Friday, 24 June 2011

DJ History Podcast #120

Well last week was a sad one with the news that Kenny Hawkes, an old friend, had died. We knew he'd been ill for sometime, but it's still always a shock when it happens, especially to someone so young (he was 43).  So this show was dedicated to him and we played a song he'd remixed with David Parr ages ago but never came out. I've been told by reliable sources that it will be released shortly, to coincide with Kenny's birthday in July. If you don't know it, listen to the show, it's properly amazing.

I was lucky enough to play with Kenny at both Space and Fridays R Firin', the two nights that made his name in London and the the thing I remember most (apart from his impeccable taste in music) is how fucking funny he was and just how bloody loud he had the monitors on when he was DJing. You'll be missed, mate.

DJ PHONO – La Rencontre (Dynamic)
MOUNT KIMBIE – Carbonated (Hotflush)
SOUTH WEST SEVEN – What We Do (Autodeep Mix) (Seven Music)
TEELOO – Sooo oooH (No 19 Music)
THE UNITS – Bug Boy (The Sneekers Mix) (Opilec Music)
LITTLE DRAGON – Brush The Heat (Peacefrog)
OMAR –  Gimme Sum (Rap Version) (Tru Thoughts) 
KENNY HAWKES DAVID PARR - Green Grass (Vocal Mix)

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