Tuesday, 1 February 2011

DJ History Podcast #100

Woo. We're 100 podcasts old. We were fully expecting a telegram from the Queen, but came there nothing. Honestly, the least we could've expected was a phone call from Big Phil moaning about all them foreigners we play on the show.

Anyhow, we thought we'd play some of our favourite tracks from the past two years, including some stuff from compilations we liked that have been released since January 2009. Here they are.

SOFT ROCKS - Leave Your Earth Behind
D. EDWARDSON, S. SELL - Cutting The Funk
JOHN DALY - This Is A Lonely Beat
NAUM GABO -Volgograd
TELE MUSIC - Baby's Band (LeoZero Edit)
ZWICKER -Oddity (Pilooski Remix)
THE XX - VCR (Matthew Dear Mix) (XL)
MOCK & TOOF - Lovehearts (Tiny Sticks)
IFEEL STUDIO - The Coptic Sun
HOLY GHOST! - Static On The Wire (DFA)

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