Friday, 26 June 2009

DJ History Podcast #20

This week's tracklist is now go.

1. MUSHROOMS PROJECT - Space Mushrooms (Toby Tobias Porcini Remix)
3. MAYER HAWTHORNE - A Strange Arrangement (Stones Throw)
4. DOVES - Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
5. CHICKEN LIPS Present ZEEFUNGK - Robot Eyes
6. PARALLEL DANCE ENSEMBLE - Weight Watchers (Yam Who? Rework)
7. D. EDWARDSON/S. SELL - Cutting The Funk
8. DISCODEINE - Invert_Parceque (Edges comp)
9. TEVO HOWARD - Crazy Love
10. JACKSON 5 - Mirrors Of My Mind (FC Edit)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Resident Advisor podcast (redux)

Yeah so I did a Resident Advisor podcast oooh ages ago. Anyway, lots of people (two or three) have emailed me asking where they can get it. So, y'know, you can get it here now forever and ever (or till our Sendspace account runs out) >

RAVING '89: Pre-orders being taken now!

Our next little book (by Neville and Gavin Watson) is Raving '89 and we're taking pre-orders for it from today (pre-orders feature an exclusive rave-era mix fashioned by Neville Watson).

Gavin Watson is the Nikon-clutching genius who published a book called Skins & Punks last year. He rocked up to the office with his brother Neville and a suitcase of photos. There were so many pictures at first we got brainfreeze sifting through them. But as we picked out the best and started laying them out we realised here was a really great document of the time. Basically, in all our years we'd never seen pictures quite like them.

Download a FREE sampler here >


Rave on.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Electric Elephant 2008

Since this year's party is looming, I thought I'd post some pics from last year's festival Fairly typically, because I'm a bloody idiot, I managed to forget my camera when it was our boat party, so I don't have any from that, though you can check the video clip here (it makes me happy every time I watch this) >

Anyhow here are some pics, label underneath for guidance.

This is a sunset at the beach bar on the festival site. Can't remember who's in the picture.

This is Ferdy (my little boy) and Honey (Frank's little girl) hanging out at the beach bar.

This Ferdy again. I have an uncontrollable urge to stick things to his forehead.

My daughter Lola dancing to some Cosmic Truth.

Me and Lola at sunset at the beach bar. Ace.

Steph, Frank and Imogen at the Garden Bar in Zadar.

This was the party boat heading out into the Adriatic for the Electric Chair party. They were playing Love Is In The Air, fact fans.

DJ History Podcast #19

My bloody voice is still not back to normal. I sound like either my bollocks are in the process of dropping or I'm about to burst into tears. It's well annoying. The doctor said I've torn the cartilage in my throat (bet that never happened to Linda Blair) and it should heal in 7-14 days. In the meantime, I'm suffering man-style.

This week's tracklist:
1. Mozez - Signs of Happiness (Sound Captive Mix) (CD-R)
2. De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Jay Dilla Mix) (Rapster)
3. Northend - You Can't A Price On Love (CD-R)
4. Coyote - Drop Out (Is It Balearic?)
5. Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of Huge (Chicken Lips Mix)
6. Wolf People - Tiny Circles (Battered Ornaments)
7. VV Brown - Shark In The Water (Crazy P Mix) (Island)
8. Fink - Sort of Revolution (Cinematic Orchestra Mix) (Ninja Tunes)
9. Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) (Mock & Toof Mix) (Atlantic)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Low Life at Electric Elephant, CROATIA

We got invited to do this really cool little festival in Petrcane (near Zadar) last year by the boys from Electric Chair in Manchester. It's a really kitsch site, a 1970s Communist constructed hotel-resort complex with a concrete nightclub called Barbarella's and some nice touches that have been subsequently added (like a beach bar and live stage). Each day there was a boat party on an old tub out in the Adriatic.

We were asked to do oneo f the boat parties. Here's a clip from last year's party (it was AMAZING) >

Anyhow, we've been asked back. We loved it so much last year we're staying for a week's holiday (then we're jetting off to Sarajevo to celebrate the lanuch of our book in Serbo-Croat!).

Here are the details.
Tickets are £69.99 and you can get them here >

Boat Party Tickets
There will be 2 Boat Parties each day Friday/Saturday/Sunday.Tickets will be £6 each. Full details of the Boat Parties how and when to obtain Boat Party tickets, will be announced soon (we're doing one of them).

Andrew Weatherall, Jesse Rose, Joakim, Daniele Baldelli, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Soul Jazz Soundsystem, Bullion, Idjut Boys, Disco Bloodbath, Andy Votel/Dom Thomas, Hose Meat Disco, Aficionado, Basement Boogaloo, To The Bone, Four Tet,

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Raving '89

After the amazing reaction to our first book, we've got another corker in store for you.

It's by Gavin Watson the photographer who made his name with his brilliant Skins and Skins & Punks books (the latter came out through Vice Publications earlier this year).

Raving '89 is a superb collection of his photographs. With 200 photos taken in the revolutionary year of 1989, this is the real deal. Hardly anyone took a camera to the raves, and the few people who did, got so bleary they left it under a speaker.

Gavin Watson not only remembered his Nikon, he's also a truly world-class photographer. Gavin's rave pictures capture the experience like no others. Grubby warehouses, hands through sheets of lasers, the haircuts, the smiles, the friends, the crimes against fashion. It's a beautiful book, all wrapped up with hilarious recollections from Gavin and his brother Neville. We'll be taking pre-orders shortly, but you can have a sneak peek right now >

Friday, 12 June 2009

DJ History Podcast #18

After a freak sneezing incident in Shoreditch last night my voice has been split asunder and now talk as if a plank of wood has lodged itself across my larynx. Most painful.

Anyhow, tracklisting is here:
1. Shit Robot - Simple Things (Todd Terje Mix)(DFA)
2. Drrty Haze - New york City Jacks (PPF Mix) (Redux)
3. Swayzak - Stronger Love (Claremont 56)
4. Gramme - Like U (Output)
5. Mugwump - Tellakian Circles (Endless Circle)
6. Social Disco Club & Maia - The way You Move (Bear funk)
7. Tuppy Clarke - Chicago (Electric Sheep)
8. Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Crazy P Mix) (Virgin)
9. Giom - Bring Down The Walls (Ornate)
10. Esther Phillips - Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Kudu)

Monday, 8 June 2009

DJ History Podcast #17

This week's tracklisting:
1. Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal (Glimmers Mix) (CD-R)
2. Crimea X - 10PM (Hell Yeah)
3. Wild Rumpus - Kazan (Bitches Brew)
4. Mudd - 54b (Ray Mang's Acid Reflux) (Claremont 56)
5. Stars'N'Bars - Stars"N'Bars (Claremont 56)
6. Namito - The Curse (Kling Klong) (Album: Eleven)
7. Brennan Green - Do It Your Way (Wurst)
8. Blakkat & Wink - Tweak & Roll (Mirus Remix) (CD-R)
9. Roy Davis Jr ft. Terry Dexter - Horizon (Smooth Agent)
10. Who Made Who - Keep Me In My Plane (Gomma)