Friday, 5 March 2010

DJ History Podcast #54

Hi de hi, campers. Thankfully a calmer week than last, but still loads of great music coming my way, so sifting through stuff for next week's show already (including Leo Zero's mix of Paul Weller which arrived in the post today). anyhow, this week's show is packed full of goodies, so here ya go.

B.R. FAMILY - X-Tended Phasertron (Dub Mix)
OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS - Radiance (Stones Throw)
CHRISTIAN PROMMER -  Jaguar Pt 2 (K!7)
Get To My Baby (TBD Extension) (Golf Channel)
GERALDO PINO & THE HEARTBEATS - Heavy Heavy Heavy (Strut)
PRINS THOMAS - Ørkenvandring (Full Pupp)
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Moscu Esta Helado (Stones Throw)
HOTEL MOTEL - Going To A Go Go (CD-R)

1 comment:

Monica said...

Hey! thank you for all the music.
You are great!
I heard a lot of the songs that you write about in Buenos Aires, in a bar called "La chica de remera blanca". Is the bar next to the Hotel Esplandor.
It's a great bar. After 12 it change and is kind of a nightclub.