Tuesday, 14 December 2010

DJ History Podcast #94

Well, we've finally reached the last podcast of NEW music of 2010. The next two will be devoted to the Furtive 50, our annual rundown of the best tunes of the year. Numbers 50-11 will be covered in this week's podcast and then the Top 10 will go out next week just in time for Christmas. Overall, I think it's been a pretty good year for good music. There have been some fantastic off the wall music this year especially from Caribou, Matthew Dear, Mock & Toof and many others, as well as plenty of killer dance music.

Hopefully, we've managed to cover at least some of the best in the DJH podcast. While we've got your ear, Bill is playing in Birmingham on Boxing Day and at the Electric Chair End Of Year Riot in Manchester. Both of them should be really good parties, there's nothing better than peeling away from Uncle Ken's alcoholic excesses to gather with your mates for a post-Xmas blowout.

Some good bits in the latest show – as always we like to think! – in particular the Tevo Howard, Off Key Hat and the Wildcookie album, which is probably the best thing Tru Thoughts have ever released. We can't stop playing it.

HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR - My House (Leo Zero Remix) (CD-R)
TEVO HOWARD - The Age Of Compassion (Buzzin' Fly)
CATALEPSIA - Dope Menace (Hardway Bros Dalston Housin' Authority Mix) (CD-R)
OFF KEY HAT - Emergency Calling (Cosmodelica Remix) (CD-R)
COS/MES - Naruto (King Kung Foo)
WILDCOOKIE - Jackson Miles (Tru Thoughts)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

DJ History Podcast #93

Here's the latest tracklist. It includes a mix by young jozif, who I thought I'd menton a) because he did the latest RA podcast; b) cos he's a top fella and; c) because I'm playing with him tomorrow night at Rob Star's new space in Kings Cross: Star of Kings.

Anyhow, if you can make it, come down to Star of Kings tomorrow, because it's going to be epic. Or ace. Or pretty good. Or shit. Anyway, in our heads it's going to be great.

AZARI & III - Into The Night (CFCF Remix) (Scion Audio Visual)
CHARANJIT SINGH - Pyar Chahiye Keh Paisa (from Chhailla Babu) (Nascente)
CLARA MOTO - Deer Fox (Ritornel remix) (InFiné)
TIGA - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore (C2 Remix 2)
SCENIC - This Can't Be (Get A Room! Remix) (TIigersushi)
TEASPOON & THE WAVES - Oh Yeh Soweto (Nascente)
KURT MALOO - Afterglow (Version Lindbaek Frisvold) (Fascinating Rhythms)
EMERSON TODD & JONNY CRUZ - Faces (jozif Mix) (Art Of Robots)
JAY SHEPHEARD - String Theory (Retrofit)

Monday, 6 December 2010

DJ History Podcast #92

Tracklisting for the show broadcast last Friday 26th November.

MARTIN BRODIN AND DUMB DAN - Blood Stud (Ray Mang Mix)
THE INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND - When The Bed Breaks Down I'll Meet You In The Spring (Seiji Remix)
ANDY ASH - Freak (Party Breaks)
STORM QUEEN - Look Right Through (Environ)
CHICKEN LIPS presents THE RHYTHM ODYSSEY - Move Groove (Warehouse Mix) (Lipservice)
GHOSTPOET - Cash & Carry Me Home (Gang Colours Mix)
ARIL BRIKHA - Groove La Chord (Art Of Vengeance)
TONY LIONNI - Deep Inside (Freerange)
THE CBs - The Finding (Jam City)

Friday, 26 November 2010

DJ History Podcast #91

This is the tracklisting for last week's show.

HEELS OF LOVE - Slave (no label credit)
JOZIF - Sunrise (InFin)
THE ONE - Let's Get It Straight (Legowelt Remix) (Signals)
GRUPO FANTASMA - Bacalao Con Pan (Nascente)
MARK E - Take Em Up (Mark E Black Country Dub) (DFA)
MARK E - Escape (Roots Unit Remix) (Vibrations)
ANDY BLAKE - One For The Unknown Soldier (CD-R)
BJØRN TORSKE - Kokning (Smalltown Supersound)
BUBBA - Makin' Contact (PPF Busted Radio Dub)
THE DELLS - No Way Back (Harvey/Rooney Edit) (Black Cock)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Hotel Motel Mix on OOFT! blog

Bill's new production project, Hotel Motel, not only has two singles out this week (links below), but also has done a mix for The Revenge's OOFT! blog.

Tracklisting is here.
DROPOUT ORCHESTRA - Interlude 3 (dBs Ain't No Interlude Edit) (CD-R)
HOTEL MOTEL - Eye No (Home Taping)
DJANGO NOVO - Seven Years (Ray Mang Remix) (CD-R)
NAME IN LIGHTS - Eld Lagor (Feed)
TRULZ & ROBIN - Acid Cake
HOTEL MOTEL - Feel So Young (Home Taping)
SHANTI - Moogie (Rushhour)
HOTEL MOTEL - Donna Nook (UTS)
TINASHE - Saved (Totally Enormous Extinct Dub)
BLACK STROBE - Me & Madonna
ISLEY BROTHERS - Live It Up (Misiu Edit) (CD-R)
MOBRODER - Rush (In Flagranti Mix) (Scion Audio Visual)
PRINCE - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dimitri From Paris Edit)

Eye Know at Juno Records

Paying The Price at Juno Records

Friday, 19 November 2010

DJ History Podcast #90

Last week's tracklist is here. Better late than never.

MR FINGERS - Can You Feel It (John Daly Edit)
KRAAK & SMAAK - Dynamite (Boogie Mix) (Jalapeno)
SPITERI - I'm A Man (Nascente)
DJ VADIM - Beautiful (Suonho Italian Boogie Mix) (OGS)
BARCK & PROMMER - Pictures Of The Sea (Love Theme) (Permanent Vacation)
PECKOS - Why Should I Cry (Vernon & DaCosta Remix) (Lost My Dog)
NO REGULAR PLAY - Serious Heat (Art Dept. Mix) (No19)
BJØRN TORSKE -Versjon Wolfenstein (Smalltown Supersound)
PAPERCLIP PEOPLE - Throw (LCD version) (Planet E)
EDDIE HOOPER - Tomorrow's Sun (Soundway)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hotel Motel mix on OOFT!

Hello tea-drinkers. We - not the royal we, but the we that is Alex Tepper and I - have just done a DJ mix for The Revenge's blog. There will be a tracklist when we sort it out (it's not a secret, we're just a bit shit). The mix is to promote the forthcoming singles on Home Taping and UTS. o and buy them both for you and your ol' mum (think of it as an early Christmas present for the old dear).

