send us your sounds

* Subject to availability.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

DJ History Podcast #113

We survived the Royal Wedding, but sadly Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, didn't. We pay tribute to her in this week's show, alongside the usual will-be smashes. Tune in, turn on, drop off.

ROBERT OWENS – Hearts Soul (Christo Disco Rinse Remix) (Compost Black Label)
PAIR OF DIRTY SHOES - Say That (Sowat Music)
X-RAY SPEX – Germ Free Adolescents (EMI)
GRACEFUL EXIT - Revolve Disco (DFA)
BJØRN TORSKE - Langt Fra Afrika (Todd Terje Mix) (Smalltown Supersound)
JOHNNY CRUZ – Street Disco (My Favourite Robot)
OMAR - It's So (Zed Bias Mix) (Tru Thoughts)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

DJ History Podcast #112

This one has got some wowsers in it. That Soul Jazz compilation, for starters, is dead good (Delta Swam Funk, since you're asking) and you can hear two of the tracks on this show. There's also a tune from the new - good - Metronomy album, which reminds me a bit of Phoenix, which is surely never a bad thing in anyone's universe. Apart from Simon Cowell who has probably never heard of either of them, the elasticated trouser-wearing sap.

COYOTE – Material Dub (Is It Balearic?)
BOZ SCAGGS – I'll Be Long Gone (Soul Jazz)
BOHANNON - Ultimate (Gino Grasso Edit)
AFRICAN HEADCHARGE – Mysterious Happenings (On-U-Sound)
POLLYESTER - You Are Amen (Permanent Vacation)
COYOTE - Always (Neville Watson House Dub)
IN FLAGRANTI - The End Of The Road (Codek)
METRONOMY - She Wants (Because)
DUANE AND GREGG ALLMAN - Morning Dew (Soul Jazz)

Friday, 22 April 2011

DJ History Podcast #111

This is the tracklist for the show transmitted from a Hackney tower block (metaphorically speaking) last Friday 15th April. It contains stuff like Mazarati, an old Prince production that I edited several years ago and you can now download for free if you go here >

Also on the show is the wonderful Pollyester, Debukas, Tokimonsta (shit name, great act) and Locussolus. Incidentally, the Blancmange remix featured here, which is now on sale on a lovely 12-inch single, was the prelude to a remix competition we will be running shortly for the utterly ace 'Feel Me', an old Mark Moore fave tune and one of mine, too. Stay tuned for details.

MAZARATI - 100mph (BB edit)
TOKIMONSTA - Bright Shadows (Brainfeeder)
POLLYESTER - Voices (Permanent Vacation)
TIGER & WOODS – Dr. Burner (Running Back)
DEBUKAS – Pointers (2020)
RONIKA - Forget Yourself (Record Shop)
LOCUSSOLUS - Little Boots (Emperor Machine Special Edit) (IFeel)
BLANCMANGE - The Western (Cage & Aviary Mix)

Friday, 15 April 2011

DJ History Podcast #110

Well, the summer appears to be over already. Oh well. There's always next year. Or abroad. It's half-term this week so I've been wrangling small children in between trying to do a spot of work. I played at East Village last Saturday, first tine for a while, and I really like what they've done with the upstairs room. The DJ booth is in a much better place now. Things that sounded good: Footprintz and the Todd Terje mix of Bjørn Torske.

You can hear the Footprintz on the latest show. I've played it before, but it's just a really great song and typically moody production from Ewan Pearson. It's not a banger by any means, but it's got something about it that makes it timeless. It's also great to see the return of Eric Kupper, whose 'Bloom' is forthcoming on Wave Music shortly. I was friendly with Eric when I lived in New York and he's always been a lovely down-to-earth guy (he and I once went out for dinner with Dannii Minogue, you know. Oh the pop star stories I could tell you!).

ERIC KUPPER - Bloom (Wave Music)
POLLYESTER - Pikant (Permanent Vacation)
CATALEPSIA - Dope Menace (Hardway Bros Dalston Housin' Authority Mix)
LOCUSSOLUS - Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (IFeel).wav
MARK E - Special FX (Ghostly International)
TUNDE MABADU - Viva Disco (Strut)
ALAIN HO - I Remember The Future (Buzzin Fly)
MY HERO RADIO - Tom's Diner
FOOTPRINTZ - Utopia (Ewan Pearson's The Legend of Bolo Brown Re-Trip) (Visionquest)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DJ History Podcast #109

Here is the tracklist for the show broadcast on April 1st. It's late. Yeah, so what you gonna do about it?

