Friday, 25 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #102

Yeah ok, I'm officially a nerk. I lost this one somewhere and just managed to find it here. Anyhow, it's a good one. I know I always say that but it really is, it's some ace stuff from compilations, some new singles and even an old tune I'd just burnt to my laptop that morning (it was still smoking when I played it).

FLASHMAN - The Quisling (Impotent Fury)
GALA DROP - Drop (MOS) (Taken from Underground Disco)
DIRTBOMBS - Sharevari (Original Dirtbombs Version) (Scion Audio)
FIRST CHOICE - The Player (John Morales Mix) (BBE) (Taken from M&M Mixes Vol II)
KEVIN IRVING - Children Of The Night (Disco Bloodbath Re-Edit) (Harmless/DJhistory)
HOLY GHOST! - Some Children (DFA)
SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER - Transatlantic Landing Bay (MOS) (Taken from Underground Disco)
HAUSCHKA - Ping (Fatcat)
KCC FT. EMILE - Groove Thing (Pucci Mix) (Azuli)

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