In the meantime, grab it here >>

Friday, 5 November 2010

DJ History Podcast #89

Hello sausage. Having a book launch on a Thursday when you've got to do a podcast is never a brilliant idea. Still, half pissed on the train home, layering all the tracks for the show on my laptop is one way to work off a hangover. Not that it worked. Nor did the small boy clambering into my bed at 6.30am this morning.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who came down to the launch of Catch The Beat last night. It was especially great to see all the heads turn up for Jay Strongman: Ross Allen, Ashley Beedle, Terry Farley, Rocky, Maisey, Chris Long, Justin Berkmann etc etc. You gotta check out the book, it looks incredible >>

Here's this week's tracklist. Check out Ray Mang's mix of Rampi, it's AMAZING.

RAMPI - Feel It Burn (Ray Mang Remix)
ARTHUR'S LANDING - Is It All Over My Face (12-inch Mix) (Chinatown)
AFMB - Nasty Disposition (Drumpoet Community)
SALSOUL ORCHESTRA - Take Some Time Out For Love (Harmless)
TWIN SISTER - All Around And Away We Go (Domino)
ROMAN IV - La Paloma (Running Back)
STEVE MASON - Boys Outside (Domino)
DJANGO NOVO - Seven Years (Ray Mang Remix)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jay Strongman on Mixcloud

Jay Strongman, god of the 80s underground scene in London, just did a warehouse mix for us to give away with copies of Catch The Beat, pre-ordered through DJHistory >>

Offer ends next Monday 8th November. Go get 'em, tiger.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Ross Allen's Meltdown, Oct 18th, Jay Strongman Special

I'm sure a lot of you know about all about Ross Allen from his show on GLR/BBC London. Since then, he's moved on to Ministry of Sound radio where he does a brilliant weekly show on a Monday. You can either listen live or, as we do, download when he sends out his weekly newsletter (subscribe by emailing him: ross.allen@me.com).

Download the show here >>

Anyhow, the other week he did a Jay Strongman special on the show. This is what Ross had to say about Jay and his own early experiences going out in London during the 80s when Jay ruled the capital:

Well I'm back... I'm going to keep it brief this week as I only got off the plane yesterday morning and there is a lot to do. Don't worry I will be filling you in on my exploits and musical ruminations on Malawi and the South eastern part of Africa next week, in the show and in the missive. So all those of you that can't be bothered with my long winded witterings are saved for a week. Needless to say that it was the best Lake Of Stars festival that i have been to and I have to take my hat off to all the organisers and volunteers that put it together it was ace and was bigger and better organised than ever. No mean feat when you are over 5000 miles from home in a pretty remote part of Africa. Still, as I said, more of that next week. There were some great live acts and DJs too.

Still back to the now and the show we broadcast whilst I was away was a real treat for me to record. Prompted by the imminent release of DJ History's - Catch The Beat book, a compilation of the great late 80s/early 90s fanzine Soul Underground. Frank B rang me and asked if I would be interested in interviewing one of the contributors Jay Strongman. I don't think he realised the significance of this man in my musical life - the answer was yes and the above show is the result. I loved every minute of it.

To give you the history when I was a youth in South London listening to electro, soul and trying to find out about Hip Hop's component elements - breaks etc, listening to pirate radio, Pete Tong and reading Blues & Soul and Echoes - I gradually began to realise that beyond my suburban confines there was a whole world out there that centred around the West End and was a lot more open minded and cosmopolitan than my corner of south-east London/north-west Kent offered - not that difficult in hindsight. Anyway that door was opened in part by reading the Face & i-D, hearing about Warehouse parties, and reading a column in The Face by the above mentioned Jay, other articles/writers also contributed to the attractiveness of this other world but month in month out Jay would be talking about the music that was hot, old or new - and to me it was almost all new. Then we got it together to go into the West End and get involved - We (my mates from home and I) ventured into the West End - full of fear and excitement - the door policies back in the day were notorious - if you didn't look right you wouldn't get in. The first night in the West End we went to The Raid @ The Wag, Gary Haisman stopped the notorious doorman Winston from stopping us getting in and the door was opened. We were out in the West End and wanted more. Next stop the Mud Club - the door there was tight - manned (?!) by Philip Sallon. It was even more of a mission to get in there so we thought but we got in and a whole other world opened up - an odd mixture of BBoys, trendy's, gays and freaks - that Leigh Bowery crowd dressed to the next level - more art installation than fashion. It was another world and I was amazed - Sarah Stockbridge doing Vivienne Westwood fashion shows and Mark Moore and Jay Strongman playing the most amazing music - everything chucked in the pot - funk, hip hop, early house, go go, hi-NRG. I loved it - i think the die was cast then.

I never met Jay then as I was always a bit in awe of all those DJs and too busy dancing and learning. To me these DJs were my new teachers - with a knowledge that I was desperate for. What were those records? Where could you ever get those tracks? and collect such a mad bunch of people to dance to them, with those clothes and stylings. So, you can see why all these years later I said yes to the interview. It, as you will hear, is a great show - Jay is a lovely guy - just into the music. The acid house explosion took the light away from this style of clubbing, and as great as that was and the fun I had in those clubs and parties and what went after, I have always loved those initial nights out where it was all so new, and diverse to me. So when getting the show together I thought I'd just get Jay to play me some of his classics from The Mud and preceding that the legendary warehouse party The Dirt Box, and preceding that his days on the dance floor. What you get is a great take on the the foundations of a great time in London nightlife. There was a lot to get through but i think we touched on a lot of the important bits in his musical journey plus his work in fashion with the shop Rockatcha. Check it out, its like the roots of The Meltdown...

Junior Mance - I Believe To My Soul - Atlantic LP
Fatback Band - Keep On Stepping - Polydor 7"
War - Me & Baby Brother - United Artists 7"
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Potential - Atlantic 7"
Peoples Choice - Do It Anyway You Wanna -
Tommy Stewart - Bump & Hustle Music - Abraxis LP
Johnny Bennet - Train Keep A Runnin' - Coral 7"
Hank Mizzel - Jungle Rock - Phillips 7"
Lil Junior - Feelin Good - ??
Bunker Hill - Hide & Seek - Norton 7"
Machine - There But For The Grace Of God - RCA 12"
Liquid Liquid - Cavern - 99 Records 12"
Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait - West End 12"
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Super Rappin No 5 - Enjoy 12"
Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express - TTED 12"
Mantronix - King Of The Beats - Capitol 12"
John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13 (Remix) - White 12"
Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown -
Billy Hawks - Ooh Baby I Believe I'm Losing You - Prestige LP
Tommy Neal - Going To A Happening - Vault 7''
Hank Ballard - From The Love Side - Polydor 7"

Thursday, 28 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #88

After last week's Jay Strongman special we're back to the gentler pastures of a normal show, chocked full of the usual goodies that make errr...


