Tuesday, 14 December 2010

DJ History Podcast #94

Well, we've finally reached the last podcast of NEW music of 2010. The next two will be devoted to the Furtive 50, our annual rundown of the best tunes of the year. Numbers 50-11 will be covered in this week's podcast and then the Top 10 will go out next week just in time for Christmas. Overall, I think it's been a pretty good year for good music. There have been some fantastic off the wall music this year especially from Caribou, Matthew Dear, Mock & Toof and many others, as well as plenty of killer dance music.

Hopefully, we've managed to cover at least some of the best in the DJH podcast. While we've got your ear, Bill is playing in Birmingham on Boxing Day and at the Electric Chair End Of Year Riot in Manchester. Both of them should be really good parties, there's nothing better than peeling away from Uncle Ken's alcoholic excesses to gather with your mates for a post-Xmas blowout.

Some good bits in the latest show – as always we like to think! – in particular the Tevo Howard, Off Key Hat and the Wildcookie album, which is probably the best thing Tru Thoughts have ever released. We can't stop playing it.

HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR - My House (Leo Zero Remix) (CD-R)
TEVO HOWARD - The Age Of Compassion (Buzzin' Fly)
CATALEPSIA - Dope Menace (Hardway Bros Dalston Housin' Authority Mix) (CD-R)
OFF KEY HAT - Emergency Calling (Cosmodelica Remix) (CD-R)
COS/MES - Naruto (King Kung Foo)
WILDCOOKIE - Jackson Miles (Tru Thoughts)

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