Monday, 7 March 2011

DJ History Podcast #105

Some oddballs merchandise on display on this week's show. It's like a market stall for freaks, not least the Noze album, the aptly-named Strange, Wild Rumpus and the wonderful Stepkids. You don't get that on bloody Radio 1.

SEAN P - Sunrise
THE STEPKIDS - Shadows On Behalf (Stone's Throw)
SBTRKT - Living Like I Do
SNORETEX - Strange Aeons (Original Mix) (Buzzin fly)
RECLOOSE - Can't Take It (Original)
NOZE FT. DOP - In The Back Of My Ship (Get Phhysical)
WILD RUMPUS - Tikkety Boo (Bitches Brew)
MAIN STEM - Stone Cold Freak
WILDCOOKIE - Jackson Miles (Tru Thoughts)
MAXIMILLIAN SKIBA - Fire Dance (Ray Mang Remix) (UTS)


Anonymous said...

That Recloose song isn't new, Bill. It came out on Planet E years back.


Ha yeah you're right, I'm an idiot. It's the Luciano remix that is new, I think.