MARSMOBIL - Gonna Be My Day (Henrik Schwarz Acoustronic Remix) (Compost)
RON BASEJAM - Sanfranman (Redux)
JOEY NEGRO PRESENTS KOLA KUBE - Why (Joey Negro Block Party Mix)
NAME IN LIGHTS - Eld Lagor (Feed)
HAVANA CANDY - Rimentos Sical (HCR)
JULIAN SANZA - Fired Up (Original Mix)
J ALEXANDER - Endless (Kenny Larkin Remix)
PENGUIN PRISON - Golden Train (DiskJokke Mix) (WOS)

Friday, 22 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #87: Jay Strongman's Desert Island Disco

Welcome to another edition of the occasional DID series. This is actually the first of two Jay Strongman specials we've got on the podcast. This one is his Desert Island Disco selections and the second one - which we'll do in a month or so - is a straight-up interview about his life and career.

Both are tied into the publication of Catch The Beat: The Best Of Soul Underground 1987 - 91


THE FALCONS - Standing On Guard
KINOBE - Slip Into Something More Comfortable
DEEP SWING - In The Music
FONTELLA BASS - Our Day Will Come
WAR - Me & Baby Brother

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bill Brewster Page on Facebook

I've had to bow to the inevitable and create a Facebook Page after reaching my friends limit of 5,000. It's a bit of an arse, frankly, but there you go. That's the modern world we live in with its digital strategies, Directors of UX and cross-pollination of diverse brands.

Anyhow, here's the link >>

I'd love to tell you there will be a free bottle of Thunderbird for everyone that Likes the Page, but obviously you're gonna get bugger all, though I do faithfully promise to put some mixes up there, a bit of news, some gig details and all the sorts of things that people way more professional than me, bother with. Watch out, Tiesto, I'm coming!

Monday, 18 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #86

Well, that was a week and a half.

Spent four days away last week, in Kiev and Berlin. My wife came over to Berlin and met me at my hotel. I played at Cookies on the Thursday, which was really great. I'd had a bit of a stinker the previous day in Kiev, so I didn't know what to expect, only that it couldn't be worse than the Kiev gig, surely? Well, it wasn't. They liked it deep. So deep, in fact, that I was a bit annoyed with myself for not bringing more deep stuff with me. Anyhow, it went really well. The next day I spent a few hours at Native Instruments with the boys from Traktor who were showing me their new controller, which is pretty exciting in terms of the live possibilities (it also has a soundcard fitted, which simplifies the setup somewhat too). Then me and my lovely wife spent the rest of the day wandering around soaking up the atmosphere before hitting the bars. Fantastic few days.

Anyhow, the podcast was done on the fly. Literally as it happens: I did most of it on the flight home and the rest once I arrived.

CARIBOU - Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
ILL BLUE - Dragon Pop
PENGUIN PRISON - Golden Train (Club Mix) (WOS)
THE BUG - Catch A Fire feat. Hitomi (Ninja Tune)
RON BASEJAM - One Point (Redux)
ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ -Ride With Me Burnt Island Casuals Remix (Compost)
INFLAGRANTI - Notoriety (RD Edit) (Codek)
THE AIKIU - Just Can't Sleep (Azari & III Remix)
HOTEL MOTEL - Eye No (MASTER) (Home Taping)

Monday, 11 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #85

Slightly late, yet again. It's a bad habit, as Jenny Burton once sang, although admittedly not about submitting her podcast tracklisting late.

There are mitigating circumstances. Excuses, even.

There was the mega Rizla Riverboat Shuffle party on Friday, which wiped me out for the rest of the weekend, apart from a foray into the woods on Sunday foraging for mushrooms (no, not that sort).

Anyhow, tracklisting here. Hopefully it'll be Jay Strongman's Desert Island Disco next week!

MISS CHEESECAKE - You Must Create (CD-R)
NICK CHACONA - Slice Of Life (Name In Lights Remix) (Wurst)
JAMES BLAKE - Don't You Think I Do (R&S)
HOTEL MOTEL - Eye No (Burnt Island Casuals Remix) (Home Taping) 
CHICAGO DAMN - Hold On (Merc)
DROP OUT ORCHESTRA - Interlude 3 (dBs Extended Edit) (CD-R)
BARCK & PROMMER - Pictures Of The Sea (Love Theme) (Permanent Vacation)
COATI MUNDI - Do Not Brown Your Nose (Rong)
WGANDA KENYA - El Lobo (Nascente)
RUBENS BASSINI Y LOS LATINOS - Cha-Cha-Cha (Europeu Comercial) (Far Out) 

Monday, 4 October 2010

DJ History Podcast #84: Secret Weapons Spectacular

To celebrate the release of the Secret Weapons album, we thought we'd throw a hootenanny of spectacular proportions, in which we played a bunch of the SWs as featured on Bill's Secret Weapons bonus CD.

The demand has been so great for this, we've extended the deadline to get a copy of Bill's FREE CD to Tuesday October 5th. So you've still got time to nab a copy. Check out some of the shizzle on this podcast.

BUY Secret Weapons here >>

Tracklisting is below.

CHICAGO NIGHTS - Trance Monster
PETER ACCIDENT - Turning Black

MACAU - The Locust
LIFE - Cat's Eyes (BB Edit)

DJ History Podcast #82

Cor, I'm well behind on these tracklists, didn't realise the arrears had become so acute. In my defence, I have genuinely been busy and, to cap it all, Easyjet totalled my laptop (thanks Stelios!). Enough excuses, here's the tracklisting for t'other week.

DISCOMENDMENTS - Sleeping Giant (Maxi Discs)
RON BASEJAM - Vandross (Redux)
SPIRIT CATCHER - Threesome (Systematic)
SHIT ROBOT - Tuff Enuff (DFA)
DISCODROMO - Ionio (Solardisco)
ROYKSOPP - Senior Living (WOS)
STEVE SOULBASICS & MARTIJN - Lose It (Jay Tripwire Mix) (Baker Street)
ORO - Stop The War (Light Sounds Dark)
FERNANDO - Endless Disco (Redux)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Francis Grasso interview

Those of you that pre-ordered the new book by Frank Broughton and myself on DJhistory.com will also have received the interview of Francis Grasso that we put together to accompany it. We may at some stage even stream that on somewhere like Mixcloud but for now it's exclusive to all those good folks that bought the book.

Anyhow, there was some music on there (not particularly obscure or anything) so we thought we'd leave you the tracklisting for it, so you can rub your loins while simultaneously listening to the interview, reading the book and buying the vinyl versions off Discogs.

SANTANA - Soul Sacrifice
ABACO DREAM - Life & Death In G And A
ANDWELLA - Hold On To Your Mind
LITTLE SISTER - You're The One

Mark Broadbent: We Love at Space, Ibiza

Last summer I managed to blag a gig over at Space in Ibiza under the pretence that it was my birthday. We took a gang over with us and had such a blast they asked to come back and do it again (this Sunday, September 19th, since you asked). Over the past few years I'd noticed that Space have started incorporating a lot of the less obvious acts into their line-ups and this summer they had youngsters PBR Streetgang as residents, alongside booking loads of leftfield DJs, and old hands like Ian Dewhirst have told us that they've never had so much interest from Ibizan bookers as they have this year. So we thought we'd ask Mark Broadbent, who does the bookings for We Love, what was going on in the White Isle.

