Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Despatches from the Frontline of Collecting.... (Part 1)

Amid the gloom of the credit crunch and falling sales of 12-inch singles come two heart-warming stories from the troops in the frontline. The Maginot Line is now officially just south of Chalfont St Peter, according to a friend, who alighted there one day, popped his head into the local charity shop. No vinyl. “Excuse me, luv, have you got any vinyl out the back?” Indeed they did. A quid a pop. One of the finest hauls we’ve ever heard about in one go.

He called me the minute he got out of the shop, the sweat still palpable down the phone line, heart aflutter, acting like a giddy kipper.

The Paul Gonsalvez alone fetches about £650-800, never mind the vast range of other titles he nabbed from classic British jazz to easy listening, blues and skiffle. He left the classical, which no doubt was worth anther fortune. But by then he was dribbling too much to hold any more records.


dan_ellis said...
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iamathief said...

but did he get any peters & lee?