Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bill Brewster's 80s Pause Button Tapes (Vol. 1)

Back in the 1980s, when I was very poor, I used to sit at home recording loads of stuff off the radio, and make pause button tapes of the best music. Now, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, this can be enjoyed at home by anyone, made plausible and even possible via the generosity of the internet. Much of this was originally taped from the John Peel show, which was for me, like many who were trapped in shit towns in the UK, a window into a world of fantastic music, music that I couldn't really afford, save for the occasional splash on a Streetsounds compilation.
The music on here is wildly diverse, as it should be, in my view. Recorded in the first half of 1987 It's what I was digging 23 years ago. The editing is hilariously bad, but then everything was hilariously bad in the 80s (check out those haircuts baby). Hope you dig it. Tracklist below (I was a trainspotter even then, see.)
RAPPIN' REVEREND -  I Ain't Into That
DUANE & CO. - JB In Heat
ERIC B & RAKIM -  I Know You've Got Soul
THE GO-BETWEENS - Don't Call Me Gone
MICHELLE SHOCKED -  Contest Coming
BOSCA - Together
BUTCH HANCOCK - You've Never Seen Me Cry
GEORGE JONES - Good Year For The Roses
THE TIMES - David Jones Is On His Way
MIAMI - Chicken Yellow

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