Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Low Life set ready for download

I don't play exclusively house sets much any more so I had a lot of fun digging through a few old classics and pulling out my favourite new tunes for last Saturday. I had some really beautiful old songs to play but I got carried away with some deep house and some techy gear, but I did manage to punctuate it with some ace vocal tracks. It actually sounds better now listening to it at home than I thought it did when I was playing it. I was a bit disappointed with myself when I finished but listening back it wasn't quite as rubbish as I thought. (Hey, listen, you've got to have some critical awareness about these things in order to survive in the bearpit.)

Download the set here >

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: I'd give him one. Handsome, eh? (Taken last Saturday. Glitter and gaudy shirt model's own.)

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Elisabeth said...

Great mix ta - perfect for spring. What's the opening track?