Monday, 15 March 2010

Secret Weapons at Horse & Groom this Friday

After a month-long hiatus from our residency at the Horse & Groom, we return with a new night (Friday) and a new partnership (with the chaps from ///Shift) and an utterly stellar lineup. Honestly, where else in the world (outside of Grimsby) would you get such an amazing array of DJs in a rave pub (or, indeed, anywhere else)? And it's FREE if you get there early enough. Ye Gods, tis amazing. 

Anyhow, in the downstairs we've got Jon Marsh from the Beloved, who we've coaxed out of his studio with the promise of fine cheeses, port and a dose of gout if he turns up on the night. He's supported by Jonny 5, Benoit & Namedrop and Bill Brewster. Upstairs, they have Scotland's disco ledge Al Kent as well as Itchysoul, Dave Rose and David Hazell. Bargain.

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