Monday, 28 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #104

No gigs last weekend, so an enjoyable few days hanging out with the kids at the Natural History Museum ("will the dinosaur bite me?") and getting pissed on trying to walk in the country. Thanks rain. This week's show has the usual food groups one might expect, including another track from the Space Invadas album on BBE. It's a mixed bag, really, this album: the funk tribute stuff appealing to me much less than the future soul side of things. Also a must is the new Ewan Pearson mix on Footprintz which is really great.

TJ KONG & NUNO DOS SANTOS - Once Upon A Rhyme ft Jemeni (jozif Remix) (Compost Black Label)
NOZE - Cera Una Volta (Get Physical)
ROYKSOPP - Forsaken Cowboy (WOS)
SNUFF CREW - Winter In June (Dance Disorder Remix)
FOOTPRINTZ - Utopia (Ewan Pearson's The Legend of Bolo Brown Re-Trip) (Visionquest)
LOU COURTNEY - What Do You Want Me To Do (Harmless) (taken from Mellow Mellow)
DACO - Drip Dry (Yam Who? Mix) (Paper)
DJ T FT. JAMES TEEJ - Sense (Get Physical)
GALA DROP - Drop (MOS)(taken from Underground Disco)

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