How has it been this summer in Ibiza? How has the recession affected the island? 

This summer seems to have been far better than last year and not just for the clubs either which is great news. I live in Ibiza town and last year it was a sad sight indeed to see the restaurants half empty and closed by early September. But this year July and August have been mostly amazing and September is looking pretty good. Fingers crossed we are starting to see the first signs of economic re-growth. 

Things seem to be starting to open up a little bit in Ibiza in the past year or so with what you've been doing and also parties like Nightmare on Wax George's at Aura. Is that something you think will get bigger?
I hope so, I mean we have always strived to bring different things to the table with our bookings but as you rightly suggest the past couple of years have seen us reaching that little bit futher. We are very lucky to have six arenas in which to programme acts and this has allowed us to experiment with different genres and we have now got to the point where if you don’t like whats going on in one room, you can check out one of the others where there’s bound to find something you will like. We also have a slightly older and more musically clued up crowd who have grown with us over the past twelve years, which obviously helps a lot.

Ibiza seems even more obsessed with house than anywhere else I go. Do you think it's true and, if so, why?
The modern history of the island has been built on the foundations of house music in its different forms, its music that is common to all the people of Europe. Music we can all understand, if you like, although as you suggest in the previous question there are changes afoot with promoters looking to include different styles in their programing. However, I don’t feel that Ibiza is on its own with an obsession of house, it's pretty much the soundtrack to saturday night/the weekend wherever you go if you spend it in nightclubs (I use the term house music very liberally of course!) 

If you could book any DJ from any era, what would your dream line-up be and where would you get them to play? 
It would be very difficult for me to suggest one defining “dream line-up” not only would it upset the acts i didn’t list but this is pretty much what I do over the whole summer, anyway. There are, of course, a few that I’ve missed – Larry Levan, John Peel, for example, who I’d have loved to have had on. Every year I go on my travels and think about what has worked, try and understand what it is that people liked about the acts and then include others that are a reference point or moving in a similar direction the following year. If I just booked acts that I like (i.e. my dream line-up) I’d most probably be stood there with another 200 people in a venue big enough for 5,000 so I obviously have to think about our customers’ tastes. But I only book acts that I think are great at what they do even if it is not necessarily my own personal taste. It's all about finding the right balance. 

Is there anywhere else in the world you'd love to take We Love to? 
It's more about working with people who we like than a country to be honest but having said that it would be nice to do a winter season in the snow somewhere. 

How do you think the Spanish view the Brit invasion of the island? 
Different people have different opinions but for the most part we are looked on as an important piece of the jigsaw I think. I mean the British tourists make up something like 60% of the tourists visiting Ibiza every summer so you do the maths! 

What music do you listen to at home? 
All sorts, dependent on the time of day and my mood at that particular time. We have a very old four-storey house with sound-systems on all four levels so there is very often wildly different music on each level. My wife Sarah also gets the occasional say in what we listen to although that’s generally some spoken word on Radio 4 or some old indie/rockabilly stuff. Current faves for the last six months include – The Books, Forest Swords, Caribou, Four Tet, The Alps, Baris K, Bottin, Capac, Jonathan Richman, Soul Lichfield, Sparklehorse, Yo La Tengo, Gonjasufi, Actress, D.I.R.T.Y. Soundsystem podcasts, Burning Spear, Desmond Dekker, Bernie Connor’s podcast, Gilles peterson, Phat Phil Cooper, Toro y Moi, Kirstin Hersh, Oddisee, Nath Family, Jarvis Cocker on 6Music, Carl Craig. 

It must be bonkers during the summer season with very little time to rest. What do you do for the rest of the year? 
It's not a hard job to be honest, we have a great team that have been with us for some years now so the promotion is a well-oiled machine. I make sure that I get time to reflect on how things are going during the summer months, try not to get too sucked into the constant club/bar/club/bar/club circut that I was once very involved in. We have younger people on the team who are far better equipped to do this now! Having said that there is always a bittersweet feeling on finishing the summer season and it's good to get away from the island. Myself and Sarah my wife and partner – alongside Darren Hughes – in the business always take at least two months off around December to travel. We go to places as far away from the vibe of Ibiza in the summer months as possible, last year was Nicaragua and this year we are off to Bangladesh and the Andaman islands for a couple of months.

DJ History Podcast #81

Another busy week at DJH Towers. The Rizla Riverboat Shuffle party we're doing with Optimo and Melting Pot in Glasgow sold out, and, naturally, we had loads of emails from people asking if we can squeeze them on. It's a boat, kids, with strict safety limits. So, er, no.

Anyhow, we've got loads of other cool stuff happening. If you subscribe to the DJH newsletter, you'll get the chance to download the ace new Cherry Ghost tune (a rendition of Ce Ce Peniston's 'Finally'), as played on this podcast.

FERNANDO - Love Sequence (Original Mix) (Solardisco)
THE XX - Shelter (Tiga Remix)
ALMUNIA - New Moon  (Flx Mix) (Claremont 56)
SHEHARZAD - Yalla Yalla (Kid Who Cosmic Mix) (Fine Art)
AZARI & III - Indigo (Turbo)
SPEKTRUM - I've Done It Now (Layo & Bushwacka Mix) (Non Stop)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - I'm A Man (Pilooski Dub) (Island)
JUNIOR WELLS - Lovey Dovey Lovey One (BBE)
RUTH - Polaroid/Roman/Photo (Angular)
CHERRY GHOST - Finally (Extended Edit) (Heavenly)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

DJ History Podcast #80

A chaotically busy few days on returning from Croatia, followed by a little jaunt to the White Isle courtesy of DJ Hero 2, though I did manage to slip in a really nice sunset session at Cafe Mambo with Alex Wolfenden (thanks Alex!). Now back to the winsome charms of Shoreditch where it's presently monsoon season. Blighty!

ARP - Alfa (Dusted) (Smalltown Supersound)
CISCOE - Elevators (Paper Recordings)
CHK CHK CHK - Am/Fm (Warp)
MOCK & TOOF - Norman's Eyes (Tiny Sticks)
MARCOS VALLE - Novo Acorde (Far Out)
SOUL MEKANIK - High On Hope Street (Alt Mix) (Wonk)
CHROMEO - Hot Mess (Back Yard)
EDDIE C - Tell Me (Home Taping)

Monday, 6 September 2010

DJ History Podcast #79: Neville Watson special

Yes, even I am allowed to go away and sun myself sometimes, you know, though it has to be said we could have made a wiser choice than Mablethorpe. 

Anyhow, sitting in the hotseat was none other than Neville Watson, the leader of the High Wycombe boot boys. 

