Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Low Life at Electric Elephant, CROATIA

We got invited to do this really cool little festival in Petrcane (near Zadar) last year by the boys from Electric Chair in Manchester. It's a really kitsch site, a 1970s Communist constructed hotel-resort complex with a concrete nightclub called Barbarella's and some nice touches that have been subsequently added (like a beach bar and live stage). Each day there was a boat party on an old tub out in the Adriatic.

We were asked to do oneo f the boat parties. Here's a clip from last year's party (it was AMAZING) >

Anyhow, we've been asked back. We loved it so much last year we're staying for a week's holiday (then we're jetting off to Sarajevo to celebrate the lanuch of our book in Serbo-Croat!).

Here are the details.
Tickets are £69.99 and you can get them here >

Boat Party Tickets
There will be 2 Boat Parties each day Friday/Saturday/Sunday.Tickets will be £6 each. Full details of the Boat Parties how and when to obtain Boat Party tickets, will be announced soon (we're doing one of them).

Andrew Weatherall, Jesse Rose, Joakim, Daniele Baldelli, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Soul Jazz Soundsystem, Bullion, Idjut Boys, Disco Bloodbath, Andy Votel/Dom Thomas, Hose Meat Disco, Aficionado, Basement Boogaloo, To The Bone, Four Tet,

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