Wednesday, 29 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #24

Late posting mainly cos I was away on a mission in Scotland last weekend, doing a party with the Optimo boys and Melting Pot. Great night, it was too, though my head didn't agree on Saturday morning.

Check out the Naum Gabo on this show, it's proper italo-incredibleness done by Johnny from Optimo.

1. HOT TODDY FT. RON BASEJAM - I Need Love (Eskimo)
2,. THE JUAN MACLEAN - Happy House (Chateau Flight Mix) (DFA)
3. AFRIAMERICAN COALITION - No More Weeping (African_Mix) (Big Big Trax)
4. AIR - Love (Virgin)
5. JULIEN LOVE - Baby Come On (CD-R)
6. NAUM GABO - Volgograd (Eskimo)
7. ANNE HAIGIS - Fingernails
8. STREET CORNER SYMPHONY - Symphony For The Devil (Original Mix) (SCS)
9. ATAVISTIC EMPIRE- Love It Or Leave It (CD-R)
10. AIR - Heaven's Light (Virgin)

Friday, 17 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #23

New tracklisting for all you pop pickers.

1. THE DOVES - Compulsion (Padded Cell Remix) (CD-R)
2. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - 45.33 (Padded Cell Mix) (DFA)
3. FERNANDO - Blade Drummer (Redux)
4. FLOATING POINTS - Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub) (R2)
5. CURSES! - The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub) (Institubes)
6. CREATIVE FORCE - It's So Good (Bassline)
7. ANDREW PHELAN & ORIGAMI - Let's Do It (Prismatic Tracks)
8. THE TWANG - Barney rubble (Afterlife Mix) (Polydor)

Monday, 13 July 2009

This Saturday, 18th July, Hercules & Love Affair

I've got two nice gigs on Saturday, firstly, I'll be playing (alongside my DJH/Low Life cohort Frank Broughton at the Lovebox festival in Victoria Park. We're doing 3.30-5.30pm in the Rizla area. If you're about come and say hello, or even better, dance.

That's followed by the launch of Sidetracked, a new compilation series, the first of which is mixed and selected by Andrew Butler from Hercules & Love Affair, who will I'll be DJing alongside, with Christian Smith and Marcus James. It's at the Driver in Kings Cross and tickets are £15. It's on 10-
6. Should be good.

Friday, 10 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #22

Lordy, feeling as rough as a badger's chuff today after Secret Weapons at the Horse & Groom last night. Got to bed at 3.45am and was awoken by my daughter hovering over the bed at 8am telling me how hungry she was. Bad dad.

Here's the tracklisting for the latest show:
THE STALLIONS & FINDLAY BROWN - Stallions Suite (Jockey Friendly Edit) (CD-R)
GURU - Divine Rule (Altered Ego)
NUBIAN MINDZ - Samba 909 (Head To Toe)
MARK E - Formed (CD-R)
GEORGE PRINGLE - One Night In Koko (George Pringle)
NY's FINEST - Do You Feel Me (Bassline)
MUNGOLIAN JETSET - Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks (CD-R)

An old mix

I found this old mix we gave out at a Low Life party at Fortress Studios (RIP) in 2003 0r 2004. It's done by Fat Camp (me and Paul Noble). Thought I'd upload it for your pleasure.

Download it here >>

Monday, 6 July 2009

Raving '89 launch party!

We've got a bit of a zinger coming up in August for the launch of Neville & Gavin Watson's book Raving '89.

We're doing a launch party on Friday, August 7th from 6pm onwards in the lovely Pure Groove in the heart of groovy Smithfields Market (opposite Fabric basically). Pure Groove is a record store, but it also has a licensed bar and a great set-up for either DJs or bands to perform.

Entry is free and the DJs on the evening are:
Andrew Weatherall
Neville Watson
Trevor Fung

It's gonna be ace. You can walk away with a copy of the book in your mitts (provided you pay for it first).

Sunday, 5 July 2009

DJ History Podcast #21

Tracklisting is a bit late, but, you know, weather was hot, barbecues were beckoning...

A. PERRY/L. DELACOUR - New Life (Permanent Vacation)
SANDRA NKAKE - La Mauvaise Reputation (Blackjoy Vocal Mix)
GLIMPSE & JAY SHEPHEARD - Lazer Bather (Glimpse)
CLAP RULES - Old Sequencer (Bostro Pesopeo remix) (Tiny Sticks)
ALTAIR NOUVEAU - Space Fortress (DFA)
SOULUTION - Feels So Right (VJS)
TAPESH - Brighter Day (Rebirth)
MR FINGERS - Washing Machine (Swag's Ariston Edit)
LAURENT GARNIER - Pay TV (Emperor Machine Mix) (PIAS)