Tuesday, 28 October 2008

MOS Radio show

You can download the show from October 15th here....

It was a good one. They all are really, but maybe that one more than most? Or maybe not? Who knows?

The tracklisting for it is here.
Coyote - Single Handed (Is It Balearic?)
Grace Jones - Nightclubbing (Peter Visti Mix) (CD-R)
George Pringle - I Love You LCD But You’re Bringing Me Down (CD-R)
Mock & Toof - Uptown (Vocal and Dub) (DFA)
Julian Jabre - Stagger (Defected)
Tele Music - Let’s Go Brasilia (Bonar Bradberry’s Bonus Beats) (DJhistory.com)
The Revenge - Night Flights (Jisco)
Mr Scruff - (with Danny Breaks) - Bang The Floor (Ninja Tune) (taken from Ninja Tuna)
Rocco - New Awakening (Freerange)
Sound Stream - Rainmaker (Sound Stream)

Random Factor - Knockabout (Manuel Tur Mix) (2020 Vision)
Koyla ft DJ Primat - Have No Inkling (Bombay)
Black Devil Disco Club - Free For The Girls (Richard Sen Mix) (CD-R)
Junesex - Worst Than Love (Gilb’r/Chateau Flight Mix) (Junesex)
Wild Rumpus - Rock The Joint (Reverso 68 Mix) (Bitches Brew)
Ray Mang - Look Into My Eyes (CD-R)
Soft Cell - Numbers (Spektrum Mix) (Phonogram)
Tele Music - Life & Fun (Mudd Mix) (DJhistory.com)
Crazy P - Never Gonna Reach Me (2020 Vision) (Taken from Stop Space Return)
Coyote - Laid Back (Windsurf Mix) (Is It Balearic?)

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