WHITE ELEPHANT - Sir John (Mark E Remix) (Redux)
DEBUKAS – I Am Machinery (2020)
OUT OF CITY - Galactica (Emperor Machine Remix) (Lipservice)
BRIOSKI FT. SVPERFINE - Show Biz (Son of Sound Mix)
SESSOMATTO - Moody (Ramon Tapias Very Moody Mix) (Z)
T-BONE - Black Heart (Bubba Remix)
CHILLY GONZALES - Knight Moves (Gentle Threat)
LITTLE BARRIE - New Diamond Love (Bumpman)
BJØRN TORSKE - Langt Fra Afrika (Todd Terje Mix) (Smalltown Supersound)

Thursday, 31 March 2011

DJ History Podcast #108

As I write this, I have just put two small people into their beds and I'm gearing up for a weekend up in Glasgow, which I'm really looking forward to. Firstly, there's the small matter of a relegation dogfight with St Mirren v Hamilton, in which the Accies will inevitably succumb to the superior firepower and black and white striped shirts of the Buddies. Then, in the evening, it's Melting Pot's 10th anniversary. I was lucky enough to play at the very first MP ten years ago, in the Riverside Club (a brilliant venue! and I can even remember some of the tunes I played that night and they may well get taken out of mothballs for Saturday. Either way, I think it's going to be a special night.

I had so many good records to play on this show I had hold back at least half of them for next week, which I'm just preparing now (as well as dinner). Again, some great stuff here, including a brilliant new Todd Terje single (we played together last weekend in Jersey and he gave me an even better track, which will be on next week's podcast).

JIM CHOI - You've Done Me Wrong (Private Gold)
LITTLE BARRIE - Dream To Live (Bumpman)
B.C. x DELIVERY - Return To Me (Scion Audio)
CHILLY GONZALES - Never Stop (Gentle Threat)
BIBIO - Wake Up! (Warp)
AUDIOFLY - Follow My Liebe (Get Physical)
TODD TERJE - Ragysh (Running Back)
GREG PAULUS - Nightime (Wolf + Lamb)
LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY - Love Sensation (Salsoul)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

DJ History Podcast #107

Ah yet another stellar show. No really, it is. That Dennis Coffey album's pretty damn good, the Audiofly album is too and the Bibio album is really ace. And we've been sent some great things this week that we didn't get chance to air in this show (Little Barrie, Chilly Gonzales, Delta Swamp Rock for starters). It's all go here.

JULIAN SANZA – Fired Up (Solardisco)
AZYMUTH - Meu Mengo (Farout)
KRAAK & SMAAK - Hold Back Love (Jalapeno)
ZODIAC FREE ARTS CLUB - Lindos Express (Permanent Vacation)
NICHOLAS - The Funk Is On (Kojak Sounds)
AUDIOFLY - Sense & Vision (Featuring Shaun Parkes) (Get Physical)
LEE CURTISS FT. MATT TOLFREY - Candy (Martin Buttrich Remix) (Culprit)
MAXMILLION DUNBAR - Polo (Future Times)
BIBIO - Anything New (Warp)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

DJ History Podcast #106

Been sent some really good albums lately, some of which appear right here (like the Dennis Coffey and the Audiofly). In fact, dare I venture to suggest it has been a good year so far for the ol' album? I believe I might. Anyhow, what with the Wildcookie (an essential, if you ask me, which you're not, but listen on anyway....), Gatto Fritto, Space Invadas (this has some not so good stuff on it, but is more than compensated by the good uns). You can check out a track from the excellent Audiofly album on here. It's really really good. I'll be boring everyone for a few weeks about this. Feel free to join me.

ELECTRIC SMOKE - Freak It Out (The Revenge Edit) (Zedd)
ALBERT - Can't Lie Still (Studio Rockers)
AUDIOFLY - Fela (Get Physical)
PROVIANT AUDIO - Hey Let's Do It (Paper) (Jay Shepheard Mix)
JAMIE BLANCO - Black Jack (CD-R)
JR SEATON - In Your Mask I See A Better Person
THE STEPKIDS - La La (Stones Throw)
MAIN STEM - Kountry Klubb
EMIKA - Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Vocal Edit) (Ninja Tune)
AMERICA - Are You There (Ole Smokey Edit) (KAT)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Odyssey Remix Competition

Yeah yeah, we joined up with the forces of disco - Yam Who? - and their label ISM Records to run a super spiffing remix competition for Odyssey's reworked version of 'Inside Out'.

You can download all the stems here >>

Competition will end on Sunday April 10th. All entries need to be in by then.

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Monday, 7 March 2011

DJ History Podcast #105

Some oddballs merchandise on display on this week's show. It's like a market stall for freaks, not least the Noze album, the aptly-named Strange, Wild Rumpus and the wonderful Stepkids. You don't get that on bloody Radio 1.

