Friday, 2 October 2009

DJ History Podcast #34

Blimey what a busy week that was and, in fact, still is. Trying to finish sleevenotes for an excellent new Strut compilation called Zevolution (I'll be playing tracks from it over the next few weeks or so), while getting two parties ready for next week, our Disco Files launch in NYC (see below) and the DJhistory night at the Horse & Groom next Thursday. Still trying to get a things finished so I can clear off to Bristol tonight to DJ at Freejive at Dojo tonight. Anyhow, here's the tracklisting for this week's show. That Zwicker is TOTALLY AMAZING. A must-buy.

1. ROLAND APPEL - SchooldayZ (Compost Black)
2. HUMAN EGG - Onomatopaeia (B-Music)
3. BE. - All The Thrills (Wolf)
4. ZWICKER -Oddity (Pilooski Remix)
5. MIDTOWN COMMITTEE - I Cant Believe It's True (CD-R)
6. DUCKBEATS - Repeat Prescription (PPF)
7. ICHISAN & NAKOVA - Pionir (Nang Records)
8. CELESTIAL - Shake Up
9. HERMAN'S ROCKET - Space Woman (B-Music)
10. THE REVENGE  - Curtis (Wolf)

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