Here's his tracklist (and very good it was too!)
Mark Duffin - Captain Five Minutes Ago (Solar Disco)
Matthew Dear - Little People (Ghostly International)
Yuki Suzuki - Need Your Love (Jansen Jardin)
Snuff Crew - Winter In June [Dance Disorder Mix] (Snuff Trax)
Murphy Jax feat Mike Dunn - It's The Music [Alden Tyrell Mix] (Clone Jack For Daze)
Depeche Mode - No Disco (Mute)
Skudge - Mirage (Skudge)
Tudor Acid - Misty AM (Tudor Beats)
Smackos - Love & Happiness
KiNK feat Milenta - Dame Mas (Argumento)

Friday, 20 August 2010

DJ History Podcast #78

Well, I appear to have contracted some sort of virus. Could even be Lassa Fever for all I know. Or worse. Anyhow, I'm penning this from my sickbed, while my trusty manservant, Jarvis, mops my brow, brings Horlicks at regular intervals (with a shot of Drambuie for good luck) and reads me the letters from today's Daily Telegraph. Life would be worse.

Don't forget next week's how will be hosted by Neville Watson and he did a great job last year so I'm really looking forward to his selections. I am, of course, indisposed at the Electric Elephant where we are doing a few boat parties. This week we've got a classics special with all the releases taken from the forthcoming Happy Days and BackBeats compilations series'.

MILT JACKSON - Sunflower (Sony)
OV WRIGHT - Let's Straighten It Out (BackBeats)
BOBBY PATTERSON - I Get My Groove From You (BackBeats)
GQ - Make My Dreams A Reality (Sony)
HONEY CONE - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (BackBeats)
MARYANN FARRA & SATIN SOUL - Stoned Out Of My Mind (BackBeats)
NORMAN HARRIS - In Good Faith (BackBeats)
OTIS LEAVILL - Love Uprising (BackBeats)
NORMAN CONNORS - Once I've Been There (Sony)
THE JACKSONS - This Place Hotel (Aka Heartbreak Hotel) (Sony)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Yeah, this one's even later than last week. Shameful, I know. But we did have a new book out last week and we've prostituting ourselves in the most outrageous ways to court publicity and get reviews (honestly, the people we've made Frank sleep with this week....).

But it is a really good show, so it's worth knowing what we played, innit? I'm gonna do a old school special on Friday and then next week I'm handing over the reins to Neville Watson who depped for me last year and did a great job, so I'm really looking forward to listening to what he plays when I get back from Croatia (did I mention we were doing a couple of boat parties in the Adriatic next week.... ;))

Check out that Bib Tanga, it's brilliant.

AT ONE - Ashiha (Yoruba)
BEAUTIFUL SWIMMERS - Give It All You Got (Future Times)
AKABU - The Phuture Ain't What It Used To be (Z Records)
LEFTSIDE WOBBLE - Grapevine Boogie
ANDREYA TRIANA - Far Closer (Mr. Scruff Remix) (Ninja Tune)
BOTTIN PRESENTS TINPONG - New Religion (Marcus Marr Remix) (Nang Records)
PHIL ASHER - In Ya Dreams (Restless Soul)
BIBI TANGA & THE SELENITES - Be Africa (Beg To Differ Mix) (Wurst)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

DJ History Podcast #76

It's late. Sorry. Anyhow, it's here.

SHLOMI ABER - Taped And Gorgeous (Ovum)
TOOMY DISCO - A Girl Called Zara (So Sound)
DAN LE SAC V SCROOBIUS PIP - Cauliflower (Mark E Mix) (Sunday Best)
FUNKINEVEN - Another Space (Eglo)
MATTHEW DEAR - Shortwave (Ghostly International)
IZZI DUNN - Nothing But Love (Indelible3 Remix) (Idunnit)
NIGEL HAYES - Deep September (Intelligent Audio)
LE PAMPLEMOUSSE - You Can Get Off On The Music (Fat Camp Edit) (Disco Deviance)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mixcloud's Celebration of Curation

Our buddies at Mixcloud are doing a month's worth of personal curations to celebrate their first birthday and we've been asked to produce a show for it. Ours goes out on Saturday, 7th August, but since we're all clearing off the The Big Chill we figured we'd better get on and mention it now, before it's all tragically late. 

Anyhow, we've done a special show with music taken from the various projects we're involved in, plus a live recording of Hardton (done at low Life last year). It's ace. 

Friday, 30 July 2010

DJ History Podcast #75

Hello happy shoppers. Tis the day of the Fri and that can only mean one thing. Well, two things: fish must be eaten for one, but then also the DJ History podcast is broadcasting from a metaphorical tower block somewhere near you.

Loads of ace stuff on the show today, including another track from Matthew Dear's new album Black City, which has got to be one of the contenders for album of the year (along with Caribou and Mock & Toof). I'm desperately trying to get all my work done so I can spend the afternoon with the kids (hope the weather perks up a bit, the sun's gone for its lunch, I think).

Anyhow, here you go:

T-COY - Carino (MCDE Mix)
ANTIPOP CONSORTIUM - Volcano (Four Tet Remix) (Ninja Tune)
RICCARDO CIONI & DJ FT BAND - Fog (Extended Mix)
BELLERUCHE - Gold Rush (Tru Thoughts)
LOCUSSOLUS - Tan Sedan (IFeel)
LDN - Sign (Psychemagik Dirty Radio Mix)
RUSSO - Fuck My MPC (Fullbarr)
AFRICA HITECH - How Does It Make U Feel (Warp)
MATTHEW DEAR - I Can't Feel (Ghostly International)

Download here >>

Monday, 26 July 2010

DJ History Podcast #74

Sorry the tracklist is late, but I was visiting my ancestral seat at the weekend, though didn't manage to sneak away from the kids to watch Grimsby play Winterton Rangers in a local friendly though (the lure of Cleethorpes' Paddling Pool was too great). Anyhow, here are the runners and riders for last week's show. Booyakka!

SHOCK - R.E.R.B. (Blitz Club)
SOUL MEKANIK - High On Hope Street (Rubber Dub Mix) (RIP)
MARK E - Stoneleigh Express (Running Back)
BRYAN FERRY - You Can Dance (Padded Cell Remix) (Virgin)
MATTHEW DEAR - Honey (Ghostly International)
MAIN STEM - Colour Of The Sun (CD-R)
SEMTEK - Lotos Eaters (Neville Watson Remix)
CHICKEN LIPS - Sweet Cow (Cole Medina Mix)

Download podcast here >>

Monday, 19 July 2010

DJ History Podcast #73

I'm a bit late getting this up (ooh-err etc) after a manic Friday evening (Horse & Groom plus Imogen's 40th dontcha know), not enough sleep before kids made early morning raid on bed; all day at River Festival in Bedford and recovery yesterday.

