Wednesday, 24 June 2009

RAVING '89: Pre-orders being taken now!

Our next little book (by Neville and Gavin Watson) is Raving '89 and we're taking pre-orders for it from today (pre-orders feature an exclusive rave-era mix fashioned by Neville Watson).

Gavin Watson is the Nikon-clutching genius who published a book called Skins & Punks last year. He rocked up to the office with his brother Neville and a suitcase of photos. There were so many pictures at first we got brainfreeze sifting through them. But as we picked out the best and started laying them out we realised here was a really great document of the time. Basically, in all our years we'd never seen pictures quite like them.

Download a FREE sampler here >


Rave on.

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