Monday, 18 May 2009

DJ History Podcast #14

Hello. We're back to transmitting new music and we've got some corkers on this show, including an excellent unreleased Reverso 68 mix and some brilliant stuff forthcoming from DFA and PPF.

1. Walter Jones - Living Without Your Love (DFA)
2. Beat Broker - Pacific Break (Reverso 68 Mix) (Adult Contemporary)
3. Rufdug - Dirty (Popular People's Front Mix)(PPF)
4. The Blow Monkeys - Save Me (Gweilo Disco Edit) (CD-R)
5. TBD - What Is This? (PPF)
6. Booby Rush - I Wanna Do The Do (CD-R)
7. Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Ron Basejam Mix)(2020)
8. Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Rework) (Wolfmusic)
9. Bill Withers - Railroad Man (Ashley Beedle's Dark Star Edit) (CD-R)


Ryan Chimney said...

hey, the unknown track is called 'Pacific Break' to be released on Adult Contemporary said...

Cheers Ryan! I asked Phil and he didn't know, he just said he'd done it for Tony Watson.