SEAN P - Sunrise
THE STEPKIDS - Shadows On Behalf (Stone's Throw)
SBTRKT - Living Like I Do
SNORETEX - Strange Aeons (Original Mix) (Buzzin fly)
RECLOOSE - Can't Take It (Original)
NOZE FT. DOP - In The Back Of My Ship (Get Phhysical)
WILD RUMPUS - Tikkety Boo (Bitches Brew)
MAIN STEM - Stone Cold Freak
WILDCOOKIE - Jackson Miles (Tru Thoughts)
MAXIMILLIAN SKIBA - Fire Dance (Ray Mang Remix) (UTS)

Monday, 28 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #104

No gigs last weekend, so an enjoyable few days hanging out with the kids at the Natural History Museum ("will the dinosaur bite me?") and getting pissed on trying to walk in the country. Thanks rain. This week's show has the usual food groups one might expect, including another track from the Space Invadas album on BBE. It's a mixed bag, really, this album: the funk tribute stuff appealing to me much less than the future soul side of things. Also a must is the new Ewan Pearson mix on Footprintz which is really great.

TJ KONG & NUNO DOS SANTOS - Once Upon A Rhyme ft Jemeni (jozif Remix) (Compost Black Label)
NOZE - Cera Una Volta (Get Physical)
ROYKSOPP - Forsaken Cowboy (WOS)
SNUFF CREW - Winter In June (Dance Disorder Remix)
FOOTPRINTZ - Utopia (Ewan Pearson's The Legend of Bolo Brown Re-Trip) (Visionquest)
LOU COURTNEY - What Do You Want Me To Do (Harmless) (taken from Mellow Mellow)
DACO - Drip Dry (Yam Who? Mix) (Paper)
DJ T FT. JAMES TEEJ - Sense (Get Physical)
GALA DROP - Drop (MOS)(taken from Underground Disco)

Friday, 25 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #102

Yeah ok, I'm officially a nerk. I lost this one somewhere and just managed to find it here. Anyhow, it's a good one. I know I always say that but it really is, it's some ace stuff from compilations, some new singles and even an old tune I'd just burnt to my laptop that morning (it was still smoking when I played it).

FLASHMAN - The Quisling (Impotent Fury)
GALA DROP - Drop (MOS) (Taken from Underground Disco)
DIRTBOMBS - Sharevari (Original Dirtbombs Version) (Scion Audio)
FIRST CHOICE - The Player (John Morales Mix) (BBE) (Taken from M&M Mixes Vol II)
KEVIN IRVING - Children Of The Night (Disco Bloodbath Re-Edit) (Harmless/DJhistory)
HOLY GHOST! - Some Children (DFA)
SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER - Transatlantic Landing Bay (MOS) (Taken from Underground Disco)
HAUSCHKA - Ping (Fatcat)
KCC FT. EMILE - Groove Thing (Pucci Mix) (Azuli)

DJ History Podcast #103

Er, we seem to have missed a show somehow. Not sure how that happened, but I've got a spaniel on the job sniffing out clues.

Here's the tracklist for show #103:
DJ T FT. NICK MAURER - Burning (Get Physical)
FRED EVERYTHING & 20FOR7 - Friday (Crazy P Mix) (Lazy Days)
AARON NEVILLE - Hercules (Harmless)
SPACE INVADAS - Give Me The Love (BBE)
HOLLAND & DOZIER - Why Can't We Be Lovers (Harmless)
JAMES CURD - Open Up Your Mind (Permanent Vacation)
EBO TAYLOR - Heaven (Strut)
VAUGHAN MASON - Jammin' Big Guitar (Harmless)
HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR - It's Alright (Moshi Moshi)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #101

Tracklist for this week's show:

COMBO - Country Girl (Solardisco)
JOSE CARRETAS - Guerrero (Restless Soul)
BLEEP DISTRICT - Secret Disciples (Ornate)
REVERSO 68 - Earthy Powers
MADDSLINKY - Further Away (Funk Butcher Remix) (Tru Thoughts)
SON OF SAM - Nature Makes A Mistake (Âme Remix) (Running Back)
GATTO FRITTO - Solar Flares Burn For You (IFEEL)
MUNK - Keep My Secret (Gomma)
FREAKS & 012 - Conscious Of My Conscience (Rebirth)
JOHN BARRY - Teasing The Korean

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #100

Woo. We're 100 podcasts old. We were fully expecting a telegram from the Queen, but came there nothing. Honestly, the least we could've expected was a phone call from Big Phil moaning about all them foreigners we play on the show.

Anyhow, we thought we'd play some of our favourite tracks from the past two years, including some stuff from compilations we liked that have been released since January 2009. Here they are.

