Thursday, 28 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #88

After last week's Jay Strongman special we're back to the gentler pastures of a normal show, chocked full of the usual goodies that make errr...


MARSMOBIL - Gonna Be My Day (Henrik Schwarz Acoustronic Remix) (Compost)
RON BASEJAM - Sanfranman (Redux)
JOEY NEGRO PRESENTS KOLA KUBE - Why (Joey Negro Block Party Mix)
NAME IN LIGHTS - Eld Lagor (Feed)
HAVANA CANDY - Rimentos Sical (HCR)
JULIAN SANZA - Fired Up (Original Mix)
J ALEXANDER - Endless (Kenny Larkin Remix)
PENGUIN PRISON - Golden Train (DiskJokke Mix) (WOS)

Friday, 22 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #87: Jay Strongman's Desert Island Disco

Welcome to another edition of the occasional DID series. This is actually the first of two Jay Strongman specials we've got on the podcast. This one is his Desert Island Disco selections and the second one - which we'll do in a month or so - is a straight-up interview about his life and career.

Both are tied into the publication of Catch The Beat: The Best Of Soul Underground 1987 - 91


THE FALCONS - Standing On Guard
KINOBE - Slip Into Something More Comfortable
DEEP SWING - In The Music
FONTELLA BASS - Our Day Will Come
WAR - Me & Baby Brother

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bill Brewster Page on Facebook

I've had to bow to the inevitable and create a Facebook Page after reaching my friends limit of 5,000. It's a bit of an arse, frankly, but there you go. That's the modern world we live in with its digital strategies, Directors of UX and cross-pollination of diverse brands.

Anyhow, here's the link >>

I'd love to tell you there will be a free bottle of Thunderbird for everyone that Likes the Page, but obviously you're gonna get bugger all, though I do faithfully promise to put some mixes up there, a bit of news, some gig details and all the sorts of things that people way more professional than me, bother with. Watch out, Tiesto, I'm coming!

Monday, 18 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #86

Well, that was a week and a half.

Spent four days away last week, in Kiev and Berlin. My wife came over to Berlin and met me at my hotel. I played at Cookies on the Thursday, which was really great. I'd had a bit of a stinker the previous day in Kiev, so I didn't know what to expect, only that it couldn't be worse than the Kiev gig, surely? Well, it wasn't. They liked it deep. So deep, in fact, that I was a bit annoyed with myself for not bringing more deep stuff with me. Anyhow, it went really well. The next day I spent a few hours at Native Instruments with the boys from Traktor who were showing me their new controller, which is pretty exciting in terms of the live possibilities (it also has a soundcard fitted, which simplifies the setup somewhat too). Then me and my lovely wife spent the rest of the day wandering around soaking up the atmosphere before hitting the bars. Fantastic few days.

Anyhow, the podcast was done on the fly. Literally as it happens: I did most of it on the flight home and the rest once I arrived.

CARIBOU - Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
ILL BLUE - Dragon Pop
PENGUIN PRISON - Golden Train (Club Mix) (WOS)
THE BUG - Catch A Fire feat. Hitomi (Ninja Tune)
RON BASEJAM - One Point (Redux)
ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ -Ride With Me Burnt Island Casuals Remix (Compost)
INFLAGRANTI - Notoriety (RD Edit) (Codek)
THE AIKIU - Just Can't Sleep (Azari & III Remix)
HOTEL MOTEL - Eye No (MASTER) (Home Taping)

Monday, 11 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #85

Slightly late, yet again. It's a bad habit, as Jenny Burton once sang, although admittedly not about submitting her podcast tracklisting late.

There are mitigating circumstances. Excuses, even.

There was the mega Rizla Riverboat Shuffle party on Friday, which wiped me out for the rest of the weekend, apart from a foray into the woods on Sunday foraging for mushrooms (no, not that sort).

Anyhow, tracklisting here. Hopefully it'll be Jay Strongman's Desert Island Disco next week!

MISS CHEESECAKE - You Must Create (CD-R)
NICK CHACONA - Slice Of Life (Name In Lights Remix) (Wurst)
JAMES BLAKE - Don't You Think I Do (R&S)
HOTEL MOTEL - Eye No (Burnt Island Casuals Remix) (Home Taping) 
CHICAGO DAMN - Hold On (Merc)
DROP OUT ORCHESTRA - Interlude 3 (dBs Extended Edit) (CD-R)
BARCK & PROMMER - Pictures Of The Sea (Love Theme) (Permanent Vacation)
COATI MUNDI - Do Not Brown Your Nose (Rong)
WGANDA KENYA - El Lobo (Nascente)
RUBENS BASSINI Y LOS LATINOS - Cha-Cha-Cha (Europeu Comercial) (Far Out) 

Monday, 4 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #84: Secret Weapons Spectacular

To celebrate the release of the Secret Weapons album, we thought we'd throw a hootenanny of spectacular proportions, in which we played a bunch of the SWs as featured on Bill's Secret Weapons bonus CD.

The demand has been so great for this, we've extended the deadline to get a copy of Bill's FREE CD to Tuesday October 5th. So you've still got time to nab a copy. Check out some of the shizzle on this podcast.

BUY Secret Weapons here >>

Tracklisting is below.

CHICAGO NIGHTS - Trance Monster
PETER ACCIDENT - Turning Black

MACAU - The Locust
LIFE - Cat's Eyes (BB Edit)

DJ History Podcast #82

Cor, I'm well behind on these tracklists, didn't realise the arrears had become so acute. In my defence, I have genuinely been busy and, to cap it all, Easyjet totalled my laptop (thanks Stelios!). Enough excuses, here's the tracklisting for t'other week.

DISCOMENDMENTS - Sleeping Giant (Maxi Discs)
RON BASEJAM - Vandross (Redux)
SPIRIT CATCHER - Threesome (Systematic)
SHIT ROBOT - Tuff Enuff (DFA)
DISCODROMO - Ionio (Solardisco)
ROYKSOPP - Senior Living (WOS)
STEVE SOULBASICS & MARTIJN - Lose It (Jay Tripwire Mix) (Baker Street)
ORO - Stop The War (Light Sounds Dark)
FERNANDO - Endless Disco (Redux)