Friday, 5 February 2010

DJ History Podcast #50

We've reached out half-century (holds up bat in nonchalant acknowledgement of crowd)!

Yes, kids, it's all go. And loads of new stuff coming out. By the time we'd done this we'd been sent the new Prins Thomas album, Ali Love's newie, some Still Going mix of Robbie Williams (ooh, controversial) and loads of other stuff. All for next week.

Forthcoming: interviews with Henrik Schwarz, Richard Norris and Prins Thomas and loads more TBA.

SOUTH STREET PLAYERS - (Who) Keeps Changing Your Mind (Chocolate Puma Fresh Fruit Vocal Edit)
DJ NATURE - Win Lose And Dance (Golf Channel)
MOCK & TOOF - Farewell To Wendo (Tiny Sticks)
VIRGO 4 - Take Me Higher (Ray Mang Remix) (Harmless)
2020 SOUNDSYSTEM - Ocean (Ray Mang Remix) (2020)
HARDTON - Forever No More (Gigolo)
PARALLELS - Ultralight (Detachments Remx) (TINAE)
MILES SAGNIA - Face The Music (CD-R)
THE GORILLAZ - Stylo (Parlophone)

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