Monday, 15 March 2010

DJ History Podcast #55: Richard Norris - Desert Island Disco

OK so we've been wanting to do this for ages, but we've finally got around to broadcasting a few of them. The idea is very simple and obviously a ripoff of the Radio 4 series of the (almost) same name, only ours is really about music first and their lives a distant second. So unlike the Radio 4 series you are unlikely to hear some of the shocking old tripe played by Duncan Bannatyne (Chesney Hawkes, Michael Ball etc), David Tennant (Deacon Blue) and many others who appear to have been raised with cloth firmly inserted into their ears.

We will be interviewing producers and DJs about their favourite tracks who tell us why they like them and then we'll play the tracks. Very simple.

We're honoured to have Richard Norris as our first guest and his choices and comments set a very high benchmark for the series. We hope we can keep that level of quality up. Cheers, Richard!

Richard also has his debut solo effort out under the name Time & Space Machine on Tirk.

Tracklisting for Richard's choices below:

NEU! - Hallogallo
BRIAN ENO - On Some Far Away Beach
IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS - Reasons To Be Cheerful
THE TEMPTATIONS - Smiling Faces Sometimes
KLEIN & MBO - Dirty Talk

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ian said...

Hallogallo in by Neu! not Can

great choice


I know, I know and yet I keep writing Can. When I was looking for it in my collection I couldn't work out why I couldn't find it, till I realised I was looking in my Can stuff not Neu!...