It was a fantastic show, even if I do say so myself. Here's the evidence:

FERNANDO - Best Is Yet To Come (Internasjnol)
MATTHEW DEAR - Soil To Seed (Ghostly International)
MYSTERY JETS - Dreaming Of Another World (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Mix) (Rough Trade)
THE THERMOMETERS - Babalawo (Soundway)
CEE-LO GREEN - Georgia (CD-R)
BLAKULA! - Feed Your Demons (Bear Funk)
MODEL 500 - OFI (Original Mix) (R&S)
JUSTIN HARRIS - Shadows (PPF Into The Light Rework)
PRINCE - Beginning Endlessly (Paisley Park)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

DJ History Podcast #72

Gearing up for my sis-in-law's birthday party, while the kids frolic like mini lambs in the paddling pool, only punctuated by the sound of son chucking all manner of unnecessaries into said pool. We only need a rusty bike stuck upside down and it would resemble the Grand Union Canal just by Ladbroke Grove. Ah summer!

Corker of a tracklist, as it always is. Dig in. But put a bib on first.

MAASA - Walking On The Moon (In Flagranti Mix)
ART DEPARTMENT - Without You (Crosstown Rebels)
ALOE BLACC - Femme Fatale (Stones Throw)
AKABU - Searchin' (MCDE Mix) (Zedd)
ALBERT - Crosseyed (Studiorockers)
CHICKEN LIPS - Ron Silver (Zeefungk Dub Out) (Lipservice)
JAMES TEEJ - Anything Right (My Favorite Robot)
ROSKA - Hey Cutie (Rinse)
EARTH, WIND & FIRE - Jupiter (Sony)

Download podcast here >.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Chicken Lips competition!


Yeah, kids. To celebrate the massive expansion of our spangly new download store (details coming soon) we're giving budding remixers the opportunity to rework a track by one of the UK's leading producers, Chicken Lips. The tune is Sweet Cow, taken from 2006's Making Faces album, and the winner of the competition will have their tune on sale in the new DJhistory download store, alongside all the other classic Lips' shizzle.

Competition ends on August 31st 2010. 

Please submit your entry in MP3 320 format to the Soundcloud Dropbox:
Send me your track

Chicken Lips Competition Entries

Monday, 5 July 2010

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes (Vol. 6)

It's our final destination. Volume Six. Who'd have thought we'd get this far? Have you marveled at the pause button editing skills on these compilations? I know, shockingly bad, how did he ever get a job involved in music....

Anyhow, this has also got some corkers on it, as all of them have, even if they are segued together in a vastly incompetent manner. There's a particular bent towards roots music on this episode, with everyone from the amazing Billie Holiday in her pomp to the King at his peak and Woody's son Arlo's great boogie rag. Tracklist here:

OTIS CLAY - You Can't Keep Running
BILLIE HOLIDAY - This Year's Kisses
MEADE LUX LEWIS - Railroad Blues
ARLO GUTHRIE - Presidential Rag
WILMOTH HOUDINI - Poor But Ambitious
ELVIS PRESLEY - Mystery Train
DC SCORPIO - Stone Cold Lovers
MAGAZINE - The light Pours Out Of Me
LEROY CARR - Barrelhouse Woman
PAUL JOHNSON - Fear Of Falling

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes Vol. 6 by Bill Brewster

Friday, 2 July 2010

DJ History Podcast #71

Well, the weather's calmed down somewhat from the hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer last week, though the hay fever doesn't appear to have abated (atchoo etc). Been working furiously on the Francis Grasso interview CD we are giving away FREE to anyone buying our new book The Record Players, and even though the audio quality is not great (it was recorded in a bar in Brooklyn at 10am in the morning on a cassette recorder with Francis merrily knocking Buds back), he is still clearly audible above the hubbub of the bar. Think it's going to be really good once I've dropped all the music into it, as well as Frank's little intro spiel.

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. This week's tracklist. Below. Cheers. 

AL USHER - Hilversum (Misericord)
ANDY BLAKE - Leisure Gets Tough (CD-R)
FISH GO DEEP FT. TRACY K - A Dream (Go Deep)
SHARON PHILLIPS - Want 2 Need 2 (Darryl's Edit)
BONAR BRADBERRY - Raum Strasse (Ray Mang Remix) (Under The Shade)
DISKJOKKE - Rosenrød (Smalltown Supersound)
RANDOLPH - GPS (Recloose Mix) (Still Music)
PEZZNER - Chiuso Per Ferie (Freerange)
RONNIE & RENZO - Broken Fingers (King Kung Foo) 

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Don Was interview

I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Don Was a couple of years ago for Mojo magazine. Although Mojo wasn't really interested in his back-story of the early days hanging out with Ken Collier, Electrifyin' Mojo et al, I was fairly obsessed with it, so took the opportunity to ask him about those times in Detroit, going to parties with Ken Collier and making Flamethrower Rap. He was blown away that anyone had even heard of any of the stuff I was asking him about and gave me a brilliant interview.

Read the interview here >>

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes (Vol. 5)

We now alight upon Volume Five and we are almost at journey's end. Tracklist below.

L.T.D. - Your Love Is The Answer
ANTHONY MALVO - Give Me Your Loving
THE ALMIGHTY MC - School's Out
MUDDY WATERS - Mannish Boy
PRIVATE PARTY - Puppet Capers
FIVE RED CAPS - Boogie Till You Drop
FRESH GORDON - Feeling James
3 MUSTAPHAS 3 - Shouffi Rhirou
MACKENZIES - Mealy Nouths

Download it here >>

 Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes Vol. 5 by Bill Brewster

Friday, 25 June 2010

We are now officially at Volume Four of this not particularly epic series. There are a few more to go before I run out of crap old 80s cassette to foist on you and get back to watching England lose on penalties.

Download it here >>

THE DAVIE SISTERS - I've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know
THE SMITHS - Girl Afraid
BILLIE HOLIDAY - When A woman Loves A Man
MAROON TOWN - City Riots
BOBBY BYRD -  I Know You Got Soul
CARL HALL - I Just Love Making Love
M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up The Volume
CALLA PRIIS - Ni Imano Amohoa
3 MUSTAPHAS 3 - Ugga
MAHOTELLA QUEENS - Asambe Matawane
RANDY NEWMAN - Birmingham
EDWYN COLLINS - Don't Shilly Shally
BEYOYO BROS. - Maraba Start 500
DAN PICKETT 991/2 Won't Do
IAN TURPIE - The Decimal Point
PERCY SLEDGE - Dark End of The Street

DJ History Podcast #70

Beautiful day, today, innit, the hay fever notwithstanding (atchoo). Seems a shame to be cooped in my lair but come three o'clock I shall be out there, collecting small children, maybe tickling them for a bit (life's small pleasures etc) and then hanging in the garden with a beer, a paddling pool and a Spaniel panting in the shade. In the meantime, check this out, there are some corkers.

