Thursday, 14 January 2010

TRAX Re-edit competition

Organised by in association with Harmless Records

Trax Records is one of the hallowed labels of Chicago house music. Responsible for countless classics including most of the early Marshall Jefferson output, DJ Pierre, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard and plenty more. is working with Harmless Records as part of their 15th anniversary to produce a Trax Re-edited compilation. We’ve already signed up a host of amazing producers to work on the project including Trevor Jackson, Richard Sen, Tedd Paterson, Disco Bloodbath and Optimo’s JD Twitch.

We’re offering you the chance to join their ranks with our Trax Re-edited competition. Just pick a track from the Trax catalogue that you think needs reworking (either edited or even adding extra production) and send it into us by Monday February 15th.

Send all links for your entries here. Please upload your entry as an 320kbps MP3 before sending it to us and put Trax Competition in the subject box. The winning entry will be included in the forthcoming compilation along with payment for the track.

You can also upload them directly here >>

They will be available to listen to here >>

All queries and further information from Bill at 


The Observer said...

Okay Nice but where can i get the stems? to do proper re work

LOW LIFE said...

Stems?! Ha ha, this is Trax we're talking about. Most of their records were mastered from cassette. They ain't no stems baby!

doooix said...

Looks like there's been a lack of interest somewhere. Only two tracks available on the Soundcloud page. The mix I added two weeks ago hasn't appereared on the page yet. A shame - such a legendary label deserves a bit of love and attention.

LOW LIFE said...

Hi Dooix,
It's slightly annoying but the only way I can get the tracks showing up on Soundcloud is to physically download them myself and then re-upload them as if they are my tracks, which sort of defeats the point of them being on Soundcloud in the first place. I will do it this week but we've been madly busy trying to get all the other mixes in (among other things).