Thursday, 28 April 2011

DJ History Podcast #112

This one has got some wowsers in it. That Soul Jazz compilation, for starters, is dead good (Delta Swam Funk, since you're asking) and you can hear two of the tracks on this show. There's also a tune from the new - good - Metronomy album, which reminds me a bit of Phoenix, which is surely never a bad thing in anyone's universe. Apart from Simon Cowell who has probably never heard of either of them, the elasticated trouser-wearing sap.

COYOTE – Material Dub (Is It Balearic?)
BOZ SCAGGS – I'll Be Long Gone (Soul Jazz)
BOHANNON - Ultimate (Gino Grasso Edit)
AFRICAN HEADCHARGE – Mysterious Happenings (On-U-Sound)
POLLYESTER - You Are Amen (Permanent Vacation)
COYOTE - Always (Neville Watson House Dub)
IN FLAGRANTI - The End Of The Road (Codek)
METRONOMY - She Wants (Because)
DUANE AND GREGG ALLMAN - Morning Dew (Soul Jazz)

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