TEELOO - Habitant (No 19 Music)
ZEV - Don't Break It (Wolf + Lamb)
WALTER JONES - Hot Contact (UTT)
DISKJOKKE - 1987 (Richard Sen Mix)  (Smalltown Supersound)
ZERO 7 - Futures (Carl Craig Mix) (Atlantic)
KM EDITION - Feelings of Ecstasy (KM Editions)
MARCUS MARR -  Well Alright (??)
GATTO FRITTO - Right Thought
HATCHBACK - Jetlag (Faze Action Remix) (TINAE)

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes (Vol. 3)

OK, so we've reached the heady heights of episode three of what Bill's found in his attic and transferred to MP3. More gear from the mid-to-late 80s. This is two sides of one C90 cassette. I should've separated them for ease of play and everything, but England were playing Slovenia at the time and I forgot. So shoot me. Tracklisting below. Download link here >>

LL COOL J - Get Down
GREAT LEAP FORWARD - Hope's Not Enough Son, Ask Your Parents
ERIC B & RAKIM - Move The Crowd
BERT HOWELL & HIS SHOW BAND - The Aussies And The Yanks Are Here
NEW ORDER - True Faith
MICHAEL COLEMAN -  Woman Loves A Woman
TAJ MAHAL - Paint My Mailbox Blue
ERIC B & RAKIM - Paid In Full
PALENQUE - El Guabo Dea Yea (can't read my writing, could be anything!)
LEROY GIBBS - Yodel Reggae
WHITSON BROTHERS - High Cost Of Living
HUBERT SUMLIN - West Side Soul
REAL SOUNDS OF AFRICA - Dynamos vs. Dynamos
WOODY GUTHRIE - Talking Dustbowl Blues
BLACK UHURU - The Whole World Is Africa
THE SMITHS - Girlfriend In A Coma
PAUL JOHNSON - Every Kind Of People
MASEKASS -  Cold Wings

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes (Vol. 2)

Continuing the series, here we have Volume Two which, as convention dictates, comes swiftly in the slipstream of Volume One and should hopefully be followed by Volume Three, depending on whether I actually do any work today.

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes Vol. 2 >>

C.I.A. - Ill-Legal
MARTIN MOLE - Straight Talk About The Blues
HOT COLD SWEAT -  Move Like That
HAZEL DICKENS - Coal Mining Woman
SCHOOLLY D - Dedication To All B-Boys

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes (Vol. 1)

Back in the 1980s, when I was very poor, I used to sit at home recording loads of stuff off the radio, and make pause button tapes of the best music. Now, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, this can be enjoyed at home by anyone, made plausible and even possible via the generosity of the internet. Much of this was originally taped from the John Peel show, which was for me, like many who were trapped in shit towns in the UK, a window into a world of fantastic music, music that I couldn't really afford, save for the occasional splash on a Streetsounds compilation.
The music on here is wildly diverse, as it should be, in my view. Recorded in the first half of 1987 It's what I was digging 23 years ago. The editing is hilariously bad, but then everything was hilariously bad in the 80s (check out those haircuts baby). Hope you dig it. Tracklist below (I was a trainspotter even then, see.)
RAPPIN' REVEREND -  I Ain't Into That
DUANE & CO. - JB In Heat
ERIC B & RAKIM -  I Know You've Got Soul
THE GO-BETWEENS - Don't Call Me Gone
MICHELLE SHOCKED -  Contest Coming
BOSCA - Together
BUTCH HANCOCK - You've Never Seen Me Cry
GEORGE JONES - Good Year For The Roses
THE TIMES - David Jones Is On His Way
MIAMI - Chicken Yellow

Friday, 18 June 2010

DJ History Podcast #69: Desert Island Disco - Dave Lee

After a bigger delay than I wanted, we've finally got the Dave Lee Desert Island Disco live. Hope it was worth the wait. Dave Lee, for those of you actually living on a desert island for the 20 years, is the man behind Joey Negro, Akabu, Raven Maize, Sunburst Band, Hed Boys and myriad other guises. As the owner of Zedd Records, he's also released several brilliant disco and boogie compilations, including the just out Back Street Britfunk >>

On a personal level, he's someone I've known for 20 years, having first met him when he moved into a room I was moving out of in a flat in Islington. We've been friends ever since and I can't think of anyone else who has turned me on to as many great records (especially disco) as he has.


THE HUMAN LEAGUE - The Sound Of The Crowd
CHICAGO - Woman Don't Want To Love Me
LOGG - You've Got That Something
TECH TRAX INC - Tech Trax Inc

Download here >>

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Chicken Lips remix competition! Yeah, baby, let's go!

I love a bit of Chicken Lips, me. And Emperor Machine for that matter. White Light Circus too. Bizarre Inc? Yeah, why not. 

Anyhow, to celebrate the massive expansion of our spangly new download store (details coming soon) we're giving budding remixers the opportunity to rework a track by one of the UK's leading producers, Chicken Lips. The tune is Sweet Cow, taken from 2006's Making Faces album, and the winner of the competition will have their tune on sale in the new DJhistory download store, alongside all the other classic Lips' shizzle.

Competition ends on August 31st 2010.

Please submit your entry in MP3 320 format and email it to Bill here >>

Please put Chicken Lips Competition in the subject box. 

Download parts here >>

Let's go. 

Monday, 14 June 2010

DJ History Podcast #68

Whoops. Meant to post this on Friday as soon as I'd done the show, but totally slipped my mind, then the weekend intervened. I was distracted slightly by the World Cup, plus I was DJing on Saturday with Ray Mang, so I spent the evening raiding the green room with Raj while getting whoozy on V&Ts. Twas good, though less so when the kids climbed into my bed at 7.30am on Sunday.... Ouch.


ANDREA TRIANA - Draw The Stars (Ninja Tune)
KM EDITION - Feelings of Ecstasy (KM)
KODE9 - You Don't Wash (Dub) (DJ-Kicks)
AZYMUTH - Os Cara La (Rabotnik Mix) (Far Out)
LAURENT GARNIER - Gnanmankoudji (Emperor Machine Mix)
PENGUIN PRISON - A Funny Thing (Gold Dust Retweak) (CD-R)
HOT LUNCH - Inside Of You (PPF)
BODI BILL - Tip Toe Walk (Siriusmo Remix) (Sinnbus)
KIRSTY ALMEIDA - Spider (Mr Scruff Mix) (Decca)
LEO GANDELMAN - Abertura (Far Out)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Yeah kids, our new book The Record Players is now on pre-sale. It's a collection of all of our bestest interviews from the past 20 years or so with DJing's revolutionaries, similar to the ones we host on DJHistory.com but many more and most never seen before by human eyes (except me and Frank). There are also loads of charts and discographies in there, unpublished photos, memorabilia etc etc. It's ticketyboo.

Download sampler here >>

If you order it now through DJH, you'll get an exclusive CD containing Frank's legendary encounter with Francis Grasso in a Brooklyn bar at 10am in the morning (the Bud's were on Frank). You will also receive this book weeks before Amazon or book stores. If you are buying in the UK it's also free P+P (only £5 overseas).


