Friday, 25 September 2009

DJ History Podcast #33

I finally found an hour or so to go through the interview I did with Alan Jones the other week, so I've included some bits from it in the latest podcast, which means less music, but more stories about how many cans of ale you could get up your arse at the Anvil in New York (I think it's worth losing a bit of music for such salaciousness).

For those of you who don't know who Alan Jones is, check this out >>

And this >>

He's also the author of the liner notes for the Disco Discharge compilation series we've been featuring in the show lately.

1. Vincent Velocette - EZ 2 Luv
2. Harlow - Take Off (Disco Discharge)
3. Companion - Living Up To Love (Disco Discharge)
4. Propaganda - P-Machinery (Polish) (Disco Discharge)
5. Mascara - Golden Years (Homophono)
6. Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield - Unicorn In The Garden (Aniligital Music)
7. Black Crowes - I Ain't Hidin' (Mavis Edit)


Tal said...

Great podcast! Alan is a hero of mine. Thanks for the support!!

-Tal M. Klein

Gweilo said...
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Gweilo said...

Hmm, that being the 70's I hope they weren't cans of Party 7.