Saturday, 15 May 2010

DJ History Podcast #64

Oi oi. Me again. Loads of new stuff this week, as always. Check it out here.

FAZE ACTION - Tattoo Man (Special Disco Mix) (FAR)
∂60 - Love Theme
ART BLEEK - The Real Thing (Sharivari Records)
DATABOY 78 - Tuesday (Lexx Remix)
MOCK & TOOF - Lovehearts (CD-R)
HOT LUNCH - Every Woman (PPF)
KING DJ - Clothes & Counters (Bear Funk )
RUNAWAY - Broken Man (On The Prowl)
SHE - Domina (Killer Whale Vocal) (Out Hear)
LEFTSIDE WOBBLE & GUY WILLIAMS - Pocket Angel (Autodiscotheque)

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1 comment:

graeme said...

Hi, Can you confirm if the song "tuesday" by databoy78 is definitely Tuesday or Thursday please?

I've been trying to find it since I heard it on the show and I presume it's not been released yet. Can you confirm any release date or info for that particular track please?