SOFT ROCKS - Leave Your Earth Behind
D. EDWARDSON, S. SELL - Cutting The Funk
JOHN DALY - This Is A Lonely Beat
NAUM GABO -Volgograd
TELE MUSIC - Baby's Band (LeoZero Edit)
ZWICKER -Oddity (Pilooski Remix)
THE XX - VCR (Matthew Dear Mix) (XL)
MOCK & TOOF - Lovehearts (Tiny Sticks)
IFEEL STUDIO - The Coptic Sun
HOLY GHOST! - Static On The Wire (DFA)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

DJ History Podcast #99

Lick, like a 99 ice cream. Ninety nine means we've been doing this two years now, if you count my absences over Christmas. In that time we've had a recession, come out of it (slightly) and then been thrust into it again by George Osborne and his merry band of Thatchaluvvas. Still, we have music with which to console us. Here's some now.

LOCUSSOLUS - I Want It (IFeel)
LANU FT. MEGAN WASHINGTON - Beautiful Trash (Tru Thoughts)
YUKI SUZUKI - We Don't Have Much Time (Neville Watson Remix)
SIMON BAKER - Blue Lights (2020)
HOTEL MOTEL - Paying The Price (UTS)
MIDLAKE - Am I Going Insane (Late Night Tales)
WAGON CHRIST - Accordian McShane (Ninja Tune)
JOHNNY MATHIS - I Want To Fall In Love (Atlantic)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

DJ History Podcast #98

Number 98? Who'd have imagined in 1954, when we first start broadcasting out of our shack in deepest Alabama, that we would have reached all the way to number 98. Only two from a golden hundred. Remarkable.

BUBBLE CLUB - The Goddess (IFeel)
WAGON CHRIST - Ain't He Heavy, He's My Brother (Ninja Tune)
TWISTED TONGUE - A Return To Space (Above Machine Mix) (CD-R)
ROB MELLO - Where Are You (PPF)
INNERZONE ORCHESTRA - Bug In A Bassbin (Planet E)
DAVID LYNCH - Good Day Today (DiskJokke Remix) (Sunday Best)
MR FINGERS - Washing Machine (Swag's Ariston Edit) (Harmless/
J. ROCC - Play This Too (Boogie Man Remix) (Stones Throw)

Monday, 10 January 2011

DJ History Podcast #97

A hastily cobbled together affair, featuring all the bits I got sent over the Christmas period, plus some other things that have been hanging about for a while. This Wildcookie album is well good!

THE DRUMS - Me & The Moon (Matthew Dear Mix) (Island)
WILDCOOKIE - Song With No Ending (Tru Thoughts)
CRAZY PENIS - Omega Man (Yam Who? Edit) (Paper)
GRUFF RHYS - Shark Ridden Waters (Turnstile Music)
MATTI ROOTS - Lust (Otherway)
WILDCOOKIE - Serious Drug (Tru Thoughts)
TWIN SISTER - All Around And Away We go (Hotel Motel Remix) (Domino)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

DJ History Podcast #96: Furtive 50 Top Ten

Tracklisting for the Top Ten of this year's Furtive 50 chart rundown. I don't generally agree with the number ones in our charts, but I have to say this year - or last year, as now is - I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Congratulations to Storm Queen and Morgan Geist for their late surge to the number one slot. Great record!

GUNNAR WENDEL - 578 (Omar S Berlin Mix) (FXHE)
MIDNIGHT MAGIC - Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Mix) (Perm Vac)
VISTI & MEYLAND - Stars (Mammarella & Rodion Mix)
MOODYMANN - Ol' Dirty Vinyl
DJ NATURE - Destiny Reprise (Golf Channel)
TRY TO FIND ME - Get To My Baby (Golf Channel)
SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER - Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere (Original Mix) (Royal Oak)
STORM QUEEN - Look Right Through (Environ)

For full rundown of the chart go here, buster >

DJ History Podcast #95: Furtive 50

Tracklisting for Furtive 50 rundown from no 50 - 11.

TRICKSKI - Pill Collins
IFEEL STUDIO - The Coptic Sun (IFeel)
SOUL CLAP - Action/Satisfaction (Original Mix)
BLACK VAN - Yearning (DFA)
BOB HOLROYD - African Drug (Four Tet Mix) (Phonica)
BREAKBOT - Baby I'm Yours (Ed Banger) (Siriusmo Mix)
JAMIE WOON - Night Air (Ramadanman Mix)
MARK SEVEN - Pillow Talk (Original Mix)
TENSNAKE - Coma Cat (Perm Vac)

for full rundown of chart, go here, blud >