Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Disco Files New York launch party

Join the disco underground for a night you'll never forget as we pay tribute to scene's founding diarist, Vince Aletti, at the launch of his stunning new book The Disco Files.

Music by:
Danny Krivit
Tony Smith and friends

Santos Party House, 90 Lafayette Street, New York
9pm onwards
$5 in advance/$10 on door

Friday, 25 September 2009

Raving '89 video now on Youtube

This week Skegness, next stop Cannes.


DJ History Podcast #33

I finally found an hour or so to go through the interview I did with Alan Jones the other week, so I've included some bits from it in the latest podcast, which means less music, but more stories about how many cans of ale you could get up your arse at the Anvil in New York (I think it's worth losing a bit of music for such salaciousness).

For those of you who don't know who Alan Jones is, check this out >>

And this >>

He's also the author of the liner notes for the Disco Discharge compilation series we've been featuring in the show lately.

1. Vincent Velocette - EZ 2 Luv
2. Harlow - Take Off (Disco Discharge)
3. Companion - Living Up To Love (Disco Discharge)
4. Propaganda - P-Machinery (Polish) (Disco Discharge)
5. Mascara - Golden Years (Homophono)
6. Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield - Unicorn In The Garden (Aniligital Music)
7. Black Crowes - I Ain't Hidin' (Mavis Edit)

Friday, 18 September 2009

DJ History Podcast #32

JONATHAN JEREMIAH - Happiness (Quiet Village Mix)
ROLAND APPEL - SchooldayZ (Compost Black)
JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS - Almost Black (Richard Sen edit)
THE KINDNESS - Gee Up (Moshi Moshi)
MARIUS - Jet Set (Ray Mang Bonus Beats) (Maxi Discs)
ORLANDO B - Melancholy (Mr G's Mix) (Eastbound)
KANO - It's a War (Harmless) (Taken from Disco Discharge: Gay Disco & Hi-NRG)
MAIK LOEWEN - Melina (Niveous)
ZWICKER - Who You Are (Compost)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Gerrie van Noord - White Room (BB Edit)

I did this track over a year ago and gave it to Connie from the Idjut Boys and apparently he's been playing it ever since. It's still not really finished, but I thought I'd let it sneak out a bit since I'm nowhere near getting round to completing it properly and it's sitting on my hard-drive looking miserably and lonely.

Gerrie van Noord - White Room (BB Edit)  by  billbrewster

Friday, 11 September 2009

DJ History Podcast #31

Good to be back in the seat again, after a few weeks' rest. Thanks again to Neville Watson and his magic pants for sitting in for me. Some great stuff on the show this week. Obviously I'd say that cos it's my show, but it's true, guv, honest.

1. SHOVELL & THE LATIN HOOLIGANS - Soul Makossa (Drums De Makossa)
2. BEATBROKER - Pacific Break (Reverso 68 Mix)
3. TIGA -Beep Beep Beep (Its A Fine Line remix)
4. SU KRAMER- Dance Magic
5. BOCCA JUNIORS - Raise (63 Steps To Heaven)
6. ABYSS - Keep On Tripping (Christian Prommer Remix)
7. BEULAH HEIGHTS - Butterfly (Elec+909 Mix 1)
8. ACID PAULI - Marvin
9. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - 45/33 (Trus'me Remix)
10. JANIS IAN - Fly Too High

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Boy’s Own - The Complete Fanzines 1986-92


The third book of the year and we've got yet another corker in store. If you are too young to have been around in the late '80s, the Boy's Own lot were instrumental in helping kick start acid house in the south-east. As well as the fanzine, they ran parties, mouthed off, went to footie, wore some natty threads and occasionally daft trainers. They were the first to document in print the existence of acid house and, once the euphoria had died down, could also be its fiercest critics.

They were having so much fun that in six years they only managed to loose off 12 issues. But these 440 pages depict acid house culture – the slang, the parties, the tunes, the humour – better than anything, as captured in the words of Farley, Mayes, Weatherall, Oakenfold and many more key players. As well as every page of every fanzine there’s a great interview with all the Boys.

If you pre-order now, through DJHistory, you'll get a FREE 7-inch single featuring Bocca Juniors' Raise.



DJ History Podcast #30

Here's the last of the two shows that Neville Watson did for me while I was away in Croatia (nice pants, Nev). And very good it is, too. I do like that Hardton fella he's been raving about on ths show (and to me on the phone). We're going to try and bring him over to perform at Low Life.

1. Kenneth Bager - Fragment One (The Revenge Instrumental)
2. Ichisan - Space Patrol
3. Hardton- Losers
4. Gina X - Nice Mover
5. Reggie Dokes - Walk in Deepnes
6. Tom Trago - Passion (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
7. Still Going - Spaghetti Circus
8. Twintub - Cortina
9. Nacho Patrol - Africaspaceprogram
10. Kenny Glasgow - Dance 2

DJ History Podcast #29

OK, so I've been away in Croatia for the Electric Elephant festival. But in my absence, the extremely capable (and not even slightly clammy) hands of Neville Watson have been manning the tillers and decks. And a mighty fine job he's done, too. He even played Prince's The Future on this one, which I'd just - spookily - pulled out and started playing again myself. As Sting would say, synchronicity!

Anyhow, here's the tracklisting for the first of Neville's DJ History podcasts. Big up yourself, Nev.

1. Ichisan - Antanamamo
2. Rhythm Based Lovers - Control
3. Tyrell Corporation - Together Alone
4. Hardton - Time to Jack
5. 40 Thieves - Don't Turn it Off (Brennan Green mix)
6. Ichisan - Robots From Above
7. Azaris & III - Hungry for the Power
8. Matthias Meyer - Tout Va Bien (Kink mix)
9. Andrew Weatherall - Liar With Wings (Ian Weatherall & Mat Carter mix)
10. Prince - The Future