Friday, 15 April 2011

DJ History Podcast #110

Well, the summer appears to be over already. Oh well. There's always next year. Or abroad. It's half-term this week so I've been wrangling small children in between trying to do a spot of work. I played at East Village last Saturday, first tine for a while, and I really like what they've done with the upstairs room. The DJ booth is in a much better place now. Things that sounded good: Footprintz and the Todd Terje mix of Bjørn Torske.

You can hear the Footprintz on the latest show. I've played it before, but it's just a really great song and typically moody production from Ewan Pearson. It's not a banger by any means, but it's got something about it that makes it timeless. It's also great to see the return of Eric Kupper, whose 'Bloom' is forthcoming on Wave Music shortly. I was friendly with Eric when I lived in New York and he's always been a lovely down-to-earth guy (he and I once went out for dinner with Dannii Minogue, you know. Oh the pop star stories I could tell you!).

ERIC KUPPER - Bloom (Wave Music)
POLLYESTER - Pikant (Permanent Vacation)
CATALEPSIA - Dope Menace (Hardway Bros Dalston Housin' Authority Mix)
LOCUSSOLUS - Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (IFeel).wav
MARK E - Special FX (Ghostly International)
TUNDE MABADU - Viva Disco (Strut)
ALAIN HO - I Remember The Future (Buzzin Fly)
MY HERO RADIO - Tom's Diner
FOOTPRINTZ - Utopia (Ewan Pearson's The Legend of Bolo Brown Re-Trip) (Visionquest)

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