Monday, 19 July 2010

DJ History Podcast #73

I'm a bit late getting this up (ooh-err etc) after a manic Friday evening (Horse & Groom plus Imogen's 40th dontcha know), not enough sleep before kids made early morning raid on bed; all day at River Festival in Bedford and recovery yesterday.

It was a fantastic show, even if I do say so myself. Here's the evidence:

FERNANDO - Best Is Yet To Come (Internasjnol)
MATTHEW DEAR - Soil To Seed (Ghostly International)
MYSTERY JETS - Dreaming Of Another World (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Mix) (Rough Trade)
THE THERMOMETERS - Babalawo (Soundway)
CEE-LO GREEN - Georgia (CD-R)
BLAKULA! - Feed Your Demons (Bear Funk)
MODEL 500 - OFI (Original Mix) (R&S)
JUSTIN HARRIS - Shadows (PPF Into The Light Rework)
PRINCE - Beginning Endlessly (Paisley Park)