Friday, 6 November 2009

DJ History Podcast #39

Hello there, happy campers. Friday morning, must be the DJ History Podcast, merrily uploading into the Clouds of Love as we speak. BTW, we've got another blog page now for our stellar parties, Low Life, and obviously you should check it out especially if you live in London and Fun is your middle name (actually even if your middle name is Mildred you should still check it out). Low Life >>

Here's the tracklisting for this week's show:
JAMIE LLOYD - The Wolf's Sun (Future Classic)
BENT - Swollen (Ben Watt Remix)
DETACHMENTS - Circles (Weatherall Disco Dub) (TINAE)
HARDTON - Music (CD-R)
LOGG - (You Got) That Something  (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (BBE)
PLASTIQUE BERTRAND & NATHALIE - Stop Ou Encore (Claremont 56)
KABUTO & KOJI - Yes Kidder I See You (Supernature)
XDB - Gate (Wave Music)
C-SOUL - That's The Way We Do It Now (Bounce House)

1 comment:

caseymichael said...

My favorite episode, yet. Wave Music, a Ben Watt remix of Bent, a very fun cover of "Music," and "Wolf's Sun" -- fantastic!