Friday, 4 June 2010

DJ History Podcast #67

Well, it's a right proper scorcher and no mistake. And the weather's not too shabby either.

Low Life tomorrow kids, if you can make it. It's at CAMP, ya know, then there's an afterparty at Cosmobar in Clerkenwell Road.

Here's the tracklist for this week's show.

TELESPAZIO - Closer Space (Milky Disco 3) (Lo Recordings)
BEN SUN - Salty Tears (Voyeurhythm)
JAMES YUILL - On Your Own (Moshi Moshi)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - I'm A Man (Pilooski Dub) (Island)
STETSASONIC - 4 Ever My Beat (Beat Bongo Mix) (Strut)
KILLER WHALE - Tell You Today (Leo Zero Mix)
ILIJA RUDMAN - Time and Time (Electric Minds)
MOCK & TOOF - Lovehearts (Tiny Sticks)
AVENUE B BOOGIE BAND - Bumper To Bumper (Disco Discharge/Diggin' Deeper) (Harmless)

Friday, 28 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #66

Last week it was shorts and barbeques, this week it's back to the dufflecoats and umbrellas. I love the British weather.

Anyhow, we've got some proper scorchers in the show this week, including new singles from Aeroplane (a bit cod reggae, can't make my mind up about it) and Andy Bell of Erasure (surprisingly ace).

HOTEL MOTEL - Donna Nook (CD-R)
ALLEZ-ALLEZ - Hideous Racket (Rvng Intl)
CHRISTOPHE - Make A Mark (Lukas Family Affair Mix) (Redux)
AZARI & III - Reckless With Your Love (Neville Watson Mix)
LOPEZ - Zapping (Keep Up)
ANDY BELL - Call On Me (Vince Clarke Mix) (Mute)
TJ KONG & NUNO DOS SANTOS FT. ROBERT OWENS - Where Were You (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) (Compost)
AEROPLANE - We Can't Fly (Extended Drums Mix) (PIAS)
EDDIE KENDRICKS - He's A Friend (Dimitri from Paris Super Disco Blend) (BBE)

Download here >>

Friday, 21 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #65

Hello campers. Well, in between furiously putting the latest podcast together, I've been sneakily looking on eBay for a barbeque grill to make the most of what will probably turn out to be the only good weekend of the summer (such is life in the UK). I've fired up the paddling pool (I"m on a promise to my daughter) and in between that I've been pumping out some brilliant stuff I've been sent and bought recently.

Here's the chart:

HOTEL MOTEL - Chocolate City (CD-R)
MUSHROOMS PROJECT - Tropikal Mushrooms (Phoreski Mix) (Under The Shade)
BANDA LOS HIJOS DE NINA LUZ - Dejala Corre (Soundway)
JOY DIVISION - Disorder (Factory)
EVERYTHING EVERYTHING -Schoolin' (Leo Zero Wigwam Mix)
HOLY GHOST - Static On The Wire (DFA)
GERALDO PINO - African Hustle (Academy)
X-PRESS 2 - Down the Whole (Shorter Club Version) (Skint)
ROCHA - Feel the Love (International Feel)

Download this week's podcast here >>

Subscribe here >>

TONIGHT! Secret Weapons hottery

Leo Zero

Bill Brewster
John Morales
James Priestley
Jonny 5
Namedrop & Benoit
Dave Rose
Itchysoul DJs

Come and dance to hot remixer du jour Leo Zero and John Morales, one of the true disco legends of New York, alongside a plethora of ace residents and James Priestley of Secretsundaze infamy.

FREE before 11pm. £4 after.

Harrods-style events for Lidl prices!

Horse & Groom, Curtain Road, East End, That London.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

BOOK Sale, Baby!

We're clearing out the warehouse to make way for more paper matter, in the form of Frank and Bill's ace new book, The Record Players (out in August, but available on DJHistory.com in July). All stock reduced (and cheaper than Amazon!).

We've also got a slew of new books forthcoming, including Catch The Beat, The Best of Soul Underground 1987-91; Rewind! An Oral History of Reggae; Disco Downtown, another brilliant disco book from the producers of The Disco Files and several other titles imminent.

BUY Boy's Own here >>

BUY Raving '89 here >>

BUY Once In A Lifetime here >>

BUY Disco Files here >>

Saturday, 15 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #64

Oi oi. Me again. Loads of new stuff this week, as always. Check it out here.

FAZE ACTION - Tattoo Man (Special Disco Mix) (FAR)
∂60 - Love Theme
ART BLEEK - The Real Thing (Sharivari Records)
DATABOY 78 - Tuesday (Lexx Remix)
MOCK & TOOF - Lovehearts (CD-R)
HOT LUNCH - Every Woman (PPF)
KING DJ - Clothes & Counters (Bear Funk )
RUNAWAY - Broken Man (On The Prowl)
SHE - Domina (Killer Whale Vocal) (Out Hear)
LEFTSIDE WOBBLE & GUY WILLIAMS - Pocket Angel (Autodiscotheque)

Download the podcast here >>

Friday, 7 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #63

Diamond Dave's nearly got his grubby mitts on the steering wheel, George Osborne smug face is going to be all over the place. It's all gone horribly Pete Tong, innit?

Here's some music to soothe the soul. Or at least make you forget which country we live in (if you are, indeed, in the UK) for a few minutes.

DOLPHIN BOY - Don't Stop (Rebirth)
MICKEY MOONLIGHT - Pelu Tolo (Ed Banger/Because)
WGANDA KENYA - El Lobo (Soundway)
SKWERL - Liron (International Deejay Gigolo)
BOOGALOO ZOO - Found It (Lovemonk)
OST & KJEX - Cajun Lunch (Dynamic)
M A N I K - Fable (Four Twenty)
MOCK & TOOF - Move Along (CD-R)
LA TROMBA - Calaba Calabao (Soundway)
BRIAN FERRY - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Island)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #62

Yes I know this is several days late, but we've been slaving over a hot book while you lot have been sunning yourselves in the sub-Saharan conditions Great Britain has been enjoying over the bank holiday weekend. Working all over the weekend, putting the finishing touches to a book Frank and I have been putting together (a collection of our interviews, more news to follow).

Anyhow, this is the tracklist for the last podcast.

DISKJOKKE - 1987 (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (Full Pupp)
MOCK & TOOF - From Kashima (CD-R)
LAUER -  Delta NRG (Mock & Toof remix) (Permanent Vacation)
SALVADOR SANTANA - Don't Do It (DarkStarr Remix) (CD-R)
COYOTE - Moving (Still Going Remix) (International Feel)
TUPPY CLARKE - Night Till Day (Mitch Davis Remix) (Electric Sheep)
MOCK & TOOF - Shoeshine Boogie (CD-R)
PRINS THOMAS - Kukkelure (Full Pupp)
FINISHING TOUCH - Don't Put Me Down (Harmless)