Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Disco Files.... music

We've just been completing the final work on the Disco Files before packing its bags and sending it off on a holiday to a printers somewhere near Nottingham. One of the final jobs I've had to do (in truth Frank's done nearly all the work!) is proofreading all 500 pages of it. It's been highly enjoyable not least because I've been making copious notes of all the records I don't already own or know about and furiously searching on the internet for the good ones before the book comes out. It's an insider's privilege, innit?

Anyhow, there are so many killer records mentioned, many of which have slunk off into the mists of disco history, so over the coming weeks and months and I'm going to start posting MP3 files of some of the greatest (and lesser known) ones so you can decide for yourself whether they are indeed as good as I think they are.

The first one I'm posting is Brown Sugar's Don't Tie Me Down. Brown Sugar was originally a group fronted by Clydie King, the veteran R&B singer. An early incanration of Brown Sugar also included a young Phyllis Nelson, although no-one seems to know for sure who sang on this release. They cut two 45s for Capitol, the other being I'm Going Through Changes Now, which was produced by Vince Montana. Both got plays on the disco scene.

Download Brown Sugar here >

I'm also planning to do two Disco Files special podcasts on the DJhistory podcast series to celebrate the launch, so look out for those in April.

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