Friday, 8 January 2010

DJ History Podcast #46

Hello campers. Happy New Year.

I had a nice break, though with all the driving over New Year it didn't seem like much of a break at all, frankly. Great set of parties, though: NYE at Basement Boogaloo at the Star in Bethnal Green was really good, Low Life the following night was obviously great and then even Cargo the night after was good, as well, give or take the odd herbert asking for idiotic stuff (Baggy Trousers?!).

Anyhow, first podcast of the year, innit?

We've got a Victor Simonelli special for you, to coincide with the release of the compilation we've just done with Mr Simonelli. There's an interview with Victor, interspersed with tracks he's been inspired by or worked on.

Tracklist here:
Michael Wilson - Groove It To Your Body (Prelude)
Rodney Franklin - Bustin' Out (Criminal)
Soul Boy - Harmonica Track (Minimal)
Groove Committee - I Want You To Know (Nu Groove)
Solution - Feels So Right (E-Legal)
NY's Finest - Do You Feel Me (Bassline)

Buy the compilation here >>

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